LAST UPDATED: Sunday, May 12, 2002

hey 'sup~~ this page is dedicated to alla my friends... yup yup its just for u guyz! soooo have fun and dun chu 4get to sign my gbook!!!!! lyl, t2yl, enjoy~~ (ps: 4 every thing that's not on there yet... I'M WORKIN ON IT...)

TO ALL THOSE WE'VE MET AND LOVED AND HAD TO PART WITH ALONG THE WAY..... i love you guys. you're the best and you'll always be in my heart. i miss you so much. wish you were still here. *muah* -sher

aite so here we go wit dese stupid shoutoutz... lol naw imma jp, dun worrie. hmmm i juss hope i get dese rite da first time, 'k? oh and if i 4got sumone on here, juss gimme a holla and i'll fix it, 'k? cuz u kno me and mai bad memory... and plus too much to type! hehe... so here it is, but dun mind da order... its so incredibly random. *GRiN*