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LAST UPDATED: Monday, January 14, 2002

hey y'alls!! here's to alla my buddies at skool! now wuts up w/ u all.. check dis page often 4 stuff goin on in skool and shit like that.

sumthing u wanna see up here dat ain't up? feel free 2 email me at with suggestions or comments!

bar with little bubbles


wow, winter break came and went so quickly.. pout pout pout. double sigh.

now its back to the old swing of things (*grr* sherri no like...).

agh, test for blocks A, C and D on wednesday, review session on tuesday (aiya), and french orales on, what, thursday? oy vey... me and my yiddish descendence.. teehee..

siiiiiigh. oh yeah, start studying for exams, ya'll... theyre only umm, a week away? eek! good luck u guys, hope u do welL!