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LAST UPDATED: Sunday, June 16, 2002

okiez ppl, here's a list of all the inside jokes and funnie stuffs dat's happened to us in da past... 'member dose? i kno i do... and if u gots more, submit 'em to 'nd check it outz soon!! thx so much, *muah* luv ya lotz! <3, p/o, -sher

IMPORTANT NOTE: the following list of quotes may contain some profanity, and some VERY inappropriate (but FUNNY) things. please do not be offended by any of them, cuz remember... THEY'RE ONLY JOKES.... thx, 'preciate it lotz... bbai~~

to dan ("i want a fucking top annotation!"): ur a goddamn idiot, but we love u for it. anyone who sings "u are my sunshine", recites mother-to-son endlessly, bends nails to over 90 degrees with just a hammer, creates a sn "aznpplpryd" and then forgets the password, and does so many other relentlessly stupid things deserves to be like 80% of this page. look for his incredible brilliance below. i promise, u wont miss it. BUT DONT WORRY WE STILL LOVE U (and no, he did not make me put that one up.... well okay, he did, but hush... hehe jp!)

  1. mr. schmidt -- LOL grace!
  2. bowling jeans
  3. *our* gregs... aww poor baby!
  4. *drool* hot guy *drool* (ahem jueli!)
  5. "aww.... ur dog is soooo kyute.... it looks FAKE..." -Yicong
  6. mr. buttmunch -- oh, wait, i mean mr. SELFISH buttmunch, don't i?
  7. "hi/hi/sup/sup/... [silence]..." me and my kick-ass conversation skillz, eh?
  8. "... ugh.. i got hit on the basketball with the head..."
  9. 5-inch platforms.. 'nuff said.
  10. 98 degreez jokes.. WEN!
  11. blowing my nose w/ tissues, exCUSE me JOSH...
  12. ... which reminds me -- MR POTATOHEAD
  13. ... which also reminds me -- MRS POTATOHEAD
  14. mrs counihan's shirts... and other ... er, parts ... or lack thereof.
  15. AM I NORMAL? <--- HAHAHAHAHA i could die laffing...
  16. "I'm NOT MAD !!!!!" *stomp* *stomp*
  17. pen-flicking... across the room
  18. paper airplanes flying round the room behind chinese skool teacher's back... geez SOME ppl...
  19. guys don't throw to girls in bball = girls start their own 3-person team = GIRLS KICK SOME ASS!
  20. sappy sentimental chains that mr. veiga seems to like
  21. F*CK YOU, TIM!!! .. oops... there's ms. mccabe...
  22. some girls have the most impeccable timing *ahem* barbara *ahem*
  23. that reminds me too... pigtails look good on some ppl, but not others
  24. getting stuck with the same history teacher 4 two years in a row.. *sigh*
  25. THE FIRM, BABY!!! don't forget "DA FIRM" next year, julia!!
  26. toshiba: julia liebner, julia leeman, jueli li... and sherri ("aww man, i think there's something wrong w/ my name....")
  27. "um... sher... my retainer just went DOWN THE DRAIN..." -rennie, at florida
  28. teddy chewing shoes
  29. teddy chewing socks
  30. teddy hiding socks
  31. teddy ruining math books
  32. teddy ruining history homework
  33. teddy... period.
  34. me and my kickin & punching & slappin skillz... ooh check 'em out!!
  35. "i'm allergic..." "to what?" "... [pause]... i don't kno, i think everything...
  36. "the FITZU shoe... the shoe that fits you!"
  37. snorting in ur pie lately?
  38. HAPPY PILLS (alanna..)
  39. "hey, ur slow..." [five minutes later] "... hey no i'm not!!" -tencia
  40. "[blah blah blah]..." [2 seconds later] "wait, wut were u saying?" -yicong (memory like a goldfish, honey)
  41. Joshie-poo, do your angel face! *click* okay now its on film and I can blackmail u!!!
  42. *sigh* denim impaired jeans?
  43. "ooooohhh!.. look.. it抯 the INSIGNIFICANT SPECK!" 杇racie
  44. joint effort of gracie-mark & sailboat inc, baby
  45. HERBEL ESSENCES ?I抳e got the urge!
  46. walking thru doorways w/ polar bears balanced on ur head.. submitted by abby
  47. "i luv the penguin!" ... "er.. its a puffin, sweetie."
  48. "pat me on the head!" *whack* "OWW!!!!!..."
  49. "LOL!" "LOL what?" "huh?..." "LOL" "WHAT?" "I DON'T KNO!!!!!!" "LOL" "LOL"... etc...
  50. "go to the left" ... "um.. that's ur right, honey...."
  51. sherri: "DAMN LOCKER!!!! ... JUST ... F*CKING ... OPEN ... " mr. smith: "er... having locker trouble?"
  52. what the hell are kibbles??
  53. go sparta, knock 'em dead!
  54. "Good GOD what the HELL is THAT?"
  55. fork over the money, honey! *cough* a--- *cough* -jueli
  56. "how much do i owe you now?" ... "um.. 6 dollars.. cuz i took off $3.. from $10..." [pause] "... wait... hold on a sec..."
  57. what the hell are kibbles? tsk tsk tsk.. and u even own a dog! shame...
  58. "ohh its daffy duck!" ... "um... r u sure its daffy and not donald?" [long pause] "... um, whats the difference?" -jewelz
  59. "wait, WHO did you like???" .. [*****] .. "um.. it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.." "sure..."
  60. "i'm no competition.. i'm nothing..." *wail* "but HE doesn't KNOW that!" ... "HEY..." lol...
  61. measuring margins on a book review... "i think ur missing a millimeter.."
  62. whoa check out dese kickin rhyming skillz... taken from a real song (donated by julia liebner): "*blah* *blah* *blah* what the heck... i threw my arms around her neck..." dang, now dat's wut i call moving...
  63. "damn, my poem is too short 4 dramatic arts..." *sigh* "okay, lemme try this again... 'no....thing.... gi...rl.... and.... no.... thing.... may... be...." -jueli /LI>
  64. grr.... damn... book... review... ... ... almost... there... only a couple hundred more pages left...
  65. "look sherri... its a little blue bug!" ... "where?? i don't see it, i don't --" *splash* "AHHH!!! HEY!!!" submitted by barb
  67. ... or anything else written on my binder
  68. "ahhhh!!! my computer HATES ME!!!!!!!" <-- lol remember cts??
  69. "UGH THIS WHOLE WORLD IS FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!" -sherri on her bad days..
  70. "i see steak... sherri, do you smell steak??..." lol julia.. only julia...
  71. which, of course, must follow with: "CHICKEN!!! see the CHICKen... see?? BAWK BAWK..."
  72. here's a good one from florida, see if u guys remember dis one: "AHHH... that was my ASS!!!!!!"
  73. guy surfing at the mall...
  74. guy surfing at the club...
  75. guy surfing at the movies...
  76. guy surfing... anywhere...
  77. "hey... did you see Crouching Tiger in chinese ??" ... "no, julia... i saw it in ITALIAN..." ... [pause] ... " oooh ... DUH..."
  78. "my name is [blah blah blah something something something]... you killed my father -- PREPARE TO DIE!"... "CHAAAAAAAA!!!" [zap]
  79. "the peasants are hoeing the garden..." (kabuki!)
  80. "she's done everything and everyone" (our favorite person)
  81. alan: "who? who? who?"
  82. noooo! not the confused smile thingy!!! (ms. manchester)
  83. "he's SOOOO hot!!!! AHHH!!!" -julia... to *any* guy she sees... (tee-hee)
  84. "two o'clock, sherri! two o'clock!" .. "where? where? i don't--" ... "AHHH!!! OTHER TWO O'CLOCK!!! YOU MISSED HIM!!!!!..."
  85. "why don't people just eat down in the cafeteria??"
  86. pulling a sheila... lol, josh!
  87. "awww... that's so kyute! "
  88. "BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...."
  89. "you have platforms, don't you?" ... "uh... yeah..., y?" [pause] "DITZ!!!!!!!!!!!" lol rennie
  90. randy: "all you girls ever do is smack me and tell me to shut up... it's never any fun!" [pause] renee: "no, we don't!" sherri (comes up) : *smack* "shuddup, randy..."
  91. "reneeee... i have a headache ..." "aw, that's too bad, sher... *smack*! there, feel better?"
  92. "MAN.... what the hell ever happened to KARMA these days???"
  93. sending emails that just seem to get longer... and longer... and longer...
  94. "Oh hey Sher..." "Yeah?" ".... um.... nevermind, I forget... heh..."
  95. "Hee... hee... hee..." "what is it?" "Tee... hee... I have something to tell you!..." "uhh... yeah?" ".... I can't tell you!... hehehehe..." "umm.... wouldn't it be easier if you had something to tell me that you could tell me?"
  96. Badminton: "ARE WE GONNA WIN?!" "YEAH!!!!! we're gonna WIN!!!"
  97. which must lead to... "aw man... we lost again...."
  98. which also leads to... "well, it was close... 16... to... 1..."
  99. gestures in DAF (lol)
  100. "Tonku, don't go lookin in dat red lunch box... you dun wanna kno wut be in dere!" "HAH yeah rite, i ain't 'fraid of NUTHIN!" *peeks* "AHHHH!!! MY EYES!!!!!"
  102. duncan flushwater, fletcher *whatshisname*...
  103. "Ahh! It's X-rated!!!!" -julia, upon seeing our favorite people
  104. dissing mai creativity, eh? u'll pay...
  105. aluminum hats in kabuki
  106. rice paper hats... LOL!!!
  107. "wait... who was rafuki??"
  108. snorting soup
  109. "oooh i didn't spell it wrong this time!!!!" "spell what wrong?" [pause] "... my name..."
  110. "and the word is.... 'raisonnable'..." randy: "... r...e...n...e...e......w...i...l...l......w...i...n..."
  111. drawing mr potatoman first b4 a spelling relay always woiks!
  112. "it's NOT a short SKIRT!!!.... juss... *couple*... inches.. above the *aherm* knee *aherm*.." -barbara
  113. "just a little ball of energy today, aren't we?" *yawn* "aw... shut up..."
  114. martin: "imma hang up in ten seconds...... nine... eight... seven... six... five... uhhh... five..."
  115. teddy chewing up my "As You Like It" book (okiez maybe dat one ain't dat funny..)
  116. rapunzel hair..with a shower cap, eh EL-SIE?
  117. "nice t-shirts.. uh... could i have a pen?"
  118. "okiez... ur counselor approves. now go to bed."
  119. baboons? baboon lovers? *sigh*. josh, we need 2 have a little talk...
  120. "PEP-PAH, anyone?? PEP-PAH??" (sugar, julia.. its called sugar)
  121. "HANDS UP... WRISTS TO-GETH-AR!!! and... one, two, three.. the JELLY FISH JELLY FISH JELLY FISH FISH...."
  122. tissues in the recycling bin.. shame shame!
  123. saul: "sign the petition! boycott the votes! WE can make it happen!" adrienne: "saul, stop trying to change the world... ur annoying me..."
  124. "hey dude.. change is good!"
  125. spanning the colors of the rainbow w/ multicolored mushy azn market sh*t
  126. its called scotch tape, man
  127. "YEAH!!! WE'RE DA BO-B!!!" ... "er...did u just call us 'da bob '?" ... "uh... no??"
  128. mr o and his bad posture: hump-back, no neck, squinting, mouth half open -- oh, and can't forget the drool.. *drip* *drip*... LOL! just like a good dork should be...
  129. "the book of stupid, stupid things that smart ppl do.."
  130. "sorrie, yich, u can't come.. ur not a girl..." "aw man... well.... how close to a girl do u have to be to come?"
  131. me and my advice column of the day: F--- OFF!!!
  132. "dude, i'm psychic. what's it to ya?" "okay, fine, if ur so psychic then wut am i thinking rite now?" [long pause] "uhhh... sorrie, but i'm not that psychic..."
  133. here's a tip -- always LOCK and SHUT the door when ur in the BATHROOM... (grace it ain't MY fault... *sigh*)...LOL
  134. "juss a spoonful of sugAH helps the medicine go DOWNNNNNN....." (julia's madd singing skillz)
  135. *clank* "oops.. sherri... i spilled my water..." [5 mins later] *clank* "uhhh.... sherri..... i need more water again..." <-- and this is the girl who's gonna be an orthopedic SURGEON.. *sigh*. can u juss imagine her in the O.R.: "oops... lost the scalpel... i need another one now..."
  136. it's gracie-sized!!
  137. "okay, abs, go ahead and cut the cake!" "uhhh... me??? cut the cake?? with that knife? i don't THINK so..."
  138. spearing the cake.. yum yum...
  140. "okay, no one kisses their sister like *that* !"
  141. "he's hot--" "--and taken." "aw man... y can't hot guyz go 2 the mall withOUT their girlfriends???" (no comment)
  142. "me and my band of azn girls gonna kick u and ur band of preppy 'pretty-boys' if u all mess w/ us again... capiche?"
  143. jessica's expression when she sees teddy <--- LOL!
  144. "how wuz paris?" [long pause] "cold." "yeash... could u be more general?"
  145. "nooo... christina and ------??? FOR REAL??? AHHHH!!!!!!!" -lol jueli...
  146. "i'm STUDYING..." "for what?" "school...."
  147. "sherri, get off the phone!" "but i'm helping jessica with her work!" "what work?" "uhh... french!" [pause] "doesn't she take spanish?"
  148. SIGN: "psychiatrist's booth: 5 cents" -- now open.
  149. over the PA, "will the 8th grade teachers please escort their students down to the cafeteria immediately following these announcements..." sher: "AW MAN... what did we do this time?"
  150. Robert: "You can't deny the truth" Sam: "I can too deny the truth. I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH MARA ANDERSON!!!"
  151. in florida, on the bus ride at nite: "man... what i wouldn't give 2 be lida-size..."
  152. "i'm not crying... it's just my contacts are acting up... both of them... at the same time... plus allergies..."
  153. "YOU HYPOCRITE!!!!!"
  154. the tour guide dude who sounded like a cross between mr. sese's accent and a southern alabama hick... "howdy folks i'm yooore tour guide fer ta-day..."
  155. "u kno, i'm glad they didn't zoom in... i look better when u can't see my face clearly..." (julia)
  156. me and my portable diary... or my bitching post, whichever one. lol..
  157. mr. heintze's the guy who comes ONTO the bus with my camera... and gets OFF the bus with my camera...
  158. "man, i'm not a ditz. i juss say wut i think and wut i feel... even if i'm a li'l slow..." "yeah, but the problem there is, ur ALWAYS slow!" [long pause] "HEY...."
  159. KEMP, CAMPS... same thing! lol....
  160. ashley and julia and their deep christian jesus christ talks...
  161. "i love dc talk!!!" " what is it?" "A BAND!!!!!!!!!..."
  162. here's a hard one: "two 3-piece crispy strips or two 6-piece crispy strips?" "um... well three's too little and six is too much..." [after much thought] "HEY... couldn't we, like, order one 3-piece and one 6-piece?" "awwhh...! that's rite...."
  163. "THEY BALDED MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! THEY BALDED MY DOG!!!!!!!" -me, upon seeing my dog back from the groomer's....
  164. which leads to... "HE LOOKS LIKE A WEINER!!!"
  166. chugging soda in front of the wax museum cuz of damn 90 degree weather...
  167. gotta have those butt muscles, rite yich?
  168. "oww.... that hit my butt.." "what butt?"
  169. it's the SCREWDRIVER!!! AHH!!!
  170. skeletons in the closet... lol...
  171. how can u go wrong with whoopee cushions, abc-gum... and mr. o?
  172. calling the wrong domineos.. tee-hee..
  173. "man, i'm having a bad day..." "aww... that doorhandle givin ya sum trouble?"
  174. updating ur website in secret, eh? lol..
  175. "WE WON! WE WON!!!! AHHH!!!!!" "oooh yeah... spirit fingers..."
  176. "DON'T... GO.... THERE...." (deliberatly)
  177. "[blah blah blah]... man that wraps up my bitching spree 4 today.."
  178. "ahhh... imma runnin outta bitch points! nooo..."
  179. grace nd me ... our madd procrastination skillz, oh yeah... NO CLASSES 2MORROW!!
  180. "UGH! i need a size FORTY ONE.... stop mocking mE!!!!!! ARGHHHHH..."
  181. SMOB elections: "today y'all vote for ur SMOB. the SMOB is the..." rghhhh I HAVE NO GODDAMN EMOTION, GIMME A BREAK....
  182. (under sign reading 'A-Feg') "first three letters of ur last name, please." "uhhh.... PORTER." "ummm r u sure?" "yeah. p-o-r-t-e-r." ARGH! READ THE SIGNS YOU PPL...."
  183. farhat, fart, same thing
  184. ppl confused when they end up w/ their stubs... and haven't voted yet. *sigh*. helpless...
  185. ppl who, no matter how hard they try, just CAN'T... FUCKING... VOTE...
  186. "it's not that hard, people: two candidates, just choose one."
  188. IT'S THE WAVE... c'mon ppl: "do... you... know... your... name???"
  189. "can i do dat job 4 like... ONE class?"
  190. "wut time is it?" "10:43 am." [some time later] "wut time is it again?" "it's been two minutes, julia..."
  191. sticking pens up other ppl's noses... GRACE.... *ahem*
  192. "ay, mai name's flurry. thomas flurry the third." [pause]. "READ THE SIGN!!!"
  193. "wut are you?" ".. a boy.." "no SHIT..."
  194. "wut r those big silver suitcases?" "uh... those are the voting booths, hon."
  195. "my tour guide..." "oh yeah, mine wuz like that too!" "um... julia??? we had the same tour guide..."
  196. COCA, COMA, same diffy.
  197. "HE SAID SHUT UP TO YOU... DAMMN... dat's a big one..."
  198. "wassitoya.."
  200. voter: "ayyy... my name's tom jackson." registration booth (thinking): "do i look like i give a shit?"
  201. "how do u say 'wuh-hoo?'" "um... how about 'wuh-hoo?' .. STUPID..."
  203. "i'm NOT short! you're just too tall!" ... "i'm FIVE THREE!!!!!! how is that TALL???!!!"
  204. "umm.... 'cual es tu apellido?' ... ooooh dats SOO spanisH!" haha... mai pathetic spanish skillz...
  205. "JULIA!!! the net's burning down!!!!"
  206. *smack* "er... wuts dat birdie doin up dere??" "dunno... but it sure ain't comin back down!"
  207. "ur mad at me?" "i am?" "you are?!" "i AM!?" "OH NO!!! YOU ARE!" "ARGH! NOW i am!" lolz..
  208. "quick, hide the tape!" "what tape?" "the tape dispenser dat ur holdin in ur mouth...." "ooohh... dat one.."
  209. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" "omigod, sherri cussed..." "argh! stop looking at me!" [pause] "sherri.. you cussed?" "@%*(%!(@^#!! petrick."
  210. "ditz!" "bum!" "BUM!" "DITZ!"
  211. "la la la la... all around the world.. la la la la.." "ACK MARA!!!! don't sing that!!!!! it's gonna get stuck in MY head..... aw man, too late. it already is."
  212. "aww.. teddy's so... er... ... white!"
  213. decorating julia's locker when she's not looking sure takes a while... specially 4 a bunch 'o dumb@$$ like us.. :-D~~
  214. "ur butt looks really big in those pants." "*shriek* AHHHH! oh no, REALLY? *smack*.. there, does it look better now?" [pause] "oh wait, never mind. now it looks much smaller..."
  215. "ur such a blonde" "who me?" "no, the eighty-year-old lady w/ white hair behind you.."
  216. alanna: "how the hell do drag queens fit into those string bikinis???"
  217. alanna's girl dictionary... girl says: "dat's okay, i don't mind"; girl thinks: "FUCK YOU! HUMOR ME!"
  218. "AUGH!!! u missed ur cue like THREE times already!"
  219. "okiez, dat's strike TWO!!! u get THREE strikes and imma hafta KICK .. UR... ASS..."
  220. in french, it says 0-2 points: calm but indifferent. 3-5 points: cool and composed. 6-10 points: normal. 11+ points: short-tempered and easily agitated ... "I GOT A FIFTEEN!"
  221. "I AM SOOOOOOO NOT UN-INDIFFERENT!!!!!!!" -ameer
  222. "if u HAD that sense, u'd kno dat i wuz NOT OKAY!!... yeash..."
  223. writing on toilet paper instead of tissue paper ("wut can i say, i wuz on a tight budget!" suuure, julia.... )
  224. "damn.... all short-answer... oh wait, never mind. THREE fill-in-the-blanks. great, even better..."
  225. alanna & brica's philosophy: "two most important things in life: guys, and sugar. everythign else juss comes w/ the package."
  226. ann lander's nice litttle column entry about MAKE UP... grrr... "girls in JUNIOR HIGH have NO sense about what looks good and what doesn't when it comes to make up..." "yeah well, we prolly look better than u do w/ it, so dun even be talkin!"
  227. max: "over the weekends, i have absolutely no contact w/ the outside world." sherri: "... yeah, juss like a true computer geek." mr. o: "HEY!"
  228. "ay, check out josh's friends page.. its real kool... CUZ IMMA UP AT DA TOP!!!!!!"
  229. "Sherri/Tina: in ALPHEBETICAL order..." lol, hopeles..
  230. here's a li'l snippit of me and josh's luffly conversations...
    muzicbox02: "guess what?"
    MisterSkipper: "what?"
    muzicbox02: "TURKEY BUTT"
    muzicbox02: "okay, juss had 2 say that... sry" <-- scary, ain't it?
  231. here's another snippet! (whoopee, rite?)
    MisterSkipper: "wow"
    MisterSkipper: "i got one!"
    MisterSkipper: "twinkle, twinkle..."
    MisterSkipper: "little pigeon..."
    muzicbox02: "LOL"
  232. okiez... one last tidbit:
    MisterSkipper: ":-) there's a future for that"
    muzicbox02: "ic"
    MisterSkipper: "finish the thought..."
    MisterSkipper: "monkey goes into a bar..."
    muzicbox02: "HAHA"
    MisterSkipper: "ok"
    MisterSkipper: "monkeys goes into a bar, HAHA"
    MisterSkipper: "that's really good"
    muzicbox02: "lol"
  233. "i juss downloaded 'Got Rice'..." "oh reallie?" "yepp... and its on REPEAT..."
  234. 4 those of u who ain't azn, 'got rice' is really profane. but funny as hell.
  235. "y u no have more pics?" "AUGH WHAT PART OF 'I'M WORKIN ON IT' DONT U PPL UNDERSTAND?" okiez that goes 4 real life 2... don't MAKE me repeat it.... lol brica, jueli, adam, grace, josh,...
  236. "wuts up?" "listenin 2 radio... uncle cracker..." "EEEW..." "okiez, dat's juss depressing..."
  237. "i've got the one thing, guys, now all i need is sum money 2 get sugar."
  238. me and julia r soooo good @ keepin secrets... ;-).... cuz u kno, we're pyschologists, rite?
  239. uncle cracker, nelly, serena paris (however the fuck u spell her name), bbmak... dun EVER get sherri started on lyrics... <-- lol yicong!
  240. "stars... i see stars..." [pause] "wait... no, never mind. that's prolly juss da background."
  241. "holy damn, that wuz fast!" "don't u mean 'holy hell'?" "oh, i'm sorry -- holy hell, that wuz fast!" "thats rite!"
  243. "hey sherri... sup?" "nmh... updating my site..." [5 mins later] "hey sher.. wats up?" "nuthin... juss updating my site..." [2 mins later] "hi.. 'zup?" "UPDATING MY SITE, GODDAMNIT...." [1 min later] "hey sher--" "DON'T EVEN GO THERE..."
  244. "she's been there, done him..."
  245. "whoa.. how'd u kno dat?" "how'd i kno? HOW'D I KNO? cuz i'm psychic. DUH."
  246. jueli: "i'm da psychic one here." sherri: "u wish!" jueli: "no... i KNOW!"
  247. "am i at 250 yet?" "no, ur at 249... and stuck!"
  248. "augh, it's messed up!... okiez, i fricked it. i mean, i fixed it... *grins*..."
  249. at 11:30pm in florida: *stomp* *stomp* *stomp* girls: "what the hell is going on up there?!" *stomp* *stomp*... [after a phone call] "... they've got an ant-problem." julia: (sleepily) "that's not all they've got..."
  250. "is eisenhower dead?" "um.. i think so, cuz he wuz a general in the civil war, rite?" "um.. not really.. more like world war II..." [silence] "oh. oops... civil war, WWII, same thing!"
  251. a recent poll posted on josh's website: "constipated duck, flying monkey, josh, or other?"
  252. "when we go 2 miami, can we go 2 a beach?" "no." "aw man, y not?" "becuz... beaches in miami tend 2 follow european style (aka topless)." "ohh.... well then can we get a hotel by the water?" <-- lol. smart max, rite?
  253. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHERRI!!" "um... isn't it abby's birthday?" "yeah, well, so i'm a month late. gimme a break.. i'm takin it month by month!"
  254. "AUGH!!!! i don't have no more tissues... uh-oh..." "use ur sleeve." "um... okay. wait, imma use my toe socks..." [5 mins later] "uhh.. julia did u juss throw ur socks away????"
  255. "what the f*ck is hotarde and setsuna?... isn't it like a type of food?" "no.. it's anime, sherri." [pause] "oooh!! i get it..." "suuure..."
  256. "BUT U CAN'T UNASSUME THE ASSUMPTION OF THE GIVEN!!!!!... er... 4get it. never mind..."
  257. "hey rong, can u bring me my jacket?" [pause] "i am NOT ur bitch.... now here's ur jacket..." "suuure... oh yeah, my water too?" *smack* "okay, here's ur water... DOH! i am SO not ur bitch!!!"
  258. "tell me what i got!!!!" "ur paper hasn't come yet.. but hey, wat the hell, lemme practice... 'sherri.. you got a C...'" "I DID?!?!?!" ".. no... that wuz practice." "ooooh... okay. do it again!"
  259. "yichen... yiran... yicong... yihan... yichang... they're all 'yi's!!!!" "u 4got one.. yifan ..." [pause] ... "uhh... who's taht???" *smack* "that's ME, you dumbass!!!!"
  260. "i had a frappicino 2day!!!!" "... it shows, jueli..."
  261. "do u have the pictures?" "d'oh!!! ... um... what pictures???"
  262. "i'll call u back in like... 5 secs...." [pause on the other end] "uh... does that mean i should even hang up?"
  263. "doRk!" "geek!" "nerd!" "DORK!!" "uh.. didn't i juss say taht?"
  264. in sixth grade, jueli: *drool* "nick carter...." *drool*...
  265. in seventh grade, jueli: *drool* "greg...." *sigh*...
  266. in eighth grade, jueli: [see above, seventh grade...]
  267. "call me!" "buh-bai~~!" *click* ".... i think she hung up on me...."
  268. "I AM NOT SLOW!!!!!!!... and juss 4 that, imma hafta kill u now..."
  269. "its the TED-STER!!!"
  270. "josh, i'm not on the top of ur friends page?!?!?!?!"
  271. (the chaos caused in french)...
  272. "AHHH!! she's wearing black again!!!!"
  273. "it's the shoes, baby,... i'm like... 5'4 now... lol..."
  274. leaning on the doors is SOOO not safe..... haha...
  275. "chick!" "dat's rite, baby!... see, even says it on da picture!!!" <-- hehe julia and grace, remember dat?
  276. barbara: "sherri, what's a ******?" "y r u asking me?" "cuz... i tried 2 ask everyone else, but they're all boys and so they told me 2 ask u..."
  278. "je... m'appelle..... uhh... waht do i say now??"
  279. erica tryin 2 get into the chair in math... "uhh.... having some trouble?" lol..
  280. "MINGLE, ppl! MINGLE!!!!!"
  281. "This little piggy went to the market...." "WORK WE ME HERE!!!!" lol julia...
  282. "10 push-ups... and GO!!!" Julia: "Oophf... ONE.... ugh... auhh... ONE... and a HALF... I'M GETTING THERE, PEOPLE!!!"
  283. " These are not crunches! when u do crunches, make SURE dat the shoulder blades come all the way up off the ground." [silence] "BOTH of theM???"
  284. "GRACIE-POOP, joshie-poo, same thing, goddamnit..."
  285. "i need 2 show u guyz sumthing on the board..." "do u get a bad feeling bout dis too??"
  286. "under eighteen and u need WHAT????"
  287. "man... does ne one have a spoon so i can eat my pudding?" "use ur straw" [5 mins later] "aw dis is sooo kool..."
  288. "tell renee." "tell her what?" "everything." "what???" "EVERYTHING!!!"
  289. hot guys fallin all over the place... "TIMBERRRR...."
  290. "i AM a hot guy!" "suure... 'cept... ur a girl...."
  291. "come 2 my locker w/ me" "yeah, sure, me and my hot self..." "u and ur hot male self?"
  292. 2 arrows: --> <--
  293. "ameer, r u going thru that whole jewish-thing again???"
  294. "i LOOOVE his body" "jueli isn't that being a little... superficial?" [long pause] "uhhhh... he's a really nice person too..." "oh yeah, that's much better..."
  295. "who's on the other line?" "*aherm*" "AHHH it's GREG isn't it? isn't it?!?! i KNEW it.." [5 minutes later] "um sherri... that wasn't greg..."
  296. "JUELI LIKES A SEVENTH GRADER!!!!" "i think the whole skool knows by now..." "nuh-uh!!!... aw MAN...."
  297. ameer: "jueli... were u talking 2 adam ashroti yesterday?" "who's adam ashroti?" "the seventh grader!" "oooooh.... um...."
  298. "I'VE GOT THE PICTURES!!... now where's jueli?" "sick." "u mean... at home?" "yeah. prolly puking in the bathroom." "DAMMIT.... me and my timing..."
  299. "boy, u've got ur jersey put on backwards!!!"
  300. "i think she has PMS..." "nah, prolly has whadoyacallit... u kno,like PMDD... like she's pms-y all the time..."
  301. "sherri, u slapped me last year!" "...did i really?... i'm sorry..."
  302. my stuck-in-a-box poem (it was so not stuck in a box!)
  303. oh yeah and my "god knows i've tried" poem (it really doesn't sound that bad when its on paper...)
  304. jeff: "HELP... ME... WRITE... THIS... GODDAMN... LETTER..."
  305. "ay COZ....." lol elise.. or should i say, 'elsie'?
  306. "don't feel bad... i luv u and i'm all that matters in this world!"
  307. watching the TPMS-Banneker soccer game... lol!
  308. "jack, don't make fun of her skirt!" "i'm not making fun of her skirt!!!" "YOU CALLED IT SCOTTISH!" "i LIKE the scottish STYLE..."
  309. "man.. i feel dumb." "lol magnet..."
  310. "damn.. M..S..P..A..P...."
  311. "who can guess my age?" "uh...53?" "DAMN UR GOOD!" -mr. smith.. me and my madd guessin skillz~~
  312. "PMS?" "lol.. i think ur seeing things,... it says P-S-M..."
  313. "ur so kyute!" "who me?" "yeah u... ur the only one on the phone, rite?"
  314. "he used 2 wag his tail... now he wags a STICK!!!!"
  315. "u know, it's time we had a little talk..." "uh-oh.. i can sense L-E-C-T-U-R-E..."
  316. "teddy's really..... fat...." "oh, thx, dat's really great..."
  317. doodling at ping pong 4 two hours.... "I... AM.... B-O-R-E-D..." "WAZZUP..." "ARGHHHHHH!!!"
  318. at yicong's party... "okiez, my mom is here, i gtg!" "awww... *sniff* sherri we'll miss u...." *hug* *muah* *hug* *hug* *hug* *muah* *hug... "cya tomorrow..."
  319. "oooh pass 2 me... pass 2 me!!!" *fumble* "oops..."
  320. "she shoots... and she misses..." "um it was a PASS..."
  321. "i've got three words 4 u: kiss... my... ass..." *muah*
  322. "I CAN'T FEEL MY LIP!!!" "does it hurt?" "I DON'T KNOW!!! I CAN'T FRICKIN FEEL IT ANYMORE..."
  323. "i used power tools 2day..."
  324. " gift ... it reminds me of something, tho i don't kno wat..."
  325. "y do u have the sofa all 2 urself???" "cuz... *sniff* i need my BUTT space.."
  326. "i installed a door 2day!" "i walked INTO a door 2day!"
  327. "HE'S LAUGHING AT ME... AGAIN..."
  328. "wat skool r u playing for? hope?" "er... um... hold on... lemme check... han, wat skool am i playing 4?" "potomac." "oooh rite... okiez i'm playing 4 potomac."
  329. "wait, is it... oh, it's... um... a... uh... cup... " "honey, it's a candle..."
  330. "u must wear red. specifically this red." "oh ewww... that totally violates my sense of FASHION!!!"
  331. "yeah, sherri's my mother and yicong's my daughter. rite. we're all one big happy family." [pause] "i'm ur WHAT????"
  332. "so wat'd u all get 4 yicong?" "i got her a goldfish."
  333. "we're sisters, can't u tell?" "er.. sure, watever... considering she's not azn and u r..."
  334. meg: "i'm japanese. [pause] je... soy... japanois. mm-hmm."
  335. "i'm soo not lesbo." "rite.. that's y ur sitting on top of her...."
  336. how the f*** does a person manage to RUN... into ... a basketball when its in the AIR???
  337. u kno its bad when 4 ppl get hurt in a 5-minute basketball game.
  338. oh yeah, its also bad when u go home, raid ur friend's fridge for cold sodas, and then expect 2 be calm 4 the rest of the nite.
  339. ping pong rules.. unless ur playing against 5 other ppl... AT THE SAME FRICKIN TIME....
  340. sherri, out of nowhere: "i think 'josh' is a really weird name... it reminds me of squash...." mme barmak: "c'est interessant..." sherri: "DAMN her hearing's good..."
  341. "wat r ur stats?" "7,8,4." "how do u manage 2 get a 4???" "i dunno. mebbe cuz i'm a CRUISE DIRECTOR...."
  342. DAF w/ ms. tabb... ya'll remember the Langston Hughes thing??.. hold up then.. ask daniel.. "well... son, i'll tell you... life for me aint been no crystal stair...."
  343. KatGurl47: "hey.. wuts up?" muzicbox02: "nmh u?" KatGurl47: "nmh either. okay, now that that's over with.... wuts REALLY happening???"
  344. here's the extent of my cluelessness when its like really early on a sunday morning:
    jsd115: "lol"
    muzicbox02: "lol... wat?"
    jsd115: "muzicbox02: 'lol... wat?'... that's funny... lol"
    muzicbox02: "LOL"
    jsd115: "lol"
    muzicbox02: "haha... i still don't get it..."
  345. "imma make a necklace! aw man.. the string's too long." "cut it." "oh okiez.... *snip* oops... now it's a choker... kinda long tho... *snip* uhh... nvm... now it's an anklet... still 2 long tho... *snip*... whoops... guess it's a bracelet now... its just really long. i think i'll cut it again --" "okiez sweetie, hand over the scissors and let me cut it.. b4 it becomes a RING..."
  346. "hey don't u see the walking ads 4 shaved ice?" "for shaved legs???"
  347. "i can't believe they kicked us off the tug-of-war team... i got kicked off by LIDA!!" -sorriez lida!
  348. "wuz upz sherriez.... immaz chinesez..." "dan... stop tryin 2 be azn..." "watz? diz iz realliez hardz..." "dats cuz ur adding 'z's onto every single frickin word... and its making me sleepy..."
  349. hungry 4 chee-tos?? dun worrie... juss follow JUELI downstairs in the middle of the nite... *ahem* winter-sleepover *ahem*. it wuz MY house too!!!
  350. three goddamn quarters... that's like six months that i'm stuck w/ petrick. *sigh*. life is not fair.
  351. "watd u guyz get me??" "uhh..." "ummm..." "er...." "-- oh... uh.. a 100-piece china set... rite.."
  352. "i'm not gullible.. i'm not yicong...." lol jpjp!
  353. "y wont u use it??" "cuz its 2 deep..."
  354. "argh.. not another packet!!!" "do u kno how many trees we've killed in this class??..."
  355. reading in history class: "mexico closes texico..." "er... isn't texico a gas station?" "oops. i meant texas.."
  356. "sherri.... wat's one-half of 136?..." "uh... 78..." [5 mins later] "sherri.... i'm still on the 136/2 problem..." <-- lol juss not ur day, rite grace?
  357. during DAF rite infront of the camera... "goddamn thank GOD that speech is O-VER!!!... aw SHIT i hope the camera didn't pick that up...."
  358. typing rapidly
  359. "i so cannot add..."
  360. "UR FOOT IS NOW IN MY BUTT SPACE!!!" "uhhh why are u talking about butts?" "umm.. no reason..."
  361. sherri: "what's today's date?" ms. manchester: "well let's see. mathCounts is on the 11th, and mathCounts is tomorrow, so therefore it must ensue that today's date is..." sherri: "THE NINTH!!!... [pause]... oh wait. the tenth....."
  362. "and i thought mr. o wuz weird..." -grace, upon entering mr. street's cpu lab
  364. "hey can u pass me my chapstick??" "wat chapstick? oh this? its SPF 15??? MAN... that's more than my SUNTAN LOTION!!!!!!!" -no wonder i get sunburned....
  365. brica: "sherri, do you have wite-out?" sherri: "no, sry, not w/ me." <-- repeat process at least 5 times every day, per period.
  366. MisterSkipper: "u poopie-head."
  367. KRAZY BANANAS... haha we r so weird...
  368. "muchos gracias... [pause]... how do u say thank you very much in french??" "uhh... tres... merci??"
  369. dancing w/ broomsticks... muchos better than a REAL date, rite?
  370. NIA BABY... idiots 4ever...
  371. "WHAT is going ON back there???" "dunno. all i heard wuz sumone breathing ... really really hard..."
  372. "the computers in here are SOOOO slow..." mr. street: "so is ur mom." ("but she can't help it!" "well.. neither can the computers..")
  373. "would u like 2 join the NAG club??" (Need A Guy....) LOL...
  374. "i'm BLIND w/o my glasses... it's not my fault i'm color-deaf!!!!"
  375. "it's EVAPORIZING!!!!" "that's not even a word.." "uhhh... uhhh... well PRASANNA said it wuz..." "and u trust prasanna because....??"
  376. "sherri, u ARE racing!" "no i'm not, u can't make me!" "fine." *poke* "OKAY OKAY I'LL RUN.... dammit..."
  377. "man, sherri, i've been visiting ur site 2 much!! u should thank me!!!" ".. okiez... lol i'll hafta remember 2 put u in the credits.. (s/c)..." "U HAVE CREDITS?????" "uhh... no... i wuz being sarcastic." "oh. MAN.... u got my hopes up 4 a second..."
  378. "i always get zits.. both when and where i can't afford for them 2 pop up...."
  379. here's a tip: if u want sumthin 2 be a secret... DON'T TELL CINDY... (*ahem* "ooh... sorrie sherri... it's juss so hard to not to tell...." "suuure... *kick*... sorrie cindy, it's juss so hard to resist...")
  380. "but i CAN'T wear shorts 2day!!!" "y not?" [pause] "i.. juss.. can't....."
  381. "gotta get science textbook... gotta get science textbook..." [5 mins later] "wait, john, wat wuz it i told u 2 remind me a/b???"
  382. "put DOWN the tape... DOWN!!!!!" "arf?"
  383. "hey, RACHEL, can i call u rach from now on??" "uhh... y??"
  384. terri: "i'm stuck in love circles!!!" "not realli.. its not a circle if u it dun go alla da way around..."
  385. *sigh* lol.. my friends r soooo weird... i.e. excerpt from convo (jueli & jeff):
    frendleegurl25: "thats cuz im psychic"
    jsd115: "psychic?"
    jsd115: "hmm..."
    jsd115: "what am i doing right now?"
    frendleegurl25: "shuddup"
    frendleegurl25: "i dont wanna know whether ure jackin off or not"
    jsd115: "i'm playing guitar"
    jsd115: "stupid jueli"
    frendleegurl25: "LoL"
    frendleegurl25: "i didnt wanna know!"
  386. here's another quote from me and jeff's conversations....
    jsd115: "btw... on ur site... u have the date updated wrong"
    piscesSwtie: "realli"
    jsd115: "at least that's what grace said"
    piscesSwtie "wat is it"
    jsd115: "LAST UPDATED: Sunday, May 12, 2001"
    jsd115: "today is saturday"
    [long pause]
    piscesSwtie: "damn"
    piscesSwtie: "man..."
    jsd115: "lol"
    piscesSwtie: "i am so stupid"
    piscesSwtie: "i honestly thought today was sunday"
    jsd115: "really?"
    piscesSwtie: "i woke up 2day and wuz liek 'its sunday'"
    jsd115: "lol"
    piscesSwtie: "yeah"
    piscesSwtie: "and 4 some reason, i thought tomorrow wuz sunday 2"
    jsd115: "sundays suck... cause it's the last day of the weekend"
    piscesSwtie: "well apparently not in my world, they aren't" <-- lol i am so weird...
  387. "hey where's quickbuddy?" "uhh... somewhere on the page..." "thx.. that's real specific."
  388. "u are my savior!!! (sike)" "hey.. i resent the 'sike'!!"
  390. "when's my bday again?" "mar. 2, 1987, rite?" "uhhh... ooooh yEAH!!!!" "man.. its sad dat u needed reminding..."
  391. "it took me 3 years 2 figure out dat virginia's a helluva lot bigger den maryland."
  392. "RANDY!!!" "wat???" "hi..."
  393. "typing problems?" "not relaly." "r u sure?" "yeha o fcourwse im srue...."
  394. "u loser!" "who me?" "yuh-huh.." "careful, pretty soon u won't be my fav. little white boy ne more!" "nooooo.... i take it bacK!!!" "thought so.."
  395. "DAYMN u write fast!"
  396. "ameer... y is ur whole presentation on guns?!?"
  397. "i'm either cynical, or juss stupidly funnie." [short pause] "STUPIDLY FUNNY." (either that, or PMS-ing...)
  398. "okay, girls r so gonna win this grossing-out thing..." "yeah, rite." "u wanna bet??? think MS COUNIHAN..." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..."
  399. "hey i have a question for the guys..." "yeah?" "when u get.. u kno.... is it, like, really fast, or is it like... slooooowly...?" "UHHHH..."
  400. yichen, in response to the above question: "me and paul, we wouldn't kno. we don't get that way."
  401. paul, in response to yichen's comment: "WHAT??? speak 4 ur self, boy!!!!"
  402. "hey get out of da yellow circle.." "DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MINORITIES...."
  403. "r u a guy or not?" "YEAH... but let me check.. *looks down*... yep, still there."
  404. "CALLLL MEEEE...."
  405. "damn, i'm 2 nice 2 u... karma BETTA not come back and bite me in the ass again..." [long pause] petrick: "wat's karma?"
  406. "AUGHHHHHh.... its a fuckin SAPPY LOVE SONG... NOOOOOOOooooo..."
  407. serving pizza at the skool dances.. lol...
  408. "ay the DJ's HOT!!!!" "no he's not.." "YES... HE... *drool*... IS...."
  409. "BALLS OF STEEL, BABY... juss TRY and kick me..." *kick* "FUUUUUUUUUCK... DAMMIT THAT HURT!!!!!!!!!!" "so much for those balls of steel, eh?"
  410. "koyel.... called me stupid. KOYEL called me stupid... MAN how sad is that?"
  411. "r u gay?" "AW MAN i dun WANNA be GAY!!!!"
  412. eric: "wats the theorem with the two lines and the angle??" ms. manchester: "well... it has two chords, so the theorem must be...." eric: "chord-secant!!!"
  413. mr. sese: "duuuuuude...." (god he is SOO stoned)
  414. "mr. heintze's a butt." "... with a hickeY?" "uhh yeah, julia, he's a big butt with a hickey. mmhmm that makes plenty of sense..."
  415. [doug singing in english class]... helgeson: "damn, who kicked HIM in the balls?"
  416. object A, object B.... lol...
  417. "we be roomies at JHU, rite?..."
  418. "he's worn his hair down THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!!! AHHHHH...."
  419. lol... guys in baby-blue shorts. HAHA... (julia...)
  421. "hey, that kid reminds me of someone..." "who?" "i dunno, tryin 2 remember..." "OOHH I KNO, isn't he kinda like ur exboyfriend??" "OOHHH YEAH THAT'S WHO IT IS!!!!!!!!!!"
  422. hey, btw, am i still married?... "I WANT MY RING!"
  423. "i wuz out of tissue and wrapping paper..." "... so u used... TOILET paper??"
  424. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!" *clunk* "uhh.. do u love us more lying on the floor?"
  425. "AHHH the tree's burning up!!!" *looks closer* "oh wait, sorry. that's juss the reflection of the barbecue grill on the window... heh..."
  426. "julia, do u want a veggie burger or a cheeseburger?" "i'm fine, really..." "here, take a veggie burger..." "uhhh sorrie but they kinda make me sick...."
  427. "kool ur playing guitar?" "yep" "and.. ur still chinese, rite?" "HEY!!!!!"
  428. "owww i'm sore all over.... can barely move..." josh: "what were YOU doing last night?!?! *grins*..." (sicko.. perv... *sigh*... guys...)
  429. "ms. white is SUCH a BITCH!" "well, u'd be a bitch 2 if u put on 20 pounds.. and couldn't lose 'em.."
  430. gavin (taht little FREAK.. i have a rite mind 2 juss push him down the stairs sum day...)
  431. "wats up w/ da limo, yo?" "uhh... its 4 ms. tabb..." "she's getting married IN A LIMO???"
  432. ice cold pepsi... on the bus.... *sigh*~~
  433. "i'm not that bitchy, or mean, really..." "HUH yeah, RITE..." "I'M NOT!!!!!!!" "...*whimper* okay i believe u....*sniff*... "
  435. amanda: "hey sherri, y the long face? looks like u juss lost ur favorite shirt or something.." erica: "she did..." sherri: *sniff* *sniff* "mm-hmm...." [pause] "wait, no i didn't..."
  436. "i'm not slow. i juss state the painfully obvious..." "yeah, like five minutes after they happen!"
  437. lol im so weird.. (and dat IS how u spell 'weird', josh!).. listen 2 conv. btwn me and josh:
    Sher says: "hey wats snood? everyone i kno is playin it"
    Houashima says: "what's snood?"
    Sher says: "i dunno! u tell me"
    Houashima says: "you tell me!"
    Sher says: "lol"
    Houashima says: "LOL"...
  438. piscesSwtie: "GUESS WAT"
    MisterSkipper: "WAT"
    piscesSwtie: "wouldn't YOU like 2 kno...."
  439. "tut up! tut up!" <-- LOLz...
  440. Houashima says: "i onge en oo eep"
    Sher says: "???"
    Sher says: "huh?"
    Houashima says: "my tongue went to sleep" <-- weird...
  441. "*wah*...*sniff* *sniff*..." "aww... sherri... r u crying?" "NO... its just... my... er... contacts r acting up... mmhm...." "suuure... right... both of them? at the same time?" "yeah... its ... uh... allergies..."
  442. "heh" "lol" "i mean haha" "lol... haha" "HAHA" "LOL" "okay we're having 2 much fun w/ this laughing thing..."
  443. "... 'i think i love u'... what kind of idiot says that????" "uhh... my BOYFRIEND???"
  444. "jueli and greg #1, jueli and greg #2, jueli and greg #3... jueli and greg #4........"
  445. "imma HFS gal.." "gal and HFS don't mix..."
  446. in florida, *ahem* dan *ahem*: "I DID NOT FART!!!"
  447. "1 isn't negative, is it, renee?" [silence] "sherri, you really need more sleep."
  448. "dude, why isn't my butt that small?"
  449. "hey... u guys are wearing the SAME EXACT SHIRT!!!" "yeah... like we have been... for the whole day...."
  450. "guess wat i just found out 2day?" "wat?" "THERE'S A LITTLE MERMAID 2!"
  451. "mrs pleasant is ... odd.." "no she's not, she's just doing her job." "SHE WAS IMITATING EMINEM YESTERDAY!!!!"
  452. "terri, i don't think our friends likes each other..." "naw, u think?"
  453. "what, is her brain tumor gonna explode?" "again?"
  454. "u have a boyfriend? damn..."
  455. F-A-O SCHWEETZ, BABY!!!!
  456. mr. o and his driving skillz... like the open-mouthed parking-meter *drool* stare...
  457. "mmm... pink lemonade lip gloss..." "mm... watermelon lip gloss..." "u guys really like that stuff, don't you?"
  458. after which must follow... (from a guy, obviously): "u've got different colors for lip gloss????"
  459. "abby, go take a shower.." "y me?" "..cuz u haven't showered in a while..." *phew* we can still smell it, abs.. lol jp!
  460. "are you PMS-ing?" "no... im a guy..."
  461. "hey, are we still married?" "MARRIED???? WHO'S MARRIED???"
  462. "i don't have enough money for a ring." "don't worry, paul gave onion rings."
  463. "cute lifeguard shirt. ur a lifeguard?" "um, actually.. no.." "then y do u have the shirt?" "er... i thought it was cute."
  464. miss matthews in miami: "hey, check out those guys..."
  465. "[blah blah blah]... OH MY GOD...." "what?" "I JUST FORGOT YOUR NAME!!!" <--- lol mara...
  466. "AHH! u know wat i just noticed?!?!?!" "what? what?" "U AND JUELI LOOK ALIKE!!!" "uhh.. duh... naw shit..."
  467. and a continuation of greg's flash of brilliance of me and jueli: "ACK u kno what else i just noticed?!?!" "*sigh* what?" "U TWO R DOING THAT EYE THING AGAIN!!!" "what eye thing?" "U KNOW... THE ONE WHERE U LOOK AT EACH OTHER AND LIKE HAVE ESP OR SOMETHING..."
  468. and to conclude greg's wonderful marvelation: ".... AND YOU ALWAYS... FRICKING... HUG..."
  469. "shh... im on medication" "not my fault ur high.."
  470. "ur my favorite paul!" "uhh.. im also your only paul.."
  471. "sticky film picture!" "sherri, u've taken it like three times.." "shh... don't remind me.."
  472. "DAMMIT... my fucken ear won't pop!!!!!" <== miami, guys... *sigh* the good old days.. lol~~
  473. "y can no one get along with my bf?!?!?!" "...maybe cuz he's racist..." [pause] "oh." "... 'oh'? and that doesn't seem to bother you?!?!"
  474. "damn, gurl, u had bad taste back theN!" "just back then..?"
  475. c'mon, do that queen wave thingy... "elbow elbow, wrist wrist.."
  476. "u know wat?" "shane's a really good book?" "uhh... no...."
  477. "dammit, i didnt bring a camera. *sigh*." "don't worry, its only a manatee.."
  478. yich, upon seeing a manatee: "OMG, it looks like ms. counihan!"
  479. GOT PMS???? oops.. i meant "GO TPMS..." (lol yeah, rite)
  480. "SATURDAY NITE, BABY!" <-- haha JULIA!!!!
  481. "THROW TO FIRST!!" "ooww.... that was my shoulder..."
  482. "i gotta go.. any last parting words?" "umm.. yeah.. TURKEY BUTT!!!" <-- josh..
  483. "its boring over there. imma come over here and talk 2 u guys." "okiez... um...." "okiez never mind, its boring over here too."
  484. dan and his.. er.. feminine needs... *ahem* tampons *ahem*..
  485. mr. o and his feminine self too... like reading seventeen on the plane and taking quizzes at LOL...
  486. "hey, rn't u little shreya?" "uhh... im her little brother, if thats wat u mean.." "oh whatever.. UR ANNOYING..." ... lol well he is annoying.. wat can i say??
  487. "there r only TWO choices, okay? DUMP 'EM or F*CK 'EM." <-- a quote from ameer on relationships...
  488. "azn pryd pplz..." <-- dan.. wanna-be azn, rite? don't worrie, we all love u jus the way u r. ;-D
  489. "im yicong." "no ur not.." "wat? im lost now.." "okay, nvm, u are yicong."
  490. ack josh is soooo weird. read...
    piscesSwtie: "i binged on ice cream 2day..."
    MisterSkipper: "what flavor?"
    piscesSwtie: "umm... the yummy kind.."
    MisterSkipper: "WHAT FLAVOR?"
    piscesSwtie: "THE YUMMY KIND"
    piscesSwtie: "geez.. wat else do u want?!"
    MisterSkipper: "cookie dough?!"
    MisterSkipper: "oy gevald!"
    MisterSkipper: "you're not thinking today!"
    piscesSwtie: "lemme think"
    piscesSwtie: "um.... french vanilla"
    MisterSkipper: "ich"
    MisterSkipper: "no good"
    MisterSkipper: "you gotta have COOKIE DOUGH man!"
    MisterSkipper: "COOKIE DOUGH"
    MisterSkipper: "now i gotta go"
    MisterSkipper: "so yo"
    MisterSkipper: "(nice little rhyme, eh?)"
    piscesSwtie: "lol"
    piscesSwtie: "that's rite, josh"
    MisterSkipper: "but i gotta go"
    MisterSkipper: "sry dude"
    MisterSkipper: "bye!"
    okay, number one, "OY GEVALD"??!?!?! lets not even go there. and number two... "ich"? lol... *sigh*. hopeless...
  491. take it from yichen... being a girl is tough: "hey, is it that time of the year again?" "time of the year?" "oops.. i meant time of the month..."
  492. "oh god, are u high again?" "noo..... i'm... not.... high... high... i'm ... just.. not... low...."
  493. "dude, can i have some of that Coke?" "uh sure, but jeff cao already drank some..." "eew, so it's like when im drinking, im kinda in a twisted sort of way, frenching jeff?" "um..... not really... ur kinda in a twisted way, frenching me... it's my Coke..."
  494. "u scare me sometimes." "u scare me all the time." <-- lol...
  495. grace (and jueli)~~ virtual hugs!!!
  496. "im back!... did u miss me?" "lol oh yeah, i missed you sooo much..." "geez, i've heard that one b4..."
  497. an interesting theory: "he either loves me or loves me not. either way, he's mine."
  498. "dude, im so spychic." "um... spychic?" "lol yeah, that's it... psychic. spychic. same thing."
  499. "manassas... isn't that something u drink?" "no... its a war place..." "it is?!? oohhhhhhh" "wat?" "i was thinkin of molasses...." <-- erica... lol...
  500. ::IM WIT STUPID ==>:: lol "hey where'd eric go??"
  501. "i'll betcha i can keep from cussing for a whole week." "okay, starting.. now." "dude, HELL no!!!!" me and mai madd cussin skilz... lol dis is how i lose alla mai money$$$!!!
  502. "great, now he proly thinks i like him..." "play wit his mind, honey..."
  503. "TOP OF THE HILL... top of the park.. same thing."
  504. "so much for dat wellrounded common sense, eh?" "oh yeah.... um, wat?"
  505. "imma get a temporary tattoo!!!" "... ohhh where r u gonna put it? ooh put it on ur forehead!!!" ".... @)*&%@#$^(*" <-- another ex. of common sense. now we kno where renee'll be wearing alla HER tattoos...
  506. this one's for dan... check out the gbook too cuz its one of his entries (LoL how else didja think id get it??)
    Sherri's briliance:
    Ms Manchester: "What is the propability that if a normal die is rolled, a number will be negative?
    Sherri: [whispering] "PSS Dan.. Is 1 a negative number?"
    Dan: "Wait- you ARE going to Blair next year, right?"
    Sherri: "yeah, im pretty sure its positive"
    Dan: "Oy vei"
  507. piscesSwtie: "shh im studying..." necromonion: "4 wat, ur AIM exam?"
  508. "dude, is it snowing????" "um, sherri, hon, it doesn't snow in june..."
  509. red pen, blue pen, it's all the same
  510. "yearbooks!! dammit... *smack* i need 2 get one..."
  511. "have u noticed, AIM improves my typing..." "like i give a shit..."
  512. "im broke. i have no more tooth fairy money, and i dun have ne more teeth either."
  513. Miss Matthews: "What is the common cause of death in most elephants?" Jeff Lee: "constipation?"
  514. "CRAP!! tomorrow's the 12th!!!" "um.. yeah... and the day after's the 13th.. wats ur point?"
  515. josh being such a gentlemen... *cougH* door *cough*... and the kleenex 2...
  516. "r u gettin high off a mint??"
  517. MisterSkipper (7:12:43 PM): hey sweetums
    piscesSwtie (7:12:53 PM): hey honeybunch
    piscesSwtie (7:12:54 PM): lol
    MisterSkipper (7:12:57 PM): LOL
    piscesSwtie (7:13:00 PM): (thinking: what the fuck?)
    MisterSkipper (7:13:01 PM): you got some good names, girl!
  518. "OOH im SOO stiff!!!" "OH MY GOD, ur WHAT?"
  519. "imagine... a dirty apple.... like, covered in mud or something..." "um, hon, apples grow on trees.." "argh, okay fine then. what about a potato???" "... u have a thing for potatos, doncha?"
  520. dancing pineapples and crazy bananas... 2 alla u fruity ppl...
  521. "O..M..G..." "wat?" "ive been scarred for life...."
  522. "hey sher, don't scar them for life, okay?"
  523. five mins later... "HEY!!!!" "okay... delayed reaction there..."
  524. "eeeeeew that's SUCH a nasty shirt!" "well... maybe she was just expressing herself..." "wat, THRU HER NIPPLES?!?!"
  525. necessary objects, baby.. lol JULIA...
  526. "grace, should i buy it?" "um... pick a hand." "uhh... okay... right hand." "okay, yeah, u should buy it." [pause] "juuuulia....."
  527. 2 all those hours we spent laughing at absolutely nothing in particular... or at anything taht was remotely even funny...
  528. "um.. do u guys sell gift cards?" "sher, there's a huge sign right next to u: WE SELL GIFT CARDS"
  529. "okiez, i'll take a gift card for.. uhh... fifteen dollars." "can u even GET anything in here for fifteen dollars?"
  530. "okay, i figured out that none of us should EVER go on a dinner date." "why not?" "grace, ur eating ur sandwich with a TOOTHPICK..."
  531. julia & mayonnaise.. don't really mix
  532. "pssst! five o'clock.. QUICK.." "DUDE this is SOO helping me tell time..."
  533. *sniff* *sniff* "mmmmm...." "um.. wat are u guys doing?" "uh... juss.. um... sampling.. the lip gloss?"
  534. LOL julia and her madd skillz when it comes to signs... at express...
  535. ohhh here's a golden one: "WELCOME TO KING'S DOMINION.. where you can ride the SUPERSONIC XLC.. or.... the merry-go-round."
  536. "um u guys?" "LOL YEAH?" ".. that's not even that funny..."
  537. blowing straws at starbucks... (grace)...
  538. "OHhhh i did my dare, now ya'll hafta do urs." "sher, that was like talking to a doorknob." "yeah, and the doorknob woulda proly been more interesting...." "ahh.. .shuddup."
  539. jeff: "I SAW THE CREDITS PAGE..... *fuming*...."
  540. "put me on the credits page!!!!" [pause] "how much money ya got??"
  541. in an.. interesting.. convo btwn me and jueli -- piscesSwtie: yep, howd i kno
    frendleegurl25: yeah
    frendleegurl25: LoL
    frendleegurl25: cuz i'm so predictable
    piscesSwtie: no,ur just in love
  542. jeff again: "oh yeah, a/b the credits -- u kno who gets all the money, right?"
  543. sherri: "girls are just as perverted as guys. they're just not fueled by....." [long pause] chorus: "TESTOSTERONE...."
  544. "i found a pad!!!" "in a back pack that u haven't used since third grade...???" "uhh... yeah.... just in case, doncha kno..."
  545. sherri: "i've apologized so many times that the next step would be to jump off a cliff wearing a banner that said 'KICK ME'..." matt: "DO IT!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!"
  546. "if gregory's a midgit... then i must be a supermidgit...." "no comment."
  547. (if u cant read chinese then dont even try 2 understand this...) "ta you yi di-er tai....'xin fen'... tai gao xin le...." LOL....
  548. lol me and my desperate search wears on..... piscesSwtie: how old is ur brother?
    jsd115: 17, i think. maybe 16
    piscesSwtie: does he have any... friends?
    jsd115: yeah
    piscesSwtie: any single friends?
    piscesSwtie: any hot single friends?
    piscesSwtie: (who are guys?)
    jsd115: well.... let me think
    piscesSwtie: LoL
    jsd115: actually, i don't think he has many single friends
    piscesSwtie: grrr...
    piscesSwtie: do u have any other brothers?... who do have single friends?
    jsd115: yeah
    jsd115: he's in 5th grade
    piscesSwtie: LOL
    piscesSwtie: okay moving on.. *sigh* i give up...
  549. "im not going after some poor defenseless fifth grader--" "oh... *whew*... taht's good. u had me scared for a while there..." "...yet."
  550. barbara and her... questions.. (i.e. "sherri, what's a hickey? what does *bleep* mean? what does [censored] mean?" etc...) Qyootpyy098: "sherri.... can i ask you a question?"
    piscesSwtie: "uhh... i guess... wat's the question?"
    Qyootpyy098: "okay. wat's a --"
    piscesSwtie has signed off.

  551. [five minutes later]
    piscesSwtie: "back."
    Qyootpyy098: "computer trouble?"
    piscesSwtie: "no, i just didn't wanna answer the question."
  552. "breathe in...." "...*exhale*..." "breathe out..." "...*inhale*..." "wait a sec.... u betta not be training 2 be a lifeguard..."
  553. "...and ur calling ME slow?" [pause] "...huh?"
  554. "who's that?" "that's you..." "oh. WHY IS MY HEAD SO FUCKIN BIG??"
  555. "u were laffing at me then!" "hey, i wasn't laughing at u then.... im laffing at u NOW...." "hmph. delayed reaction."
  556. "OMG u look like a moo!!!" <-- jueli (moo = cow, in her world)
  557. fourth of july fireworks.... standing DRIPPING in the rain... on key bridge... lol.
  558. "hey, sher?" "um yeah?" "are u SURE this jacket's waterproof?" "...umm why do u ask?" "cuz its leaking..."
  559. "are they canceling the fireworks?" "they're canceling the fireworks?!?!?" "THEY CANCELED THE FIREWORKS?!" "THEY DID?" "I DONT KNO!! IM ASKING U!!!" "I DONT KNO EITHER!!!" *ring* *ring* "hello?....yeah....oh okay.. bbye." "well? did they cancel the fireworks or not?" "nope." "see? toldja so."
  560. "uh sherri?" "wat?" "u kno how they say when something gets wet, it shrinks?" "uhhhh yeah,y?" "well... my jeans r really, really wet..."
  561. EvilAlan86: "go pick up some hot guy at smart school."
    piscesSwtie: "will do, definitely."
    2 days later
    EvilAlan86: "well? what about that hot guy that you were going to pick up at summer school?"
    piscesSwtie: " in a fucking all-girls class."
  562. "u play the guitar?" "yeah, y? wats it 2 ya?" "well, i dunno?u juss seem more of like a?flute person 2 me?quot; "if i played flute, id b 2 tempted 2 chuck it out the window or something..."
  563. "watd u think of my new pen? *smash* [pause]...oops." "well, u mean, apart from the fact that it juss tried 2 KILL ME???"
  564. yicong & her klutzy skilz?esp when it comes 2 spiders and insects?LoL~~
  565. on the very LAST day of skol: "hey, jueli, do u have my NYC pictures?" [long pause] "D扥H! i knew there wuz something that i 4got 2day?quot;
  566. "ohh shit, look at my fortune cookie!! 'he who loves u will follow u'." "aw dats so swt!" "uh, not really, cuz ive gotten dis same damn fortune twice already!?搒o???sigh* all dat imma say is dat if he who follows me don抰 ask me 4 my number real quick, he who follows me is gonna piss me off厰
  567. "i mailed renee a self-addressed envelope back 2 me..." "well, did she mail it back?" "yeah." "then wats the problem?" "she mailed me candy." "...and how the hell is that a PROBLEM?"
  568. "hey, sher, u remember allen, rite?" "um.... no, not really..." "oh. u kno, the really tall one that looks like a stick with hair?" "OOHHH rite... wasn't he my [honorary] BF 4 a while??"
  569. "wats 2day's date?" "monday, the 9th.... u kno, if u double-click on the toolbar, the date and time will pop up." [long pause] "oh shit, i knew dat..."
  570. Sher says: lookie i even put up an away msg
    Sher says: so now i can give this yelling session my full undiverted attention
    Me says: just so u can yell at me?
    Me says: i feel privilaged
    Sher says: if i had a pan, id knock u over the head.
  571. piscesSwtie: "...and u'll never be able to regain the trust that u 2 had in the begingin"
    piscesSwtie: "holy shit i cnat type"
    piscesSwtie: "*cant"
    jsd115: "lol"
    piscesSwtie: "*beginnign"
    piscesSwtie: "*beginning"
    piscesSwtie: "oka"
    piscesSwtie: "OKAY"
    piscesSwtie: "there we go."
    jsd115: "well, that is true"
    piscesSwtie: "what, that i cant type?"
  572. at the rockville library, using the XEROX 2 make copies 4 our speeches. (chek out dayna's smartness...) grace: "oh crap, i forgot to put in the money!" dayna: "no, u dont need to. it says READY TO VEND." [long pause] "D'OH!"
  573. here's a snippet of me yelling at jeff... and the candid, wonderfully effective results -- observe:
    Me says: "lol, ya know u're not teaching me a great lesson right now"
    Sher says: "what? wtf u talkin bout?"
    Me says: "so far i'm learning: don't tell sherri the weird ideas that float through my head"
  574. haha... i am the ultimately slowest person u will find online at 9:30 at night.... read convo...
    piscesSwtie: "hey"
    Cyprine8758: "hey"
    piscesSwtie: "rnt u suposed 2 be in china?!"
    Cyprine8758: "i am..."
    Cyprine8758: "but i can be ONLINE in china..."
    piscesSwtie: "ohhhhhh"
    piscesSwtie: "right. i knew that...."
  575. Me says: yicong is online
    Sher says: no shit
    Sher says: WAIT A SEC
    Sher says: isn't she supposed 2 be in china/!?!?!
    Me says: she is in china
    Sher says: oh.
  576. "its friday the thirteenth!" "... yeah, i saw it on the news this morning."
  577. "hey wei, i saw ur mom on TV yesterday!" [looooong pause] "HOLY CRAP -- my MOM was on TV yesterday?!?!?!?!"
  578. "ya know, i still don't think that <3 looks like a heart. it still looks like a < and a 3 to me..." "...*sigh*. use ur imagination."
  579. Me says: "my guitar teacher broke 4 ribs"
    Sher says: "erm?"
    Me says: "so i'm not gonna have a lesson for 2 weeks"
    Sher says: "well...."
    Sher says: "go figure?"
    Me says: "he said he was in a bike accident"
    Sher says: "what, did he chuck himself in front of an eighteen-wheeler or something?"
    Me says: "lol"
    Me says: "he was biking at the beach and he wasn't on the sidewalk and he went into the sand."
    Sher says: ".... and got a jelly-fish problem?"
    Me says: "well ya know, when a bike goes into sand or mud, it comes to a complete stop, so he flew off his bike on to the ground"
    Sher says: "and broke 4 ribs?"
    Me says: "and then his bike fell on top of him"
    Sher says: "oh"
    Sher says: "ouch"
  580. "hey guess wat?" "i just baked brownies..." "um... kool?" "yep. and they rn't crunchy this time! *crunch* OOOWWW..."
  581. "i need a brownie pan." "y, u gonna bake more brownies?" "um. no, not really. i just need it 2 knock someone over the head...."
  582. "I JUSS GOT A POSTCARD.... holy SHIZ.... I JUST GOT ONE NOT ADDRESSED 2 ME!!!!" [pause] "what, so u've got like 3 and 1/2 postcards now or something?"
  583. grace reading a swt poem... [silence] grace: "awww..." sherri: "awww....." grace: "*sigh* awww.... that's so--" sherri: "D'OH!!!! OWWWWWWWWW...... my shoulder..." grace: "so much for ruining a great moment..."
  584. julia: "THERE IS A GOD!!!" "what makes u say taht?" "cuz.. they are SO.... many.... HOTT... GUYS... in... AUSTRALIA...."
  585. me and my random conversations on the phone taht even my bf cant follow... (i.e. "uh... what? repeat that again?")
  586. sherri = no balance. observe... me on the phone w/ grace: "hey, grace, hold on a sec, im tryin 2 balance the cordless and this damn icy-hot patch thingy on my shoulder..." *fumble* *fumble* *fumble*... [click]. *DIAL TONE*.... "um... hello? grace? HELLO?"
  587. "hey, btw, do u kno how far out the cordless extends 2..?"
  588. "sherri, lemme go thru ur bag..." "boy, dont u dare touch ne thing in there--" "y not? there can't be ne thing bad in here...." [2 mins later] "OH MY GOD what the HELL is THAT?!?!?!?!?" "*sigh*. see? i tolja not 2 look thru my stuff..."
  589. "y do u keep one w/ u wherever u go?" "cuz just in case, i might need it..." "oh. but then yd u put 1 in ur ping pong bag?"
  590. sherri: "omg u will never believe who juss got on!" grace: "who?" sherri: "its someone bad..." grace: "ohhh... must be one of ur ex's then...." (she just reads my mind!!!)
  591. "hey, sher, do u like arts and crafts?" "umm.... sure... jus hand me a glue gun and call me picasso."
  592. "OHHHHHHHH!!!! A SALE!!!!!!" lol me and my girls at montgomery mall (w/ ltd amt of $$$$....)
  593. "im callin u from my cell phone rite now." "dude, u've got a cell?" "welll... actually.... its my brother's -- " "ohh. okay, i was gonna say....." " -- cuz my mom's got mine rite now...." DAYMN.... I WANNA CELL PHONE.....
  594. "jessica?" "*snore* *snore*...." "JESSICA?... d'oh! i think she fell asleep again.."
  595. "ur stomach hurts? mebbe it wuz something u ate." "the only thing i ate 2day wuz the brownies i jus baked." "ohhh... that explains it then." [long pause while sherri takes time to think...] "HEY!!!!...."
  596. "IM GONNA STOP CURSING, IM GONNA STOP CURSING!!!!" "haha, yeah, right." "shut up, u goddamn freak."
  597. "how old is she turning today?" "twelve." "oh right, cuz she turned ten last year, right? " [long pause] "D'OH!" "sherri.... so much for ur madd counting skilz."
  598. "r u going 2 cross country practice tomorrow?" "...UGH.... *sigh*. when is it?" "tomorrow night, sherri. at six thirty, remember???" "...*yawn*. damn...." "u kno, if everyone on the team had ur dedication, its a wonder they can even get ppl 2gether 4 practicing..."
  599. "i can count to ten on my fingers, really. watch me..." [two minutes later] "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11. see?" [long pause] "DAYMN.... how'd u do that?" "do what?" "manage to count to eleven on ten fingers?"
  600. here's a good excuse: "my shoulder hurts." well, if that didn't work, sorry. it worked for me and barbara.... (however painful it was....)
  601. .... i.e. "OH MY GOD... its peeling..... eeeeeeewwwwww..."
  602. "i remembered.... i really did. but then i forgot."
  603. "damn, sherri, u've got so much f-ckin patience!" "huh? wat makes u say that?" "if i were u, id be throwing fits and killing my computer every day..." "*sigh*. well, welcome to my world..."
  604. "hey, i got a postcard from grace today." "really? i feel so unspecial now." [five mins later] "OMG GUESS WAT?" "wat?" I JUST GOT A POSTCARD FROM GRACE!!!" "u did too????" "yep. so who's unspecial now???"
  605. jsd115: "abcdefghijklmnopqurstuvwxyz"
    aznPryncess02: "........ u've got an extra 'u' in there somewhere." [pause]
    jsd115: "TYPO....."
    aznPryncess02: "ha. yeah, right...."
  606. ppl are constantly asking.... "sherri, how the HELL did you get into the magnet?!?!"
  607. "i'll tell u in ten minutes." "okay..... well 3 of 'em r up." [2 minutes later] "three? huh? oh. minutes?"
  608. ohh chek it out, me and my amazing alphabet skilz:
    jsd115: "sup?"
    aznPryncess02: "hey, does 'i' come before or after 'j'?"
    jsd115: "sherri, did u fail kindergarten?"
  609. "break it to him nicely...." "huh? like how?" "hm.... say something like, 'look, ur a little late, i've soooo moved on, and get a life.' how's that?" "um.... screw the nice part, rite?"
  610. "if u need money, bet against sherri. u could quit ur day job and be rich."
  611. "she's back from china... i'll betcha she'll call u first." "nuh-uh, she'll call either u or selma first. she's got her priorities.... and im third." "oh, i c how it is..."
  612. barbara: "are my hands cold?"
    sherri: "ye-OWWWWWWWWWW... did someone just slip ice down my back?"
    barbara: " that was my hand..."
  613. "damn i need a pad." "get
  614. damn, its a miracle i passed science 7th grade.... LoL... read:
    jsd115: "she's acting no different than ******"
    piscesSwtie: "maybe it's a gene-thing"
    piscesSwtie: "like... in the x or y chromosome"
    piscesSwtie: "u kno, with all gone from the quarter machine in the bathroom..." "okay, lessee.... they've got advil, tampons, some more tylenol, some napkins... CANDY... TEMPORARY TATTOOS..... but NO PADS..." *sigh*. lakeforest sux.
  615. "aw shit, im losing brain cells by the second here..." "awwww.." "well, not like i need 'em, anyways." "sure ya do... i mean, it takes a lot of brain power to decide: left hook to the jaw or right knee to the balls...." "LOL.."
  616. irls?"
    jsd115: "uhh... girls don't have a y chromosome..."
    jsd115: "unless they're guys"
    piscesSwtie: "oh shuddup"
    jsd115: "had to correct u there"
    piscesSwtie: "LoL"
    piscesSwtie: "shush"
    piscesSwtie: "i knew taht"
  617. "where're we gonna eat? taco bell?" "um... how about .... wtf, 'pauli's weiners'????!?!?" "... geez. wonder what they sell there...."
  618. jsd115: "i got the sound working today"
    jsd115: "aren't u proud of me?"
    piscesSwtie: "yep"
    piscesSwtie: "u go girl"
    jsd115: "hey"
    piscesSwtie: "i mean, boy"
  619. "u get third, i get fourth place." "eeew.. i dont want the bronze medal...." "why not?" "cuz the copper looks prettier..."
  620. "larry needs to talk to you....." "fuck you."
  621. "slow rubber, slow blade, slow feet, slow mind." "..... huh?" "*sigh*. never mind."
  622. "where's my drink? and my jacket? and my FOOD?" "wherever wei is."
  623. "sherri, um.. ive got a question... what's a slut??" [long pause] "okay, WHO CALLED ME A SLUT??" "ummmm...never mind."
  624. "u kno how they say love's a merry little elf thats gonna turn on u with a machine gun?" "mmhm?yeah?" "well, wheres my machine gun?" [silence] "which one u gonna kill first, mike or adam?"
  625. "yeah well he wuz sitting w/ his head on his knees.." "oh eeew he wuz sucking himself!!!?" "OHH GROSS i did not need 2 hear that!!!!"
  626. "omg sherri... it's ****!" "back.... away.... slowly...."
  627. grocery shopping 4 gatorade: "excuse me, sir, but where can i find Gatorade?" "right in front of u." "damn i so knew dat..."
  628. scarring the poor boy for life at Wet Seal: "grace, we did it again..." "what, u scarred another poor little boy again?!"
  629. "im not seeing ne guys!!" "umm. juss check the food court." [pause] "why the food court?" "think a/b it:"
  630. *zap* "OMG the CD juss broke!" "nah, thats juss part of the song." *scratch scratch scratch* "that too?" [long pause] "uhh i hope so..."
  631. "hey, do we have exams?" "we betta not.." "wait, is that a yes or a no?" "that means, i dun got a clue...."
  632. "OHH LOOKIE.... we're back in MD!" "how can u tell?" "... by the big sign that says WELCOME TO MARYLAND..." "ohhhhh,right. i knew dat too."
  633. "briarfield road... briarfield road..... im not seeing it.." "u said it wuz supposed 2 be like 1.4 miles down Jefferson Ave..>" "u sure?" "yeah, positive." [5 mins later] "lets turn back, cuz i think we missed it." "um, barbara?" "yeah?" "u kno how i kinda said it wuz like 1.4 miles?" "yeah, why?" "well um i meant 7 miles..."
  634. things to learn: never drink a frappacino b4 driving 3-1/2 hours to someplace u havent been 2 since '98... chances r, ur gonna (a) get lost; and (b) get carsick doing it.
  635. "I'm going to tear the rubber, I'm going to tear the rubber! I'M GOING TO TEAR THE RUBBER!!!! (2 seconds later) MAN!!! i tore the rubber!"
  636. "LOOKIE! your head made a nice GROVE in my pillow!"
  637. "these sauseges taste kinda...mushy?"
  638. "thats a HELLUVALOT of pancakes!!!! ALOT of pancakes"
  639. "this waffle tastes REALLY looks like a pie..."
  640. "(3rd game 15 all ) " YES! i made it to 15 all!!!! YAY! 16,17,18, uh...i better get a point soon 19, i BETTER GET A POINT soon...20-15...uh...this sucks she just got 5 nets in a row. It's NOT possible for her to get 6 in a row...(she serves) i pop it up, i run really far back to counter it...and she taps hits the net! DARN IT!"
  641. sherri cursing at the grass: ")!@)(^(*&$^(*!&!(%*&(!*& THIS!!!!!!!"
  642. "is she mad at me?" "well wat do u think? she's not talkin 2 u..." "well I wuz kinda hoping like she wuz kidding..." "she's GIVING u the silent treatment. now dats HARSH... from barbara..." "y she pist ne wayz?" "lessee. first she lost 2 rita. u rubbed it in. then u rubbed it in again. then u stuck stickers on her. by then u shoulda been able 2 tell she wasnt gonna talk 2 u ne more, so she ripped up the stickers." [long pause] "well?" "now WHY is she pist again?"
  643. "sherri?" "yeah?" "wats that... pink btwn the shoe rack?" "hmm? what? i dun see it." "that... that thing rite dere..." "OMG, wut the HELL is THAT? eewwwwwww... wats it say?" [pause] "its a thong."
  644. "The Rules for Love & Relationships" <-- I NEED THAT BOOK. period.
  645. "u kno yao, rite?" "uh which one?" "yao xu." "ohhhh.... that one... the one who follows u around all the time?" "yup. that's the one. unfortunately."
  646. han beats mark hazinski 24-22 and loses 21-4 and 21-6 the next two games. unanimous crowd reaction: "awwwwww..."
  647. "will yao... um... zooo.... please come to the control desk, yao zooooo.." "ITS XU, not ZOOOO!!!"
  648. "everyone... LOOKIE! its 19 all in the third w/ sherri and dana!" "ohhhh wow..." [silence]... (sherri loses the next two points). "IT WAS THE PRESSURE!!!"
  649. poor barbara: "im not gonna listen 2 w/e han or wei is gonna say..." *plugs her ears* next thing she hears is, wei: "and it goes CRUNCH..." barbara: "what goes crunch?" [loooong pause] wei: "uh... your butt?"
  650. "im looking 4 room 299.... lessee... theres 189 and 278.." "um.. i dun think theres even a 299..." [after 10 mins of futile wandering around the whole hotel] "OMG! look I FOUND IT!!" *knock* *knock* "hey doesnt that door have a DO NOT DISTURB sign?" "well yeah.. but they wont mind." [2 secs later] "OMG... CRAP... ahhhh! its room 199, not 299!!!!!!" [silence] "BOLT FOR IT... RUUUUUUNNNNNN!!"
  651. my mom lokin 4 a mall: "wait... isnt it that exit?" "no... i think its south of us." "i went south." "um, no, u went east." "oh. whoops."
  652. my first words coming into the damn mall: "hey sell BRAS?"
  653. convo at dinner table: observe...
    kathy: "wut u guys wanna talk bout?"
    sherri: "dunno."
    kathy: "wut bout u, Barbie?"
    barbara: "um... hey, have u guys ever got hit by a car?"
    kathy: "um, actually... yeah..."
    barbara: "how?"
    kathy: "uh... it juss kinda... hit me. we were crossing the street and the tire juss kinda rolled over my foot... i thought it wuz my friend at first, but it turned out it wasnt.."
    kathy: "Barbie, howd u get hit by a car?"
    barbara: "well i wuz at this um... shop, i think, in the middle of nowhere, and the bus wuz startin 2 leave so i sprinted out of the store and onto the street and kinda got hit by a car."
    sherri: "well, did u catch the bus?"
    [long pause]
    barbara: "um....dont remember..."
    kathy: "well how bout u, sherri? ever got hit by a car?"
    sherri: "um... no... but im startin 2 think that mebbe i should have..."
    barbara: "well, we survived. u should too, when u get hit."
    sherri: "wut u mean, WHEN?!?!??!!"
  654. "hey sherri, u gonna finish those fries?" "what?" "well... r u?" [long pause] "u kno wat, martin?" "wut?" "dont ever take a girl on a dinner date. stick to movies and popcorn, aiite?" "uh y? and r u gonna ever finish those fries????
  655. flinging fried rice at the mall: "take this... and this... and that..." "oh eew! theres a mushroom in my ketchup..."
  656. "linden, wheres ur wallet?" "umm... i... AW CRUD!!" "wut?" "I THREW IT AWAY!!" "smart... wait, wat the hell r u doing now?" [digging thru the trash can] "wut do u think im doing? IM GETTING IT BACK!!"
  657. cheng (my coach) giving one of his infamous lectures to han in his limited English... "why you like girl so much? you talk to girl too much... dont talk to girl." apparently he has no respect for the teenage males shooting past puberty.... *cough* testosterone *cough* (lol jueli)
  658. ice cubes. cold ice cubes. FREAKIN cold ice cubes.
  659. "pour some water down my back" "r u sure?" "yeah just do it" "okay.......if u say so..." "see im so used 2 it!" [1 sec later] "HOLY SHIIIIZ thats FRICKIN COLD..." "ur so used to it, eh?"
  660. coming out of the hotel door, we ran rite into some guy holding a microphone... him: "so tell us, wat did u think of the show?" me: "what show?"
  661. cheng upon seeing a britney spears poster: "who that?" *chuckle* "girlfriend?" (damn even confucious coulda done better...)
  662. sleeping on the couch: "DAMN IT, wei, scoot OVER" "no... u scoot over..." "NO... *shove* move ur ASS..." "MAKE ME!" "screw u!" "SHUT UP!" "u shut up and MOVE OVER!" "i cant, ur taking up all the freaking room.." "oh shuddup!!!" and watching from the sidelines, roger comments: "*sigh*. like one big happy family."
  663. yeash. and the poor girl needed stitches too! "wei, u cut me --" "barbara, wtf! i did NOT cut u. YOU cut u." "yeah, but YOU made ME cut me." "did not! how?" "well lessee if i remember this rite: chasing me down an extremely steep hill bordered with concrete, watching me fall down the hill, waiting so considerately until i'd actually stopped skidding and had practically bled to death to dump eight oz of water on me. oh yeah, and then screeching bloody murder at the slightest sight of blood... and it wuz my blood 2..." [silence] "oh. oops. is that it?"
  664. barbara and her 'tactfulness': "hey, wei, IM GONNA KILL YOU." "OMG wut the HECK!?!?!?!?!"
  665. "oh yeah, i 4got 2 remind u... ive got a really low blood count (1500) compared 2 the average 7000. do u kno wut that means?" "uhh... not really..." "it means taht i coulda bled 2 death. cuz of u. u coulda killed me." "whoooooa... really?" "yup. wut do u hafta say 4 urself?" "TIIIIIIITE!!!" [takes one look at her face] "OHHH i meant UN-tite... like, um, kidna like... uh... yay?" *whispers to him* "wrong answer..."
  666. piscesSwtie: tell gary 2 talk 2 meeh!
    Qyootpyy098: sure, no prob
    piscesSwtie: thx~~
    [2 mins later]
    Qyootpyy098: uh, sher?
    piscesSwtie: wut?
    Qyootpyy098: he wont talk 2 me either...
    piscesSwtie: lol, join the club.
  667. chek ur aim, hon... "OUCH who threw that French fry at me?!?!?!?!" wei: "huh? i dunno...*cough* *cough*..." "wei!! yeah rite, u threw it dint u..." [barbara aims at wei, and a second later, we hear: "OMG OOPS!!!! IM SO SORRY, COACH... I REALLY DIDNT MEAN TO HIT YOU...."
  668. here's a quote for matt (from french class... THE BARMAK *shudder*...): "Where are her breasts?... BETWEEN HER KNEES?.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW......."
  669. and matt again.... "sherri, what color is your black hair?" "shuddup." "OHHH you dont kno now, do you?....." *dum *dum *dum.... "SHUDDUP!!!!!"
  670. "omg, she finally signed my yearbook!" "oh, and lookie here -- she spelled your name wrong too!"
  671. *ring* *ring* *ring*... "Hello?" "hey, its sherri --" "i kno." "howd u kno it wuz me?" "cuz... ive got caller ID." "DAMN YOU...." *click*. [long pause] *ring* *ring* *ring* "Hello?" "Yeah, did u just hang up on me?"
  672. "actually, he's not that bad.... for an racist..."
  673. "i am so over him." "uhhhh-huh. just like u were *so* over drew, rite?" "right, exactly." [5 mins later] "hey grace, wutd u mean when u said 'just like i wuz so over drew'?" *SIGH* "um never mind..."
  674. "how many shirts did u buy?" "hmm... lesse. about... 6. yeah, that's it. six." "YOU GOT SIX SHIRTS?" "yeah... why?" "DAMN GURL, THATS LIKE YOUR WHOLE SUMMER WARDROBE RITE THERE!" "yeah i kno... sad isn't it, and all for $40 bucks too..."
  675. "u kno wats gay?" "besides mike?" "yeah.... besides him...."
  676. "i didnt mind the 'fuck off', but ---" "no, no no, correction: i said 'fuck you', not 'fuck off.' see the difference? now, one was aimed directly at you, and the other wuz not." "uhhhh......" "okay now. continue."
  677. "he's gay, dont worry bout him." "i kNO he's gay, but stil......"
  678. jeff's mom: "who were u talking to last night at midnight?"
    jeff: "jueli"
    jeff's mom: "i'd prefer if instead of being up and talking, if u two were in bed"
    [30 sec pause]
    jeff's mom: "separately that is"
  679. pillow fighting.... girls nite out, rite? LOL... and i didnt mean 2 hit u that hard on the head, grace...... not really.......
  680. "i love the pillow on your head"
  681. *BANG HEAD HERE* ::crash::.. "oops... did i miss?" LoL gracie and me, we've got the aiming skilz...
  682. playing monopoly w/ grace is fun: observe.... "aw man... i got into jail!" [2 mins later] "AW SHIT... i got into jail AGAIn..." [2 mins later] "OMG NOT AGAIN...." dang. i think she's just got a knack for it or soemthing.......
  683. abby's prowess at eating ice cream... abby: "damn this ice cream's good!" *drip* *drip* *drip* sherri: "yeah it looks great on ur new DRY-CLEAN ONLY pants too!" abby: "OH MY GOD.... NOOOOOO......."
  684. "hey lets go for a nice slow run..." *pant* *wheeze* *gasp* "oh my friggin god that was NOT a 'nice slow run'!!!!" "what are you talking about?!" "A FIVE AND A HALF MINUTE MILE?????????"
  685. sherri: "its a tribute to mister rogers" [long pause] grace: "hey, is mister rogers dead yet?"
  686. "hey, greg, are you mad at me?" "um..... no." "are you sure?" ".... yeah." "so youre like, NOT mad at me?" ".....nope." "seirously?" "...yeah." "what about jueli?" "jueli?" "are you mad at her?" ".....nope." <--- so much for my madd convo skilz again.... kickin in juss at the rite time, rite?
  687. "hey." "grace, say something." "i just said something." "whatd you say?" "hey!" "oh. sorry. i just missed it, that's all...."
  688. "sherri, am i boring you?" [pause] "..*yawn*... huh?"
  689. "oH mY gOD!!!!!!" "what/" "i juss figured out that ALL the guys ive ever gone out w/ have FOUR LETTER NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" [long pause] "am i detecting a trend here?"
  690. sherri: "grace, pick up the extension from my room." grace: *fumble* *fumble* *crash* ".... uhhh.... sherri?.... how the hell am i supposed to use this thing????" sherri: "its a HEADSET." [10 secs later] "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...."
  691. "ever heard of the song 'superman'?" "no." "by five for fight?" "no." "five for fightING?" "no." "hm. i think im sensing another pattern here...."
  692. "hey, isn't zorn, like, the BIGGEST dork from easterN??" "um.... he's actually my best friend." [looong pause while sherri finishes laughing at the poor guy] "oh. sorry......." *hahahahahahhaahah*....
  693. "wow. i do an afterskol activity..>" "what/" "u dun wanna kno..." "WHAT tell us.." "um. golf team."
  694. mr bundy break-dancing: "hey, mr donaldson, have u seen my CD?" "um, no what did it look like?" "erm... it was a CD... and it had the words BREAKDANCING written on it." (side note: mr bundy was dressed up as Santa Claus last year by his freshmen class and barely ne one could tell the difference) LOLOLOLOL....
  695. "hey, grace, i gotta go. can i call u bak in like, 5 mins?" "uhhh sure, y?" "um.... lets just say.... NATURE CALLS....."
  696. calling jueli and calling gracea and dayna calling in....... no wonder the line was busy the whole time.....
  697. "aw eeewww what is the COLOR of her DRESSS???" "i dunno. green?" "uh, how about PUKE green?"
  698. "OH MY GOD GRACE!!!!!" "what what?" "she's got a BUTTON unbuttoned!" "oh. wow... s/c..." "NO BUT ITS DOWN BY HER BUTT!!!!!!!!" "OH MY FREAKING GOD, ISNT THAT LIKE ILLEGAL OR SOMETHIGN?" "i dunno, but if it isn't IT SHOULD BE......."
  699. "i think ur the eraser person now." "oh great. 'eraser lady.' suits me well, eh?"
  700. "d'ya think she's pregnant?" "hm. i dunno. looks kinda like it, tho, doesn't it?" "hellz yeah..."
  701. out of the blue, grace: "hey, u kno what?" sherri: "what?" grace: "can u imagine bush breakdancing?" [silence] sherri: "um... grace?" (shhh... i think her fantasies are catching up w/ her...... LOL.... jp!)
  702. "shh... DORKUS MAXIMUS on the loose..."
  703. "oh gross, her butt's too big to fit on my floor.... and the sleeping bag? girl, dont even go THERE..."
  704. *clump*. "hi sherri." <-- LoL rennie, remember?
  705. yichen: "i dont like him." "yes u do." "no i dont." "yes u do."..... etc.
  706. "he was wearing a BOB DYLAN t-shirt today... canu believe it?" "um sure.... oohhhhh guess what i had for lunch today?" "uhh... bob dylan?"
  707. dan freaking out over being late to GYM class.. LOL!!!
  708. "what, r u gonna give up on brownies now?" "sure, why the heck not. cake, brownies, cookies.... s'awll good..."
  709. "pass me my clamp." "um, sherri?" "yeah?" "its kinda... stuck to like, the paper."
  710. aznPryncess02: "oh really?"
    aznPryncess02: "i never knew that......."
    aznPryncess02: "gee im deprived"
    kirby9587: "lol"
    kirby9587: "sex deprived?"
    aznPryncess02: "LOL"
    aznPryncess02: "that too..... jp"
  711. "ohh u hafta taste my chocolate cake! ill bring sum 2morrow 4 lunch.." "um, sherri, REALITY check, we dont have lunch 2gether." "oh... well. who cares?" "so, what, r u gonna pass it to me between physics and computers in the halls?" "yeah, ina little brown bag..."
  712. "goood lord what is UP w/ her accent?" "i dunno, what accent?" "LISTEN TO HER: 'parCE qUE....'..." "okay, okay. so its kidna funky...."
  713. sherri: "how's R&E class?" grace: "its good. u kno how we've got our two wooden blocks that r suposed 2 be our 2 best friends?" sherri: "yesh?" grace: "well.. ive got 3 best friends now. ana's got 4, and richard has 5. see, we're getting increasingly popular now..." LOL!!!!! such madd skillage, grace!
  714. jeff~~ STOP DRIVING ME CRAZY: every other minute: "hey sherri, ive got another idea for ur site..." sherri: "here's an idea: MAKE UR OWN SITE......"
  715. "omg, its madame chessLER and shes got a NEW slit in her NEW ugh-LY dress!.. .and u dun even WANNA kno wut color it is......" lol, grace & rennie, keeping me up to date in the hospital hehe..
  716. "hey when ur in the hospital, um... i'll come visit u, okiez?" "aww thanks. thats so sweet of u!" ".... but, erm, sherri?" "yeah?" "how do u get to jhopkin's using public transportation?" "uhhh dunno, y?" "well, see, id drive myself but then id kinda end up in a tree......"
  717. "it's the stupid things that count...-- DOH!!!!!!! i meant its the THOUGHT that counts!!!! yeah... i did!!!!"
  718. "okiez, lets make cookies." "72 of theM?" "uhhhh h sure, y not?..."
  719. "oh my freakin god, shes so STUPID! she put TWO 'p's on DR.MRS.VANDERTRAMPP!!!" "haha really?" "yeah. god. can u GET any stupider?" "well, um, grace?" "Yeah?" "there are two 'P's at the end of DR.MRS.VANDERTRAMPP...." "ohhh..... DOH!!!!!"
  720. jeff in his cluelessness: "hey, how do u spell d'oh? is it do'h? or 'doh? or d'oh?..."
  721. aznPryncess02: "WHERE DID MY QUOTES GO"
    aznPryncess02: "?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
    aznPryncess02: "JEFFF"
    aznPryncess02: "WHERE DID THEY GO"
    aznPryncess02: "I CANT EDIT THEM!!!!!"
    jsd115: "go to the quotes folder"
    aznPryncess02: "oh."
    aznPryncess02: "there's a folder?"
    jsd115: and open index.html"
    aznPryncess02: "oh."
    aznPryncess02: "oh."
    jsd115: "hehe"
    aznPryncess02: "LOL."
    aznPryncess02: "okay."
    aznPryncess02: "i so knew that."
    jsd115: "riiiight"
    aznPryncess02: "yup"
    aznPryncess02: "im juss so smart like that"
    jsd115: "definitely ;-)"
  722. [on tape:] "operation eliminate sherri goes into effect tomorrow...." "u kno waht? dan sounds REALLLLy weird on tape." "HAHA dont we ALL?"
  723. "sherri girl, i love ya, donchu ever 4get it!" "aww grace, i love ya too babe..." [turns and looks at renee...] "(backing away...)ohhh no... im not goin there...."
  724. "aoh! sherri! renee doesnt wanna be part of our love triangle!!!! i feel so offended!" "well no, its juss taht i dont wanna be part of ne thing... inappropriate..." "OH! would u listen to taht! now shes calling our love INAPPROPRIATE!!!!"
  725. grace sees plate, grace breaks plate. repeat.
  726. "omg, i hate that woman." "aw it cant be that bad..." "she's like a frickin evil version of mrs belt!" "whats wrong w/ mrs belt?" "okay, mrs. belt was just clueless. that woman is.... ugh. lets not go there."
  727. "yeah. u kno its bad when u hate her so much taht you MISS MR OSTRANDER>...."
  728. "ARGH! i hate him!" "aw c'mon. three words, babe: guys.... are.... clueless."
  729. "ohhh ive got another 3-word fact of life! ****'s a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!" "that's four words."
  730. "GRAMMA COMIN THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  731. "he's pissing me off." "hon, use the walker." "HAHAHA id feel like some evil psycho bitch like *********." "aww why? ******* doesnt have a walker.... she's not cool enough. only cool ppl have walkers." "oh yeah, like me."
  732. on tape, dan: "oh my GOD brad, put some PANTS ON!!!!!!!!" brad: "welcome to teh boy's locker room."
  733. jessica: "ive got an idea.... but can i use the board?" julia (whispering): "i think she just wants an excuse to write on the board...."
  734. grace: "so whats up. im bored. see, this is my life. im bored."
  735. physics, "and then the dart hits the monkey." ppl arguing: "but even if the dart HITs the monkey..." "well the dart wouldnt hit the monkey.." [continues inaudibly for some time] dan: "and then the conversation turns dorky."
  736. "we have gathered here today, the 23 smartest people in the science world." "uhhh somehow i dont think i belong here anymore....."
  737. "dreams are a beautiful thing." "aww... what are you dreaming about?" "ohh, um.. food. crispy m&m's..."
  738. "some animals are stupid. like, turkeys are rumored to be sooo stupid that they have trouble reproducing." "....and that would explain why there are so many of them around?"
  739. back to the turkeys... "they need man-help in reproducing." mr. donaldson: "ohhh boy, what a job..."
  740. hey guys, listen up, heres some nice advice...
    MisterSkipper: so what do you like?
    aznPryncess02: chocolate
    MisterSkipper: don't all women like chocolate?
    aznPryncess02: yes.
    aznPryncess02: think love, think chocolate.
    aznPryncess02: keep that in mind.
    MisterSkipper: ...
    MisterSkipper: so if i wanna get with some hot babe, i bring along chocolate?
    aznPryncess02: haha
    aznPryncess02: yeah.
    aznPryncess02: stick it up your pants
    MisterSkipper: woah, ok
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    MisterSkipper: but wouldn't it look a tad off the norm?
    aznPryncess02: oh just a tad
    aznPryncess02: dont worry about that
    MisterSkipper: i mean, having some heart shaped thingy bulging out of your pants...
    MisterSkipper: well, it just doesn't happy every day
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    aznPryncess02: HAHA
  741. "lil orphan annie.... poor little girl, deprived and orphaned like three hundred frickin times...." "hmm... mebbe its the tumor in her head..."
  742. "omg, look at her website. 'oopies?'?? does she think she's soooo kol now cuz she says 'oopies?'??" "haha.... u mean more like, 'oopies, i just whacked you over the head with my brownie pan...but dont worrie, ur still a GREAAAT guy."
  743. our madd french skilz... "u hafta use verbes conjugated with avoir, not etre." "ohhh man, so how r we supposed 2 say 'go?'? like, 'i go to the mall?'" "uhhh... i... um..... skipped to the mall?"
  744. "SHE FARTED TO THE MALL!!!" "oh my god. that was so immature."
  745. "shoutouts: bob, ur a great guy. bill ur a sweet guy. dan ur such a nice guy. ken ur a great guy. ur the best guy...." "god, ud think she'd at least demonstrate *SOME* creativity...." "ohh look, u wanna guess teh one she wrote for mike?" "um... lessee... 'IM A STUPID GIRL, UR A GREAT GUY?'"
  746. going down to lunch wit my crutches, i get stopped by will and nick.
    grabbing the crutches
    "hey! i want those back!"
    will and nick hobbling off with my crutches
    "i need those to get back 2 my seat!... sure, just leave me stranded...."
    [long pause]
    "um... guys? GUYS? HELLO???"
  747. dan during physics: *jabs me with my crutch* sherri crumples to the floor in pain dan: "OH MY GOD!!! IM SO SORRY!!!!!! I WAS AIMING FOR YOUR STOMACH!!!!!"
  748. "ahhh the damn elevator door is closing!" "oh dont worry, u've still got what, three minutes to make it out there." *bell rings* "...okay. um, did i say three minutes?"
  749. "hey grace, high five..." *slap* "OOWWWW!"
  750. mme chessler comes in with that new gray dress.... everyone whispers, "oh my god, its another new dress...."
  751. during lunch, will (to brad): "u kno, u look like ur brother. only, u kno, he's more, like, manly than u are."

  752. brad: *shoots dirty look at will*
    me: "u kno he has a sister too, rite?"
    yich: "and she's more manly too...."
    much violence ensues
    yich (under attack, attempting to patch things up): "only because she's cantonese!!!"
  753. will (to yich): "imma hit u if u say ne thing bad a/b azns..."
    yich: "but i'm azn!"
    [will whacks yich over the head]
  754. "agh!!! FOUR LETTERS!" "no no no... jeremy.... keith... johnny..." "yeah, tahts why i didnt like them so much..." "oh. um... paul -- uh... paulll? that makes like six letters, right?"
  755. "hello?" "hi is renee therE?" "shes in teh bathroom." *click*. "oh. thanks...?"
  756. jessica (to dan): "I WANT A DIVORCE!!!!!!!" dan (looking scared): "...we were married?"
  757. "hello?" "hey girl... uve got sum1 on the other line, dont u?" [silence] "DAMN UR GOOD....."
  759. "a chinese drum..... u kno, like where they have the animal skin stretched across teh front..." "ohh hh eeeeeewwww thats just soo inhumane!" "well, what would you use?!?!" [long pause] "um."
  760. "...and I gaze deeply... in great anticipation... as psychogenic... lacrimation?!?!?! WHAT THE HELL??"
  761. "wah!" "what?" "i need a hug...." "why?" "CUZ NO ONE IN THIS STUPID SCHOOL GIVES ME HUGS!!!"
  762. "have u talked 2 ur secret love 2day?" "nope." "why not?" "cuz... its secret..."
  763. "ohhh ohhh hold up wait one sec can i call u back?" "whos on the other line?" "my husband" "oh o-- wait your WHATTT???"
  764. yet ANOTHER example of dan's ... STUPIDNESS....
    coolguydc8: or fling yourself at him and say "i want your sexy body"
    aznPryncess02: lol
    aznPryncess02: honestly, dan
    coolguydc8: hmm
    coolguydc8: you cant fling can you
  765. caution: applesauce and guys do not mix. think: backpacks smothered in applesauce and will and brad arguin, "IT WASNT ME!" "U DID IT FIRST!" "U ASS!" "BASTARD!!" "IDIOT!" ... etc. etc. etc.
  766. "today's THE day!" "waht day?" "THE day!!" "okay. 'the' day for what?" "the day for THE DAY!!!" "uhh.... am i the only one here who notices that we're kinda GOING IN CIRCLES????"
  767. at lunch, tim's standing up and nick's sitting down rite in front of him (eating, of course). tim: "hey where'd nick go?" nick: "HELLO!?!?!?!?"
  768. me (to will): "go talk 2 tencia. she's ur girl.." will: "no, she's not my girl... not really... she's MEAN to me!" me: "so then who's ur girl?" paul: "IM HIS GIRL!!!!!"
  769. ...which brings us to, "COUPLES $18!" "ohh yay u save a whole dollar on that ticket..." "hey, what if ur in a three-some?"
  770. mr. donaldson: "has anyone seen tencia and theresa?" me: "they were rite behind me as we were walkin in the halls..>" mr. donaldson: "oh, and u kno how fast sherri is... just left them in teh dust, eh?"
  771. "my dog turns one soon!" "well, yich's dog....." "UGH DONT GO THERE..."
  772. nick: "OHHHHH!!!!! FOOD!!!!!!!!"
  773. dan: "OHHHHH!!!!! MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!"
  774. yich: "OHHHHH!!!!! A GUY!!!!!!!" (juss playin yich... u kno we love ya...)
  775. "mr. herrmann is SUCH an ASS!" "haha, well wut can u do.." "i'd LIKE 2 juss stick this crutch up his ass..." "ohh boy, u'll be outta skol for a WHILE there..."
  776. "heads or tails?" "tails" "okay. now flip." "okay. LOL OH MY GOD IT LANDED ON ITS SIDE!!!!!!!"
  777. will: "like i said i dont HAVE a girl.. *pout*..." julia: "oh dont worry, we're ALL ur girls..." will: "nah, MYYY girl is.... RENEE!" renee (turning around): "wait, WHAT?"
  778. ms piper: "the next time we meet, i expect u to have these DONE." bill: "do we even meet next week?" ms piper: "bill, did u get the schedule?" bill: "yes..." ms. piper: " it..." [long pause while bill pulls out his planbook and reads] bill: "hmm... looking... looking... D'OH!" "what?" bill: "we've got class alrite... WEVE GOT DOUBLE PERIOD!!!!!!!!!"
  779. "we're making a hc float for blair... its gonna be on charlie and the chocolate factory..." "OHH CAN WE HAVE OOMPA LOOMPAS??" "*sigh*. yes, will. we can have oompa loompas. u can be one."
  780. "whats ur design?" "umm... well, how about *blah* *blah* *blah*.... (rattling off a bunch of bull...)" hersch: "oh my god. did u just get all taht off the top of ur head?" me: "yeah.. why?" hersch: "the true magnet skill: bullshitting ANYthing."
  781. nick: "hey i gotta go..." neal (holding nick's neck): "wait, lemme juss kil u first.."
  782. "hey isnt that jessica?" "no..... IM jessica..."
  783. "hi sherri, i thought u were tencia at first." "im on crutches." "ohh. right. well, whatever."
  784. "u are very sexy dont worry" [pause] "wait, this is sherri right?"
  785. dan (to jessica): "i'll make a bet with u that i wont tease u for... a week." everyone else: "*snort* YEAH RIGHT..."
  786. dan and jessica arguing during computers... bill: "oh my god will u two just quit it and shut up?"
  787. "good lord u look like osama bin laden..." "no i dont." *wraps head again* "i look ghetto."
  788. sherri, in the midst of walking thru the halls to the elevator (to kevin): "oh my GOD did i just leave my crutches in the physics room?!?!?"
  789. "OHHH JUICY!!! JUICY GOSSIP!! TELL ME!!" *dan proceeds to knock over every single piece of furniture in teh room in a 10 feet radius of hisself..... "OWWW... now that thats over with... now u can tell me..."
  790. at dinner... nick: "hey ashley ur going with meg, doesnt taht make u lesbo?" ashley: "well at least my date is eating with me...."
  791. "okay guys, ur gonna hafta move." "um, why?" "cuz i cant get to the other side of the table if u dont slide down..." "ehhh, y doncha jus climb under the table?" [long pause] "jueli, we're in a restaurant."
  792. at tara thai, abby and julia liebner leave, and then a minute later, dan leaves. tencia: "hey guys, all the white ppl left..."
  793. lida bringing a book 2 hc... GOOD LORD....
  794. tim: "lets play hide and seek... i'll hide ur crutches--" grabs them from me "--and u'll try 2 find them!"
  795. of which, must follow: "oy vey...."
  796. jansen and yicong: "OH MY GAWD COULD THOSE TWO BE ANY FURTHER APART?"
  797. tina: "glow sticks are tite." grace: "and that would explain why u've got one in ur mouth...?"
  798. my mother, and the stupid stupid stupid, stupid chair.
  799. my mother, DRIVING: "okay, we are almost there." *SCREECHING TIRES* "yeah, okay, we're almost there."
  800. "hey grace, u gotta slide on in. its 4 ppl in the back." "oh... butto squisho?"
  801. sneakin ID's in the back door 2 ppl who 4got them...
  802. will: "oh my god! they're freak-dancing in my breakdancing circle!!"
  803. "oh eew, get a room..." <== the things u see at blair's hc... *shudder*
  804. jueli, upon waking up the day after: "OH MY GOD, WAHT THE HELL DID I DO?" sherri (sympathizing, u can obviously tell..): "OH MY GOD, GIRL WHAT THE HELL DID U DO??"
  805. "what's wrong?" "..*gag* stink bomb... *gasp*..." "what?" [steps inside the gym] "OHHH GROSS.... IT STINKS LIKE SHIT IN THERE...."
  806. calling at 1 o'clock in the morning... my father: "who was that?" me: "oh, someone." my father: "who?" me: "*zzzzzz*....."
  807. "hey dan, where were u hiding 2day?" "oh rite behind u, only u cant see me.." "LOL LIKE MS CAPOZZI--" "--and her fat ass, yes, exactly..."
  808. me: "jeff, gimme a hug b4 u leave..." [jeff looks around and reluctantly bends down] jeff: "*grumble* now can i leave?"
  809. "hey how wuz chinese skol?" "it was sucky as usual, y?" "aww... and u kno y it sucked rite?" "um.. sure..." "cuz u kno, i wasnt there.... and u juss missed me so much..." "haha.. yeah....."
  810. at hc, grace is looking skeptically at will... grace (leaning over to me): "okay, sherri, i really cannot figure this out..." me: "what?" grace: "WHY, SHERRI, WHY?????"
  811. fillin in hearts in computers... "hey, why dont u put a name in that heart?" *blushes* "cuz... im no good w/ names..."
  812. "omg, there're JELLYFISH hanging from the ceiling..." julia: "okay, this is SO my favorite place now..."
  813. "omg, will wuz frantically looking for u!!!" "oh, really, why?" "well, rite after the stink bomb went off, he went lookin 4 u cuz u were on crutches.." "ahh." "yeah. remember sherri, when i asked u why?" "yeah?" "that's why..."
  814. jeff, u kno uve got the funniest typos.... HAHA!!
    jsd115: my bro is having a party
    aznPryncess02: kool
    jsd115: not cool
    jsd115: it means i'm suck in my room
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    jsd115: or giving out candy
    aznPryncess02: another bad typo!!!!
    jsd115: lol
    jsd115: stuck
    jsd115: lol
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    aznPryncess02: haha
    jsd115: i better not be sucking anything in my room!
    jsd115: especially cause i'm the only one in it..........
  815. yin, wearing bright yellow shorts.. "yin, honey, we need to have a little talk..."
  816. jueli: "aw man havent talked 2 u in a while.." me: "yeah.. i tried 2 talk 2 u thru will but i guess taht didnt work." jueli: "yeah, hes not as good at relaying messages between us as jeff is....." LoL how true!! jp!
  817. in physics, while discussing the angle and how it should be less than a certain number of degress... mr. donaldson: "what about.. 53? bill, do u like the number 53?" bill: "uhhhh.... suuuuure... yeah.." mr. donaldson (looking interested): "oh really? why do u like the number 53?" bill: "cuzz... it... um... cuz... it speaks to me???!!!"
  818. tencia, upon reaching the elevator: [punches the keyhole with her hand] "owww... okay, wrong button." [punches the elevator light with her hand] "OWWW... okay, wrong button again." [watches me stick the key into the keyhole] "OHHHHHHh.... thats waht thats there for..." "LOL!" "okay, so where the button?" "oyy..."
  819. buying chopsticks at claire's... lol guys..
  820. "its a girls nite out..." "aww. one guy wont matter much will it?"
  821. "u barely ate!" "i ate!" "whatd u eat?" "CHICKEN!" "u had like two pieces of chicken!" "NUH UH.. i had FOUR..."
  822. footprints on a range finder.. dan, bringing in a board with his footprints on it: "hey, check this out.." me: "um, why the hell does it have footprints on it?" dan: "oh, that? i just got annoyed with it, so i jumped on it..."
  823. speakin of range finders... oy, me and julia s-m: "hey look! we got ours to work... i think..." "okay, so whats the measurement?" "um.. lemme see.. if we cross-multiply..take the arc-tangent of this... add 40... then we get.... 134!!" "134?? 134 meters?? and how far away is the pole again?" "oh taht? 34 meters.." [long pause] "great, so we're only about 100 meters off.."
  824. dan comes up in the middle of our contemplating our 100 meters off... dan: "hey, r u guys sure ur rite?" us: "um.. why?" dan: "cuz it looks like ur measuring in centimeters..." [silence] us: "D'OH!!!!!!!"
  825. continuing... dan: "so where does that bring u?" me: "um... oh god. 1.34 meters." julia s-m: "ONE POINT THREE FOUR METERS?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" me: "um. no." julia: "u kno, that means we're only, oh, say, THIRTY TWO METERS OFF......."
  826. squishing into a little backseat car: we call it... "BUTTO SQUISHO!"
  827. "see that photo booth?" "yeah?" "its suposed 2 hold all 4 of us.." "uhhh god. butto squisho before i butto killo someone..."
  828. "OHH EEEWW THAT PICTURE TURNED OUT SO BAD!!!!!!" "oy... i dont even want a copy of that..." [sherri sticks a copy of it onto the photo booth] "AGHHH! SHERRI!!!!"
  829. "OH MY GOD i keep on seeing YELLOW SHIRTS. i hate azn guys in yellow shirts." "aw why?" "dont they kno it makes them look fobbish?"
  830. "wats up?" "im sitting here watching the same two squirrels go around and around the same stupid tree..." "ah. fun?" "oh yes. they dont seem to realize taht theyre both going in circles..." [pause] "fact of life: never try to outsmart the squirrels."
  831. grace: "ohh i'll be the squirrel!" abby: "and i'll be the tree!" me: "um... guys?"
  832. "renees arm popped out today." "again?"
  833. juggling clementines... me: "OHH LOOK I GOT IT!!" grace: "um, sherri, u kno jugglin involves letting go of the clementine..."
  834. "my mother doesnt buy clementines until they start going on sale for like $3.99 a crate." "aww, so u never eat clementines?" "nah, not really." "u wanna take some home?"
  835. "heres the saw." "um, sherri?" "yeah?" "dont u have, like,... a case or soemthing to put it in???" "why?" "CUZ ITS RELALY SHARP AND I DONT TRUST MSELF WITH IT!!"
  836. oh my god, gary... ur so stupid sometimes...
    fireaces14: ok now u r igorning
    aznPryncess02: SORRY
    aznPryncess02: ITS JUST
    fireaces14: i dunno even know what i did wrong
    aznPryncess02: i couldnt really care less
    aznPryncess02: about amanda
    aznPryncess02: and u
    aznPryncess02: like, as a couple
    aznPryncess02: i mean
    aznPryncess02: i care about u
    aznPryncess02: and i care about amanda
    aznPryncess02: but as to the whole idea of u and amanda...
    aznPryncess02: I DONT CARE
    fireaces14: u actually care about me????????????????
    aznPryncess02: oh my god
  837. "here draw an astronaut" [sherri draws on the board] "WHOA that is so not an astronaut..>" "wudduya mean?" "agh its ms counihan!!"
  838. barbara: "life sucks" me: "aw it cant be that bad..." barbara: "im allergic to chocolate." me: "oh... ouch."
  839. abby: "can i borrow sherri for a minute?" mr. donaldson: "oookay.. im giving u 8 minutes. no, wait, i'll give u an extra minute for crutching on over to the elevator."
  840. (talking about the comic, zits...) "do u like zits?" "oh my god, i LOVE zits!" "OH MY GOD ME TOO!!" "do u have giant zits too?" "omg YES! I LOVE GIANT ZITS!!!" julia's mom: " girls???"
  841. "that was mean! i oughta slap ur ass for it!" *slaps her face* "HEY!!!" "what, i warned u!" "BUT THAT WASNT MY ASS!!!!!" [silence] "oh. oops, sorry."
  842. me & abby: "here, hand me the heavier bridge please." *hands the bridge down* "okay, here we go..." [after testing....] us: "sorry, what was the weight again?" judge: "um... lemme check.... okay, 8.9 grams." [long pause] "OH MY GOD, YOU SWITCHED THE BRIDGES ON US!!!!!!!!"
  843. "its not me, its u." [long pause] "*WHAP* AWW SHIT I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!"
  844. mr. donaldson: "okay, here's the pelican..." dan: "what the hell? how is that a pelican??? it looks like a flying cow..." [long pause] "um. okay. i think i should just shuddup by now..."
  845. piscesSwtie: just like i respond to the word "cripple" now
    piscesSwtie: someone yells that down the hall and i turn around
    coolguydc8: haha
    coolguydc8: yeah i have the and "loser"
    coolguydc8: i respond
    piscesSwtie: LoL
    piscesSwtie: aw
    coolguydc8: hehe
    piscesSwtie: i wonder who responds to asshole
    coolguydc8: i can do that too
  846. me: "mr curran where are the screws?" mr. curran: "in the back room." [walkin into the back room] me: "hey is this where the screws are?" julia: "ohh u need screws now do you... dont worry, i'll let will know....."
  847. jueli does it again... [looking up at the sky] "OH MY GOD look at the kaws!" "um.. honey... those are crows..."
  848. aznPryncess02: how do u say horse again?
    Dewdrop087: cheval
    aznPryncess02: chapeau?
    Dewdrop087: thats hat...
  849. me: "will, wat do u want 4 xmas?" will: "uhhhh i dunno.. u dun hafta get me ne thing..." nichole: "..*WHACK*... YES SHE DOES... *SLAM*... now tell her what u want..."
  850. "uh, i cant see outta this eye." "which eye?" "my right eye.." "uhm... mebbe thats cuz its closed??"
  851. "how much longer till u'll be 'off crutches'?" "uh. define 'off'..."
  852. "here, go to my site." "okay, im there." "now click on random..." "wheres that?" [pause] "its the first word u see..." [another long pause] "OHHH... THAT one... *d'oh*!!!"
  853. "why are u squinting?" "cuz i lost a contact..." "whered u lose it?" "in the sink." "and u cant find it because...?" "cuz i lost it!!" *going in circles*
  854. randomly in the middle of a conversation at lunch... will: "OWWWW.... SOMEONE JUST GRABBED MY ASS!!!" neal: *snickering* "it was too tempting..."
  855. "get off his ass,.. its MINE!!"
  856. "...yeah, and neal had to stay up w/ ms piper.. *shudder*.." "aww... which neal?" "the short white one.." "...not helping..." "um... the one who eats lunch w/ u guys?" "...still not helping..." "...the ass happy one." "OHHHH THAT ONE!!"
  857. adam: "lookie, this is the best picture of meeh so far." [pause] me: "um. well then... i guess that says plenty 'nuff bout how good you look..."
  858. "whats up w/ that gay bandana?" "what gay banana?" "I SAID BANDANA, NOT BANANA!!"
  859. renee: "will is so preppy, good lord.." me: "he's not that preppy.." renee: "SHERRI... look at that outfit in the nautica section..." me: " what?" renee: "I NEARLY THOUGHT THAT THE MANNEQUIN WEARING IT WAS WILL!!!"
  860. saul and tencia acting out martian chronicles in english class... tencia: "[blah blah blah] and i want to meet that man..." saul: "oh, his name was nathanial york, and he came from Earth, and he told me that i was beautiful..." [pause] "whoaa wait, that was your line.."
  861. "aghh! how do i get mself outta this???" "...carefully.."
  862. jeff: "bunday block is soo the smartest block!" me: "...that explains why u've got ilya, then, i suppose?"
  863. mr donaldson: "ah, imagine how hard this would be if we were all limb-less... wed be like amoeba. only, id much rather be paramecium... [pause]... i hear they have a better sex life.." <--- ahh, wil he never cease to amaze us?
  864. "making out is an ART..." "uh huh. and whats ur tongue, the paintbrush?"
  865. "ahh!!! im gonna see him tomorrow.." *nichole swoons* "uh, hon.. its only monday... dont get too excited."
  866. "ahh!!! he kissed me goodbye..." *a collective awwwwww...* julia s-m: "AND I MISSED IT?!?!?!?? AHH!!"
  867. julia: "okay sherri. heres the thing, when ur about to do it, yell, okay?" me: "oh yeah, i can so totally see that.... bye i love you... JULIA, GET UR ASS OVER HER!!!...... hm. somehow i dont think that'll rub off real well.."
  868. "ur boyfriend nearly burnt up the whole school!!!!!"
  869. xmas shopping for dan.. "...*grumble*.. dammit, dan, why cant u jus celebrate xmas???.. *mutter*.. "
  870. ahhhh gary can be such a freakin idiot sometimes!!! observe:...
    aznPryncess02: because he's nice?
    aznPryncess02: i dunno *shrug*
    fireaces14: u dunt think i m nice
    aznPryncess02: i think ur nice
    fireaces14: no u dont
    fireaces14: just saying that to make me feel better
    aznPryncess02: no, i just think u can be an idiot
    fireaces14: i know
    fireaces14: well.. sherri
    fireaces14: i bet will is a lot quieter ' more intelgent than me
    aznPryncess02: hmm
    aznPryncess02: *pondering*
    aznPryncess02: HELL YES
  871. "boxers or pillow?" "boxers win... but only if u write a special note." "what kinda note?" "*shrug*... my advice expert here says any note.. as long as its horny..."
  872. "eeew. is that a pizza?" "uh, i guess so." "why does it have LEGS?" "...those are shrimp, honey..."
  873. after lunch.. hersch: "hey, sherri, can i borrow these crutches for 5th period?" <-- repeat process everyday...
  875. renee: "ohh, get him a pillow..." me: "it says 'MERRY CHRISTMAS', renee.." renee: "whats ur point?" me: "HE'S JEWISH!!!!!!"
  876. "here, hold my crutches for like, one sec." "uh. okay.. y?" "cuz i need to go upstairs to get somethign...." [long pause] ", sherri? doesnt that involve walking??" [from upstairs] "um yeah, whats ur point?"
  877. "what am i gonna get u for xmas???" "uhh. dunno.." "ohh i kno!! i'll get u boxers!!" "um...." "yeah!! so what size are u?" "uhh--" "...*snickering*..why dont i check for u?"
  878. at lunch... "anyone want candy?" "sure, what kind do u have?" "..'a bit o' honey', u want?" julia: "i'll betcha SHERRI wants a bit o' honey... WILL..."
  879. *rolls eyes*.. oh my GOD, does everything lead back to sex???
    fireaces14: i cant believe that i myonger than u
    fireaces14: i feel so much smaller
    fireaces14: y couldnt my mom have sex 4 months later
    aznPryncess02: oh. my. god.
  880. ahh. and here's another one...
    fireaces14: i guess i got allota work to do
    aznPryncess02: hm
    aznPryncess02: okay.
    fireaces14: not wtih u
    fireaces14: just myself
    aznPryncess02: why do u feel the need to EXPLAIN that?
  881. at one point in teh converstaion with grace... me: "ahh! grace help me!!" grace: "wahts the problem?" me: "i dont kno whether to give this to dan or um.. [pause] um... [another pause]... will.." grace: "um, okay sherri, i think the problem is more that u hafta say 'um' before 'will'.."
  882. "do u love him?" "of course i love him!" "then dump him." "WTF?!?!?!" "..*shrug*... it worked on another girl..." "well, im not STUPID..."
  883. aznPryncess02: didnt u say u had work to do/
    fireaces14: NOo
    fireaces14: noo
    fireaces14: well yea
    fireaces14: work on my conversations with gilrs
    aznPryncess02: ahh.
    aznPryncess02: that makes more sense.
    aznPryncess02: dont worrry, u just need 2 get out more.
    fireaces14: u mean outside
    aznPryncess02: oh my god. never mind.
  884. is it just me or is gary just... funny?...
    lilgrace28: you catch on to sarcasm real well.
    fireaces14: thx
    lilgrace28: must i repeat? you catch on to sarcasm REAL WELL.
    fireaces14: lol
    fireaces14: thx
    12 minutes later....
    fireaces14: wait
    fireaces14: wait
    fireaces14: that was a sarcasm
    fireaces14: i feel dumb again
  885. in computers, brad: "what if u dont have parents?" ms. piper: "what, were u, like, born in a test tube or something?" brad: "... maybe i was...." ms. piper: "ah! so ur genetically engineered.." julia: "that would explain a lotta things..."
  886. ms piper: "u kno, this is the loudest class out of all my classes this year... and ur the smallest too..." someone: "well thats cuz we've got 12 girls and 10 boys... more girls than boys, u kno..." me: "no, thats cuz we've got 12 girls and saul."
  887. xmas gift exchange (this is so not healthy): "aww!!! tahts so cute!!..." [pause] "um... but what is it?"
  888. lilgrace28: well, you had to get presents 4 how many ppl?
    lilgrace28: and he had to get presents
    aznPryncess02: HE GOT EVERYONE A PRESENT!!!
    aznPryncess02: *grumble* rich preppy white bastard...
    aznPryncess02: *grumble*
    aznPryncess02: ............only he's not white..
  889. dan (in a raspy voice): "hey, u guys wanna hear some macy gray? I TRY TA SAY GOOD BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE BUT I CHOKE...... TRY TA WALK AWAYYYYYYY FROM MY SORROWWWWWWW..." bill: "dude, thats what u sound like all the time..."
  890. reminscing a/b the good ole days *cough* *cough* ms counihan... "ahh!!! i remember when she would roll in her chair over to the whiteboard... and it was like a friggin tidal wave..... fat jus rolling like that...."
  891. dan impersonating tina turner.. "whats LOOOOVE got ta DO-WIT-IT gotta dooo wit it.... whats LOVE BUT A SEK-KAND HAND EMOOOOOOTION..."
  892. aznPryncess02: i got u chocolate
    aznPryncess02: but um
    bluDragen88: thats good
    aznPryncess02: lol
    bluDragen88: i mean... better than me who got you nothing
    aznPryncess02: loL
    aznPryncess02: well then i just get to feel special now dont i
    bluDragen88: yah
    bluDragen88: i'll get you a birthday present don't worry
    aznPryncess02: LoL
    bluDragen88: it wont be anything special
    aznPryncess02: my birthday isnt until
    aznPryncess02: um.
    aznPryncess02: march?
    aznPryncess02: yeah, march
    bluDragen88: 2?
    aznPryncess02: yeah yeah thats it
  893. "ahh. thats so much fat... u gotta watch ur choLEStorEL..." hahah... girls, we need to talk.
  894. downloading christina milian for magnet arts night: "ahhh!!! its almost done downloading!!" [5 minutes later] "how much longer?" "oh, it says its almost finished..." [25 minutes later] "um, grace?" "yeah?" "are u SURE u downloaded the song and not the WHOLE FRIGGIN ALBUM???"
  895. practicing 13 hours for a stupid stpuid stpuid dance... by the very end: "okay guys, only one more run.." *moans and groans ensue* [10 minutes later] "okay. now that we're all in position..."
  896. "renee, straighten ur arms!!" *JAB* "NOT THAT FAR!!"
  897. "okay, stretch ur arms behind u." *pause* "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.... okay, yeah, ur right. that does look funny."
  898. "be careful sherri, its really hard to tape it so that u can see everyone." sherri videotaping the dance: "hey, this isnt so bad!" [formation splits off into four different corners of the room] "HOoooOooo boy... never mind."
  899. of which must follow... "nice pole, sherri." "hey, its not my fault u disappeared behind it!"
  900. next morning after practice: "OWWWWWWW ARE YA'LL AS SORE AS I AM?!??!?!?"
  901. somehow i think he doubts me.... lol...
    rongxu85: u can dance
    rongxu85: yet u cant play ping pong?
  902. "hey, at least u could get out of bed." "haha, says who?"
  903. [kendra smashing my poor little teddy bear] *30 seconds later* "oh, and i kno, i was like totally lik-- KENDRAAAA!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! THATS MY TEDDY BEAR!!!!!!" kendra: "my GOD, it took you long enough to realize what i was doing..."
  904. "okay guys ONE MORE RUN THRU THE DANCE!!!!" [turns music on] "AGHHHHH NOT AGAIN!!!"
  905. "does ur ass hurt? mine does. my ass really hurts." "thanks for sharing." "what? my ass really does hurt!" " i noticed."
  906. "u kno u guys we might not have enough time to finish... we might hafta work thru lunch & dinner..." kendra: *squawk of protest* "WHAT??!??! GIRL U ARE NOT DEPRIVING ME OF MY LUNCH OR DINNER!!!!!"
  907. "is that before or after the first two eight-counts?" "i dunno. i think it goes to the next five eight-counts." [pause] "how long until our next break?" [pause] "twenty-three more eight-counts and we'll be there."
  908. "i cant dance w/o that!" "what, the bracelet or the watch?"
  909. "wow. this is slow." "well at least we've got the whole song." [tape recording to a point and then the song stops abruptly] "D'OH!!!!! WE DIDNT DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING!!!!!"
  910. one word: peach. "omg i wuz in the r&e room and this guy had his butt up high in the air...." "...and it looked like a peach?" "HAHA...." *sigh* the world is too full of ugly peaches...
  911. yayfor: eh... I WANT HIGH SCHOOL
    aznPryncess02: LoL
    aznPryncess02: no, u dont
    yayfor: no! it stinks... we went to williamsburg instead
    aznPryncess02: why dont we switch?
    aznPryncess02: i'll go back to eighth grade
    aznPryncess02: u go to high school for me
    yayfor: ::stares:: high school is worse?!
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    yayfor: ::faints::
  912. sherri: "yich uve got girly hands." yich: "i do not have girly hands... ive got ATTRACTIVE hands..." sherri: " yes yich they just turn me on."
  913. at my party.... "hey whered u guys go off to?" "oh nowhere, we just couldnt find the bathroom.." [pause] "whoa, whaddaya mean, WE?"
  914. looking up at a vine, renee: "eeew.... that looks so nasty..." [pause] "it looks liek u!!!" me: "well hey its better'n lookin like u..."
  915. mme chessler, during french: "i feel like a cup of coffee... students, thats called an idiom, n'est-ce pas?" grace: "u feel like a cup of coffee??!?! what the hell? you look like a cup of coffee..."
  917. aznPryncess02: we've never lost teddy yet
    Mikey T 1935: the time will come
    Mikey T 1935: don't worry
    aznPryncess02: LoL
  918. rennie telling her hostess joke... "WHO-S-DISS??" (u gotta ask if u havent heard this one...)
  919. me laughing too hard at her hostess joke... yich: "um, sherri, are u okay?" me: *crumpling to the floor laughing* renee: "...was it really that funny?" me: *rofl by now* yich: "...guess so... think she's dead yet?"
  920. MisterSkipper: i will now cry in the corner, where no one can see my tears... :-(
    aznPryncess02: awww
    aznPryncess02: sniff
    MisterSkipper: i feel unloved by the world
    aznPryncess02: aww.
    aznPryncess02: josh ur loved
    aznPryncess02: by MEEH!!!!!
    aznPryncess02: [pause]
    aznPryncess02: okay i think i just made him cry.
  921. me: "oh good lord yich, ur so bony!!" yich: "im not bony!!!!" me: "yes u are!!" yich: "no im not... its all muscle!!" me: "*knock* *knock* ...explain that then?"
  922. EvilAlan86: hey you're mathematically inclined
    aznPryncess02: LoL.
    aznPryncess02: if u say so.
    EvilAlan86: please explain to neail that if you have a 40% chance of snow for three days that doesn't make it a 120% chance of snow
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    EvilAlan86: I tried to tell him, but he doesn't believe me
    aznPryncess02: hahahaha
  923. wearing a down-jacket: "IM NOT BONY!! see, ive got a six pack!!" [pause] "um, hon, thats just part of the jacket."
  924. "go take a bubble bath, ur too tired to talk to me." "no... im not tiiiiireeeedd..." *click* "...umm.. hello?"
  925. me: "oh no... aiya..." jueli: "was that a chinese aiya?" me: ", that was a jewish aiya." jueli: "whoa.. do jewish ppl say aiya?" me: "uh, sure, why not, whatever floats ur boat..." jueli: "wow.... i so didnt kno that!!!" me: "um, i was lying." jueli: "huH?" me: "about the aiya thing." jueli: "huH?" me: "AIYA!"
  926. sherri: "im really gullible."
    dan: "haha, i'll bet u are. [sarcastically] look its snowing outside!"
    sherri: *turns around to look out the window* "ohhh really?? where??"
  927. sherri: "an electric dipHOLE is polarized." renee: "its not a dipHOLE honey its a DIpole...."
  928. "heard u guys got a new teacher...." "yeah." "heard he teaches chem...." "yeah." "heard he's HOT...." "ye--uhhhhhH!!!!! JUELI!!!!"
  929. during computers, dan signaling SOS with the window shades... ms. piper: "okay dan, who u flirting w/ now??"
  930. ...of which ensues... dan: "no one!! i was jus--um--just--" ms. piper: *snaps the shades closed*.
  931. Shemlong: so... how's will?
    Shemlong: or as anran would say... how is will doing?
    aznPryncess02: um. great i guess
    aznPryncess02: i dont see him that much
    Shemlong: errrrr... i think that you totally missed anran's point
    Shemlong: DOING. ugh, you're too innocent
    Shemlong: EGAD!
    aznPryncess02: repeat again?
    aznPryncess02: i didnt get it!
    Shemlong: WHAT-A ME-SA SAYIN!
    Shemlong: ok. how is will DOING?
    aznPryncess02: umm.
    aznPryncess02: repeat again.
    Shemlong: HOW is will DOING?
    aznPryncess02: umm, no no.
    aznPryncess02: repeat again.
    Shemlong: how is WILL DOING?
    aznPryncess02: okay pretty soon im gonna start making u repeat just for fun.
    Shemlong: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  932. "some electrons would be driven from the ball to the leaves." "yeah..." "how?" [pause] "cuz of the thingy." [silence] "niiice."
  933. the many ways to say aw... me, reading jueli's page: "ohh...aww...:(... aww!! *aww*... ah... awwwww.... aww... AWW!!!... AWW...."
  934. ::brad pulls up a chair to my desk:: me (without looking up): "hi dan.." brad: "um, im not dan." me: "huH?" *looks up* "OHHH... d'oh..."
  935. Shemlong: but what are you whining about?
    aznPryncess02: i dunno
    aznPryncess02: haha.
    Shemlong: *scratches head*
  936. "guess who im seeing today!" "um..... lessee.. uhh.. i dunno, who?" "ugh. ur so bad at this. YOU, duh..." [silence] "OHH!!!"
  937. aznPryncess02: but b4 everyone came, she seirously was like "okay sherri. NO MAKING OUT."
    aznPryncess02: it surprised me
    ditchYich: so just don't make out... u can do other things
    ditchYich: be like "mom, u never said no feeling!"
  938. "sheri" "spell it right" "opps. shari. sry.." "still wrong." "opps i mean sherri" "okay what?" "hey sheri did you know there are a lot of ways to spell your name??" [silence] "oh my gawd.."
  939. MisterSkipper: oh, by the way, its "SHPIEL"
    MisterSkipper: not "SHPEIL"
    MisterSkipper: you sound gentile that way
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    aznPryncess02: schpeil
    aznPryncess02: ??
    MisterSkipper: no
    MisterSkipper: schpiel
    MisterSkipper: or, shpiel
    MisterSkipper: but more the former...
    aznPryncess02: hahahaha
    aznPryncess02: was i close?
    MisterSkipper: NO
    MisterSkipper: you lost any trace of yiddishness that was there before
    MisterSkipper: you made it a gentile word
  940. "dont even go there, hon." "um, 'hon'?? waht the fuck, are u some kinda las vegas hooker or somethin?" "HAHA" [pause] "okay im tkaing that as a yes...."
  941. me: *squawk*
    my voice teacher: "that was good. now wat was it that u did that made it good that time?"
    me: "umm.... i squawked?"
    my voice teacher: "noooo... u used ur gut that time..."
    me: "to squawk?"
    my voice teacher: "okay, sweetie, i think its time to take a break."
  942. neil: "ah its the best line-up these next few weeks!!! theres a 3-day-weekend... then theres 4 half days... and then theres a 5-day-weekend!!!" me: "umm... is it jus me or did u 4get 2 mention EXAMS???"
  943. "hey sherri?" "yeah?" "are you ALWAYS this stupid?" [pause] "uhhhh... what?"
  944. "u kno how much im sacrificing to be on the phone w/ u?" "umm... how much?" "well my mom went out to buy cupcakes and i cant eat 'em cuz im talkin otp w/ u." "ahhh.... such a grand sacrifice." "HELL YEAH>.... i can HEAR them in the next room... jus calling meeh!!"
  945. aznPryncess02: i live in a safe neighborhood
    aznPryncess02: tilden, whos gonna rape me, the neighbor's dog?
    necromonion: actually, that would be funny sherri, if it werent so humiliating :p
    aznPryncess02: oh hush
  946. somehow, ryan found this so funny... and i dont even kno why....
    [in the middle of a conversation]
    aznPryncess02: u kno, it must suck to be stupid about girls
    necromonion: ROFL....HAHAHAHAHA.....
    aznPryncess02: well, whats so funny? its true isnt it?
  947. "wow isnt that a gorgeous view?" [silence] "THE LIGHTS ARE SO vIvId...." "grace, are u high?"
  948. "aiiiieee! how can they have so many signs of britney SPEARS and not a SINGLE one of ELIJAH WOOD?!?!?!" "um, grace, its a mall, not a movie theatre." "SO?!?!? DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT MATTERS TO ME?!?!?!" "..*whimpers*...."
  949. "SMILE! ur on camera!" "uhh. who are u, and stop taking pictures of us!!" "eeew. grace, ur on the screen now." "grr. so much for that."
  950. nanosniper: ready for french exams?
    aznPryncess02: AGHHHH!!!!!!
    aznPryncess02: *tearing out hair*
    aznPryncess02: NOOO
    nanosniper: i would do that, if i had more hair
    aznPryncess02: LOL nice
  951. "four minutes! the trains coming in 4 minutes!" "it is? no, thats says 4 CARS, not four minutes, sherri." [pause] "no, grace, it says four minutes." [anohter pause] "D'OH!"
  952. "oh look its a banana republic bag!" "where? where? where?" [5 minutes later] "aww man. i missed it, didnt i?"
  953. "ahhhh suncoast motion pictures company... can we stop in here for, like, one minute?" "no why?" "cuz.. im umm.. uhh.. lookin for.. ummm...--" "--elijah wood? sigh. okay. but not more than two minutes." "too late, im already drooling."
  954. *ploP* "the soup goes plop. is it supposed to go plop?"
  955. "how can we have three ppl in functions and not be able to mark the goddamn floor rite?!?!"
  956. "ON UR MARKS GUYS!!!!" "...get set, go?"
  957. "naked BUTT." "naked WHAT?"
  958. "mm. i want a pretzel." "mm. i want two."
  959. grace: "ohh im excited!" sherri: "siiiiigh. elijah wood, josh hartnett, or other?"
  960. aznPryncess02: ive alreayd seen LOTR
    frendlee gurl25: o yeah
    frendlee gurl25: oy!
    frendlee gurl25: not u, 2!
    aznPryncess02: lol
    frendlee gurl25: *overdramatic tone* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    aznPryncess02: awwwwww
    aznPryncess02: poor baby.
    frendlee gurl25: jes like me and britney spears
    frendlee gurl25: i mean
    aznPryncess02: huh?
    frendlee gurl25: *doh*!
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    frendlee gurl25: that turned out wrong!
    aznPryncess02: niiiiiiiiice
    aznPryncess02: LOL
  961. "ohh look, bath and body works!" "....for men."
  962. "aiya, theyve got an EXPRESS for men too!!" "its taking over!"
  963. going over the potomac river, me: "wow. thats so beautiful. i love dc!" grace: "what? we're in dc??"
  964. grace obsessing over the object of her affection.... grace: "ahhhh! why is there not a poster of elijah wood herE? or THERE? who cares about safety?!?!? put elijah wood there!!!!!" me: *looks out window longingly* grace: "okay, okay i'll shuddup now." [pause] grace: "but seriously, u kno, its kinda stupid. i mean, who wants a poster of HARRIS TEETER ADS when they can have elijah wood?" me: *cranes head around window* "... i wonder how ur s'posed 2 open this thing for escape...."
  965. getting a job application at CHIASSO... "oh umm.. i'll definitely take u up on ur offer...." [later] sherri: "hey grace, how do u even pronounce the name? chiASSO? chiasoooo? CHIasso?" grace: "um, sherri, dont u think that would be a slight problem if u were 2 work there?" sherri: "huh? oh, whatever. s'not important rai?"
  966. lid on the trash can... "oh my god it sticks.."
  967. "jeans, jeans... jeans..." "for A HUNDRED AND TWELVE DOLLARS?!?!?!?? THATS A THREE DIGIT NUMBER!!! MY MIND DOESNT PROCESS THREE DIGIT NUMBERS!!!" "neither does my poor wallet, sadly."
  968. "look for guys in the 5'4 to 5'8 range, grace." "why?" "so theyre tall enough to lean on but short enough so u dont get a neckache."
  969. "we're late we're late!!" "alright i kno i kno. jus hush and lemme get some popcorn first.." "WHAT PART OF 'WE'RE LATE' DO U NOT UNDERSTAND?!?!?"
  970. bluDragen88: hmmmm
    bluDragen88: i dunno
    bluDragen88: too scared to do things wrong
    aznPryncess02: y u scared? :-(
    bluDragen88: cause giving wrong advice makes u feel horridble
    aznPryncess02: no, taking wrong advice does
    aznPryncess02: giving it doesnt mean shit
    aznPryncess02: as long as the person isnt stupid enough to take it
    aznPryncess02: (if its bad)
    bluDragen88: ah
    bluDragen88: so i can be dumb
    bluDragen88: you just cant
    aznPryncess02: hm
    aznPryncess02: yeah, tahts about it
    bluDragen88: okay just checking
  971. coolguydc8: YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE
    aznPryncess02: *balls up hands into fists*
    coolguydc8: LOL
    coolguydc8: LOL
    coolguydc8: LOL
    coolguydc8: LMAO
    coolguydc8: that is the most un-threatening threat EVER
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    aznPryncess02: *rolls up sleeves*
    coolguydc8: oooh la la
    aznPryncess02: LOL
    aznPryncess02: ITS A THREAT
    aznPryncess02: ITS NOT A SEXUAL ACT
    coolguydc8: whats next? *takes off shirt*?
  972. *sherri opens bathroom door to see tim standing over the toilet* sherri: "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" tim: "...peeing?"
  973. of which must follow... sherri: "OH DEAR LORD I JUST WALKED IN ON TIM PEEING." ashley: *rushes to the door* "ooohhh, lemme see! lemme see!!"
  974. aznPryncess02: im haaaaaaaaapppppppy
    aznPryncess02: happy happy happy happy
    Lbjmd: high...?
    aznPryncess02: yeah that too
    Lbjmd: holy shit
    Lbjmd: im...scared
  975. "stupid administrators say i have to stay for 8th exam or i fail it." "aww. so what are you gonna do?" "ehh, i duno. i was like wtf? this is a frikcin camp for 200 people.. in the nation. let me go.... or i'll make walstein sit on you."
  976. Lbjmd: yea...
    Lbjmd: dont worry
    Lbjmd: i'll be here...
    aznPryncess02: truthfully, im scared shitless
    Lbjmd: im not going anywhere
    aznPryncess02: lol
    aznPryncess02: thank god for that
    Lbjmd: yea... i guess
    aznPryncess02: just... do me a favor
    Lbjmd: yea?
    aznPryncess02: dont get yourself run over by a mack truck or anything
    aznPryncess02: that would suck major ass.
    Lbjmd: lol
    Lbjmd: dont worry bout me...
    aznPryncess02: lol
    Lbjmd: worry bout the truck
    Lbjmd: trucks arent built like they used to
    aznPryncess02: HAHAHHAHAHAHA
  977. "hey, trust me sherri." "trust yoU? you, who tried to run me into a lamp post blindfolded... yeah, huuuuuuuhhh."
  978. "i wasnt gonna run you into it! i swear!" "yeah, that explains why when i refused to take another step you said 'nooo, you gotta keep walking!!!'"
  979. "look, nichole, its neal!" "AHHHHH.... look at those sexy legs..."
  980. "i fell today." "ermm... im sorry.. where did you fall?" "i tripped over my rock garden." "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!... okay yeah, thats sad."
  981. "im so fucking witty today." "haha, really, then say something witty." "erhhh..."
  982. dont pull down your skirt and go stuffing floppy disks into zip drives!!
  983. "shut up, you." "ah, so witty."
  984. renee: "abby, you have dust on your knees." abby: "oh shit. i do? where??"
  985. "... and on your back... and your left side... and your ass..."
  986. mark: "next time you see him, you gotta say 'HeeeeeYYy seXy', and wink okay?" sherri: "uh, how about 'SHIT NO'??"
  987. mme chessler: "today... we are taking.... the orals. exams." lena: "no, today... i am going.. to shoot. you."
  988. "she got me.. milk. milk. milk. what the hell am i supposed to do with MILK?" "...drink it? i dont know." *takes a sip* "AUGHHHH!!!!! I HATE MILK!!!"
  989. "see the forest, not the tree!" "what forest? what tree?" "ahhh, never mind, you're a hopeless one."
  990. "oohhh, he's cute." "what? no he's not." "hush, he's wearing a visor... that makes him ultra-sexy in my book." "ITS BABY BLUE. how is that ultra-sexy?!?!"
  991. "ahhh im making my wish.." "okay, now just throw the goddamned penny into the goddamn fountain." "hush, you're breaking up my concentration."
  992. *tosses a nickel*... *clang* *clunk* *splash* "DID IT GO IN? DID IT GO IN!?!?" "yes, hon, it went in... that was sort of the point."
  993. "hoohhhh boy they are hot." "which they? the statue?" "no you idiot. the guys behind the statue." *shuffles over to get a better view* "hooohhh boy."
  994. "you know, come to think of it, that statue has really pointy boobs." "oh god, thats disgusting." [sherri pauses as she takes another look] "eew, you're right, it does."
  995. "guess what i lost today..." "OMG, YOU LOST YOUR VIRGINITY DIDNT YOU?" "... no... i lost my cell phone and my purse." "oh. well, i was close."
  996. "you're my furry friend." "aw." [pause] "HANG ON, did you just call me FURRY?" "...yes, you're my slow, furry friend."
  997. mr pham: "you stopid. you stopid."
  998. "i swear, he's fucking cold-blooded... the chemistry room is like -20 degrees and hes sitting there saying 'no, you stopid, not cold.'"
  999. "you have a wriggly pen." "nice to know hon." "sure. i wrote that in your yearbook too. *GRiN*."
  1000. "ooohh look, thats where i went to pee once!!!"
  1001. dan: "so who is this mystery guy?" sherri: "..*GRiN*." dan: "oh c'mon, that doesnt tell me anything... GIMME SOME JUICE!!!"
  1002. dan: "so have you talked to him yet?" sherri: "um... maaaybe... :-D." dan: "OH MY GOD, YOU HAD SEX WITH HIM ALREADY DIDNT YOU!!!!!"
  1003. "you're insane." "no im not." "yes you are, you went out with will... AND DONT YOU DARE DENY IT!!!!" "ahhh. okay, you got me there."
  1004. "we all make mistakes, its okay sherri." "ahh, you went to homecoming with--" "AUGHHHHHH SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!"
  1005. nick: "im offended. you didnt want to go to thats amore with us for hc." sherri: "aww, im sorry, i didnt know it would be that big of a deal..." nick: "YOU WERE MY DATE!!!! MY DATE IS SUPOSED TO EAT WITH MEEEE!!!!!" sherri: "ehh... okay, so, one minor detail overlooked..."