LAST UPDATED: Thursday, June 28, 2001


hey guys, here're the pictures especially from florida and the new york trip -- enjoy!

YEAH!!! NYC Hard Rock Cafe, BABY!!!! bringing back alla da good ole memories from the new york trip, rite gurls? yeah, yeah, yeah, w/e. lol. 'member our phat hotel and the really awsome funky things that we did? hehe i kno i kno, sum ppl dun really wanna... ;-)~ lol aite from L-R, top to bottom: Jessica, Jackie, Rennie, Sherri (MEEEE!!!!), Julia (one w/ the striped shirt and glasses), Lydia (end of top row), Sarah, Kendra, Theresa. man... dat took a while... hehe j/p! ya'll kno i LUV u~

still on the NY trip (even tho we're in new jersey ... ?%@!%*!).. o well. dats Renee on da left and me on da right. yeppers... we're on the balcony of some science museum in new jersey.. uhhh... dun ask 4 ne specifics cuz u kno, me and my bad memory. oh and iff u look hard 'nuff, u can see da statue of liberty between us (well.. more on Renee's side, but same thing... hehe).

oooh here we r, in FLORIDA dis time (yeah... dat's y i'm wearing shorts in like, february... smartness, eh?). okiez, dats julia on the left in the yellow shirt, and me on the rite in the purple. geez too many pastel colors, rite? tee-hee. i think we're at the orlando science center, tho i'd hafta check up on dat first b4 confirming... o well. we're in florida, and dat's good 'nuff 4 me.

hmm... lemme see.. dis would be at DISNEY WORLD (epcot) @ nite. its really really purdy cuz of da lights show.. u hafta see it!!! plus, if u go w/ friends (like i did) den u gotta get dese really kewl head bands datr like mickey mouse ears... u can see 'em in the pic too! L-R: julia, jessica, me, and rennie. screw capitalization and punctuation.... i dun care!

here we r, still in florida. this would be the kennedy space center (i think)... ah, who gives. (hehe j/p). so from top to bottom, left to right, it's julia (the tall grumpy one... lol, joking!!!), rennie, gracie (w/ the "spiffy" purse, rite? funny, looks kinda like MINE...), and on the bottom are terri (lookin kinda confused), and meeeee!!

its the MAGIC KINGDOM at disney!! wheee... i luv that place. *sniff* 2 bad we had 2 leave. yeah yeah, whatever. hehe. okiez, moving on, there's julia on the very left (nice shades...), rennie (augh! in all the pictures, eh? hehe j/p!), jessica, max c. (with the navy blue cap), me, and josh. (nice shirt, josh)

aw don't we look so innocent? ;-)~ hehe. of course. its me and theresa (aka terri), at fort... er... fort augustine. yeah, dats the name. lol. me and my bad memory. so of course, its me on the right and terri on the left. she's actually wearing shorts -- very smart. esp since it wuz like 80 degreez...

aw look... its one big happy family! JUST KIDDING, josh, dun kill me! hehe imma so talented, i caught 'em at the perfect time when they were about 2 topple over... smart sherri, rite? so ne wayz, its josh on the very left (y does he look so... unexcited? go figure..), julia, renee (AGAIN!), and jessica, at the epcot center in disney world, florida. the weather wuz boo-tiful, which is y its so damn brite....