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The Stars Sunflowers and Clouds Waiting for Time to Fly Mystery
Darkness is Lonely Stars The Loom The End
Ghosts The Moon Raindrops Summertime
The Day The Worst Day Weeping Girl Untitled #1

all poems are ©opyrighted 2001 by Gina
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The Stars

The stars are shining brightly in the night
They have the brightness of a brand new day
The darkness needs the glowing of the light

The stars above are a beautiful white
When they are shimmering above the bay
The stars are shining brightly in the night

The dazzling stars are a pretty sight
Is what the people of earth always say
The darkness needs the glowing of the light

The sparkling star shows that it is bright
By showing the onlooker the right way
The stars are shining brightly in the night

The shining stars can give glowing delight
The glimmering stars will not go away
The darkness needs the glowing of the light

The gleaming stars always seem to invite
Even when they are starting to decay
The stars are shining brightly in the night
The darkness needs the glowing of the light*


Sunflowers and Clouds

Yellow petals of hair-
Round faces of brown-
They start off so small-
Yet they become so big-
Like a cloud-
They start off as water drops-
Then -they all come together-
To form a cloud-
That keeps on getting bigger-
And bigger-
Each sunflower is different-
Because - all things-
Are made unique*


Waiting for Time to Fly

Just sitting here with nothing to do
Waiting eagerly for class to end
I looked at the clock
And gave a sigh
"Still ten more minutes"
I mumbled to myself
Why couldn't this have been a shorter class?
Like ten minutes
Then we would be gone
And I - happy
Monday - this day never seems to end
But it always does
I wish it were Friday
"Oh no!" Has time gone backwards?!
As I sit here - now watching everthing
And everyone going backwards
Soon I am in pajamas
And I look at my alarm clock
Wait, it wasn't there
I wasn't even in my own room
Then - here they came
Two plush and warm hands to pick me up
It was a Friday
But it was a Friday 17 years ago
I was a baby. . .



There is something in my hand
That you will never see
It's invisible to the eye
But good for you and me
You breathe it in
And breathe it out
And it helps you stay alive
It's air you need in your lungs
And it always helps you survive


Darkeness Is Lonely

Darkness lives in the loneliest of souls -
Of people who have not know
Anything of life -
Its hobby is to frighten people -
And to hold no cure for anyone
Or anything -
To take all the hope out of many hearts -
Like exhaling air -
Darkness has no
Dream -
For it does not want to be
Anything else -
It is too cruel to not think
About itself -
Darkness is something everyone
Wants to live without -
But can't --



Great, big, balls of gas -
Floating in the sky -
Millions of miles away -
Some make up constellations -
And are part of a family -
Others are alone - But happy
Because they still glow with pride -
The greatest star we know of -
Is the sun -
It is so big to us - that we think
Of it to be a planet -
Than a star -
The sun gives us heat and light -
It makes us feel warm when we're cold -
Or not make us feel lonely -
When we're in the dark -
The sun is the greatest star we know -
But like all stars -
It will burn up -
And the world will forever live in darkness


The Loom

As the wind blows through the trees
And as the flowers bloom
The honey is being made by the bees
And Granny sits at her loom

In her loom she weaves some leaves
And on each leaf ~ a bug
She also weaves some bumble bees
And some honey in a jug

She just sits there never afraid
Just weaving at her loom
So happy of what she had made
While all the flowers bloom

At last she's finished and says "I'm done"
And looked at the flowers bloom
Well, she thought it was very fun
And she loved her beautiful loom


The End

I heard the world cry out at once -
And then -
All was silent -
Like no one could speak -
Or sing -
Or even make a sound -
Their voices -
All gone -
With no breathe -
No air to take in -
Everything -
Gone -
And over with -
The world -
Will never cry out like that again -
Because there will never be -
Another -



Creeping in the shadows,
Living in old houses,
Scary and sweet,
Just like mouses,
Not everyone has seen one,
But no one will forget,
The stories people tell,
That they'll live to regret,
Some ghosts are angry,
And search for peace,
Anyone could be a ghost,
Even a niece -
Other ghosts are nice and kind,
But sometimes it's tricks that play on your mind,
Ghosts will always be with us
On this planet,
Ghosts can be anything,
Can't it?


The Moon

So up high
And so far away
Hovering over the air
And over across the bay
I see it every night
When the sky is clear
And I look at it an wonder
How long has it been here?
There are so many things
That I have to hear
But one in particular is
Will it ever be near?
The moon is a mystery
And of course that's been told
I look at it every night
In warmness or in cold



Cool, and refreshing -
On a hot summer's day -
Or - On any other day -
Each one different -
Never similar in shape -
Or size -
They all carry a rainbow inside of them -
Like the seeds that a flower holds -
The pitter patter on the glass -
Are raindrops dying -
Because they can fall no more



The summertime is almost hear
Because of the humidity in the air
And the birds and the bees that I can hear
And the nectar that flowers bear
The trees are covered with leaves of green
And ants are picking their food
The leaves that they pick are very lean
And the kids are in a very good mood
The children are laughing and yelling out loud
And swimming in their big pool
The kids are pushing through
The big carnival crowd
And eating lots of ice to keep cool
The only thing the children dread
Is going back to school
Having to go early to bed
They don't think it's very cool
So they make the most of their time
By playing and swimming all day
They get up way past nine
And do whatever they may


The Day

The day has now begun
And I always wonder why
All the days are always done
But they never do die
The sun has always come out
And always lights up the sky
Except when a storm will come about
Because the clouds never lie
The moon comes out at night
And lights up all the dark towns
So brilliant the great round light
With all of its ups and downs
So now the day is done
As the moon now rises high
I wish it would've just begun
Because the days never die


The Worst Day

Why do they torture me so?
By sending me to school -
Here -
Stuck inside -
With the toxic air -
That we use -
Over -
And over -
And over again -
On breathe of fresh air is all I need -
To reduce my chance of fainting -
With the sun beating -
Beating -
Into this darkness of a room -
Then -
A burst of cool air -
Makes me shiver -
For I was not used to it -
I was used to the throbbing heat -
That made my back sweat -
And my legs -
Stick to the seat -
This torture of a place -
Will soon be over -
And forgotten -
For I will soon be home


The Weeping Girl

The girl was very sad
for what? I have no clue
She was just unhappy
And feeling very blue
She just sat there weeping
And wiping out her eyes
Giving her last kisses
And saying her goodbyes
Her friend was sitting next to her
Telling her it was so
How could the girl believe
That she did not know
Her mom had been in an accident
Because of someone elses car
The driver was really drunk
Because he had stopped at a bar
The girl just kept on crying
Trying to be strong
But she knew that she couldn't
Last very long
How could she forgive the person
That made her mom die
That man probably lived a life
Of lie after lie
But now I understand
Why the girl was crying so
Because of a man
That had to stoop that low
Why did he have to stop
At that bar down the street
And killed her mother in
Less than a heartbeat
There is nothing I can do now
Because her mother is gone
But I know I can do something else
That would last very long
I could tell this story to others
About how not to drink and drive
Because if they don't do this
Then they would also stay alive*


Untitled #1

The fluffy snow covers the ground
In the morning when I wake
The color or white is all around
But none of it for me to take
The cold air hits my face
When I crawl out of bed
To the fire then I race
To warm my body and head
The fire has died out
Like the warmth of my soul
When I moved happily about
With the heat of the coal
But then the blanket that I placed on my bed
I used it to warm the body attached to my head