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American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two by Dr. Howard G. Lanham c.2000

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of U.S. Marine Corps: Other Units

Second World War

Basic Elements

Ship Detachments
Ship Detachments 1944

Fleet Marine Force Pacific

Headquarters Amp. Tractor Bn Anti-Aircraft Art. Artillery Bn Bomb Disposal Co
Headquarters 1944 Amphibious Tractor Bn 1944 Anti-Aircraft Artillery 1944 Artillery Bn 1944 Bomb Disposal Co 1944
Dog Platoons DUKW Co Separate Eng. Bn Supply Service
Dog Platoons 1944 DUKW Co 1944 Separate Engineer Bn 1944 Supply Service 1944

First Marine Amphibious Corps

Aviation Eng. Bn Barrage Balloon Sq Defense Bn halftrack
Aviation Eng. Bn 1943 Barrage Balloon Sq 1943 Defense Battalions 1943 Half-Track 1943
Courtesy: Lee Mowry
Parachute Bn Raiders Supply Service Artillery Bn.
Parachute Battalions 1943 Raider Battalions 1943 Supply Service 1943 Artillery Bn 1943
(Courtesy of Keith Fowler)

In addition another design existed.
Anti-Tank Bn

Defense Battalion

13th Defense Bn 18th Defense Bn 51st Defense Bn 52nd Defense Bn
13th Defense Bn 1943 18th Defense Bn 1943 51st Defense Bn 1943 52nd Defense Bn 1943


Londonderry Barracks



1st Brigade

1st Marine Brigade (Provisional)1942 (1)
Right Shoulder
(Courtesy: John Abramo)



Cape Gloucester (2)
(Courtesy: Scott Smith)


  1. This is the formation sign of the British 49th (West Riding) Division, which had garrisoned Iceland. It was approved only for local wear while serving in Iceland by U.S. Marines and was removed on leaving the island. It is the only officially sanctioned patch of W.W. II worn on both shoulders (in the British fashion).
  2. The Cape Gloucester tab was requested by the division commander by letter written on February 4, 1944 for wear by 1st Marine Division troops who were involved in operations on Cape Gloucester in Western New Britain (part of New Guinea). This was to have been worn under the 1st Marine Division shoulder sleeve insignia. The request was not approved and yet some of these patches were manufactured and perhaps worn.

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