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Formerly Unknown Insignia Indentified on this Site

Anyone with any unknown insignia are welcome to E-mail a .jpg image of them to me. Those that are felt to have general interest may appear on this page. I would ask that material, which is foreign, non-military or clearly not World War Two period not be sent. I realized that if you knew exactly what it was you would not be calling it unidentified. If any viewer recognizes an insignia on this page please E-mail the identification and the approximate dates of use. Answers will be forwarded and posted unless parties request otherwise.
Patch Unknown 4 Unknown 6 Unknown 10 Unknown11 Unknown 5
Identified as 76th Division (WWI) Early Version AST (2) 1st Brigade, 8th Div.
2nd Regt. PA State Guard 10th Armored Div. Tank
Qualification Pocket Patch
Submitter Keith Gill Ric Oshrin Lars Kleine Lars Kleine Ric Oshrin
Identifier Dave Johnson Dave Johnson Chuck Wack Chuck Wack
John Maietta
William Emerson
Howard Lanham
Patch Unknown 13 Unknown 15 Unknown 18 Unknown 22 Unknown 16
Identified as Mutual of Omaha
Military Order of the Cootie
(Post-WWI Veteran Item) (3)
802nd Tank
Destroyer Bn. (4)
350th Bombardment Sq. 311thAAF Flight
Training Detachment
Submitter Randy Roberts Phil Foster Millie Frietas Robert Tharratt
Bruce Armstrong
Scott and
John McCoy
Identifier Phil Foster Anonymous Dave Kaufman Martin Boswell
(American Air Museum, UK)
Jay Graybeal
Patch Unknown 17 Unknown 25 Unknown 12 Unknown 24 Unknown 2
Identified as AAF Flight
Training Detachment
3rd Air Depot Squadron Venezuelan Paratroopers Doninican Republic
Air Force
Oahu Defence Volunteers
Submitter Scott and
John McCoy
Annette Krupp Lars Kleine Tom Waller Howard Lanham
Identifier Jay Graybeal Michael Horetsky Stephen Smith Stephen Smith John Patton
Patch Unknown 23 Unknown 19 Unknown 21 Unknown 27 Unknown 28
Identified as 8thTroop Carrier U.S.M.C. Gun Pointer's
Sleeve Mark (Pre-WWII)
Cavalry Troop
Valley Forge MA
325th Infantry
1st AB Battle Group
321st Fighter Sq.
Submitter Howard Lanham William Bruder Lars Kleine Ricardo R. Medina Bill Best
Identifier Howard Lanham Howard Lanham Mike Brower Christian Counterman Howard Lanham
Patch Unknown 29 Unknown 44 381 Bomb Sq Unknown 58
Identified as 34th Indian Army Corps
W.W. II Formation Sign
328th Bombardment Squadron 381st Bombardment Squadron 34th Photo Recon Squadron
Submitter Dave Call Tim Sawyer Ron Card Gary Tice
Identifier Mike Jackson Lars Kleine Lars Kleine Michael Brown
Patch Unknown 26 Unknown 33 Unknown 41 Unknown 39
Identified as 408thQuartermaster Company Navy League (4) 313th Bombardment Squadron Murray State University (Kentucky)
Submitter Joseph Gennarelli Donald Hoch Garth Thompson
Identifier Robert Rossi Mark Richie Donald Hoch Edward McAlister
Patch Unknown 43 Unknown 36 Unknown 54 Unknown 62
Identified as Wisconsin State Guard Prototype Mark Aviation Radarman 33rd Tactical Reconnaissance
Training Sq., USAF
55th Transportation Battalion
Pocket Patch
Submitter Lars Kleine Thomas M. Myers Doug Alexander Garry Vaiana
Identifier Fr Bruce E Dorsey Fr Bruce E Dorsey Jay Graybeal Dave Belding
Patch Unknown 32 Unknown 50 Unknown 59 Unknown 67
Identified as 319th Fighter Sq.
variation used as of June 1945
728th Bomb Squadron (Korean War) VPB-15 Navy Aviation Squadron 705th Bombardment Squadron
Submitter Ron Card Alan Boyle Frank Jackson
Identifier Michael Brown Michael Brown Michael Brown Michael Brown
Patch Unknown 63 Unknown 72 Unknown 34 Unknown 51 Unknown 64
Identified as Indiana Guard Reserve 1980-1990 Crew Training Air Force Navy Squadron VF-36 Free French Forces 1940-1945 312th Ferrying Squadron
Submitter Paul Sihvonen-Binder Mike Zanelli Jay Graybeal Bob Daniel Smith, Sr.
Identifier Len Close Terry L. Horstead Mike Myhal Michel Casanova Johnny Signor
Patch Unknown 69
Identified as 69th Troop Carrier Squadron (1950s)
Submitter Frank Jackson
Identifier Johnny Signor

  1. AST = Army Specialized Training Program.
  2. This is an Honor Society within the VFW. (Craig McGlinn)
  3. This has been incorrectly labeled as the 862nd in some references.
  4. The Navy League of the United States was founded in 1902 with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy League is a military-oriented civilian organization dedicated to the education of our citizens regarding the importance of sea power and to the support of the men and women of the sea services and their families.

A thanks to all involved---HOWARD LANHAM
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