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American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two by Dr. Howard G. Lanham c.2000

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Other Miscellaneous
Units Smaller than a Division

U.S. Army

Second World War

Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion

474th AAA

474th (1)


Engineer Combat Regiment

36th Engineers

36th (2)


Engineer Construction Battalion

1629th Engineers 1778th Engineers

1629th (3)




Field Artillery Battalion

98th FA Bn

98th c1943 (4)


Quartermaster Battalions

466th QM Bn

466th (5)


Tank Battalions

751st Tank Bn 752nd Tank Bn
751st (6) 752nd (7)

Tank Destroyer Battalions

602nd TD Bn 679th TD Bn
602nd (8) 679th (9)
Europe Europe

Signal Service Group

4025th SSG

4025th (10)


O.S.S. and Intelligence

Kachin Rangers Jingpaw Rangers T Force
Kachin Rangers Jingpaw Rangers (11) 6860th HQ Detachment
"T" Force

The members of the Kachin, also called Jingpaw, tribe of Burma were recruited by the Office of Strategic Services to fight the Japanese. The above insignia were not approved by the War Department but were worn by American personel opperating with the Kachins. The 6860th HQ Detachment collected intelligence for the invasion of Southern France. Their insignia was also not approved by the War Department.


  1. Courtesy of Bob Capistrano (This may be an early postwar patch.)
  2. Believed to have been worn either as a shoulder sleeve insignia or as a pocket patch and not approved by the War Department(original)
  3. Courtesy Jesse Moore
  4. Believed to have been worn as a pocket patch and not approved by the War Department (post-War reproduction)
  5. Courtsey Bob Capistrano This is believed to be Second World War, but may date to just after its close (need additional information).
  6. Courtesy Ron Card (Numbers usually are in black rather than white)
  7. Italian made not approved
  8. Courtesy of Millie Frietas. This insignia has been incorrectly identified as that of the 662nd TD Battalion in some references (information from Dave Kaufman).
  9. Courtesy Ron Card (Likely was worn with a 5th Army Shoulder Sleeve Insignia)
  10. Courtesy Paul DeGaeta
  11. Courtesy Lars Kleine

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