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Other Insignia Not Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Second World War

U.S. Navy Grade Insignia

Officers Sleeve Stripes

Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral of the Line
Captain Commander Lt. Commander
Captain of the Medical Corps Commander of the Line Lieutenant Commander (Aviation Greens)
Lieutenant Lt.j.g. Ensign.
Lieutenant of the Line Lieutenant Junior Grade of the Line Ensign of the Line

Naval officers wore gold lace sleeve stripes on blue uniform coats, and black lace on forestry green aviation working uniform coats. Gold stripes were also worn on overcoats. The stripes were in sizes of two inches, one-half inch and one-quarter inch. The lowest stripe was placed two inches from the end of the sleeve. Admirals were indicated by two-inch braid. In addition to the above illustrated rear admiral there were also fleet admirals with four one-half inch stripes in addition to the two-inch stripe, admirals with three addtion stripes, and vice admirals with two additional stripes. On April 9, 1943 the Navy reactivated the rank of commodore and 147 officers held this rank during the war. Commodores wore only two inch braid and ranked between captain and rear admiral.

Also not appearing above are the sleeve stripes worn by warrant officers. Their stripes were interrupted by a series of blue breaks. Chief warrant officers had one-half inch stripes and warrant officers had one-quarter inch stripes. The blue breaks were dyed into the material of the lace.

The line or staff corps device was worn one-quarter inch above the highest stripe. For line officers the device was a five-pointed star, worn point down. For officers of the various staff corps their device was worn in a similar position, as seen in the example of the medical corps captain. The staff corps devices were the same ones worn on shoulder marks.

Chaplain Christian Chaplain Jewish Civil Engineer
Chaplain Christian Chaplain Jewish Civil Engineer
Dental Hospital Medical Supply
Dental Hospital Medical Supply

Other staff corps devices are a silver acorn and leaf set diagonally on an anchor for naval nurses and a lyre for officers of the Navy band.

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