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Other Cloth Insignia Not Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Second World War

Army Air Force Flight Jacket Patches

Part Four: Other Units

Composite Squadrons

These units did both air defense and anti-sub missions.
1st Com. Sq.
1st Composite
(Courtesy: John Larson)

Observation Squadrons

111st Ob. Sq. 113th Observer
111th Observation
(Courtesy: Howard L. Kelley)
113th Observation
(Courtesy: HvR. Sandeman)

Ferrying Squadrons

11th Ferrying Sq. 312th Ferrying Sq.
11th Ferrying Squadron
(Courtesy: HvR. Sandeman)
312th Ferrying Squadron
(Courtesy: Daniel Smith, Sr.

Tactical Reconnaissance Squadrons

20th Tac Recon 97th Tac Recon
20th Tactical Recon
(Courtesy: HvR. Sandeman)
97th Tactical Recon
(Courtesy: Bob Borrell)

Troop Carrier Squadrons

8th Troop Carrier 12th Troop Carrier 21th Troop Carrier
8th Troop Carrier 12th Troop Carrier
(Courtesy: Terry Clemens)
21th Troop Carrier
(Courtesy: Arnie Strickman)

Other Squadrons

3th Depot Unknown 58 20th Weather
3rd Air Depot (Repair)
(Courtesy: Annette Krupp)
34th Photo Recon Squadron
(Courtesy: Gary Tice)
20th Weather Squadron
(Courtesy: HvR. Sandeman)


1st Air Carrier 1st Air Carrier ICWATC
1st Troop Carrier Command
(Courtesy: Frank Zimmerman)
1st Troop Carrier Command
Variation with Motto
He Conquers who gets there first.
(Courtesy: Richard Buchanan)
India China Wing
Aerial Transport Command
(Courtesy: Frank Zimmerman)


Gunnery glider
(Courtesy: Nicholas Knutson)
Airborne Glider
(Courtesy: Frank Zimmerman)

There were many hundreds of squadron patches and I have only a few examples of them. The 1944 Special Issue of the National Geographic Magazine includes several pages of squadron insignia and is a good, but incomplete reference. A more complete reference is the book Combat Squadrons of the Air Force World War II edited by Maurer Maurer, but it can be misleading in that it often uses postwar designs for the illustration of the official squadron insignia. I hope that we will be able to include more images from viewers as they become available.

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