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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the United States Navy

Second World War

The Navy used a small number of shoulder sleeve insignia during the Second World War. There seemed to be a certain degree of discomfort with them in a service that is very conservative with respect to uniforms. On January 17, 1947 all shoulder patches were adolished for naval personnel.
Amphibious Amphibious Construction Battalions Variant Construction Battalions Minecraft
Amphibious Forces 1943 (1) Amphibious Forces 1944 (2) Construction Battalions 1944 (3) Construction Battalions 1944
Minecraft Personnel 1944
Mosquito Boat PT HNT1 HNT2
Mosquito Boat c1943 (4) Patrol Torpedo Boat 1944 Harbor Net Tenders c1943(5) Harbor Net Tenders c1943(6)
Tiburon Variety (West Coast)


  1. unofficial design, which not approved (courtesy: John Stacey)
  2. approved design
  3. also a version with letters "CB" rather than Seebees
  4. unofficial early PT boat insignia
  5. unofficial insignia (courtesy: John Stacey)
  6. unofficial insignia (courtesy: John Stacey)

Navy Grade Insignia
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