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INTRODUCTION: Dating Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Terminology and Methods of Manufacture

Post-World War Two

Post-World War Two Styles: U.S. Made

Army Green Uniform

3rd Armored

3rd Armored Patch adapted for the Army Green Uniform

Between 1956-1961 the olive drab uniform was phased out and the army green uniform was introduced. Certain patches were manufactured in a color (AG-44) more compatible with the green uniform. The border of this 3rd Armored Divison shoulder sleeve insignia has a border that is a darker green than W.W. II examples.

Subdued Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Infantry School

Subdued Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for Infantry School

The general attitude toward shoulder sleeve insignia had been that the small colored insignia did not compromise a soldier; however, by the time of the Vietnamese Conflict subdued insignia in olives, blacks and browns were introduced.

Merrowed Edge Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

regular subdued
Merrowed Edge Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Regular Merrowed Edge Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Subdued
Second Field Force Vietnam Special Forces with Airborne Tab

Beginning in the mid-1960s a merrowed edge reinforced all shoulder sleeve insignia made to specifications. World War Two patch designs have been reproduced with merrowed edges in recent time for veterans and collectors.

Post-World War Two Styles: Foreign Made

bevo back
German Bevo 7th Army Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Regular Same Reverse Side

Beginning during the occupation period U.S. insignia were manufactured by Germans. These insignia are similar in style to those used during the war by German forces. The term BEVO is the abbreviation for Bandfabrik Ewald Vorsteher, a firm in Wuppertal, Germany.

7th Army
German made 7th Army

This is another German made occupation era insignia. Its manufacture is similar to the collar tabs worn by Luftwaffe officers during the Second World War.

SF Thai
Thai made Special Forces

This is an example of an Asia made patch of the Vietnam conflict era. Asia is also the source of many modern reproduction or fake patches.

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