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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Coastal and Anti-Aircraft Artillery

World War Two

United States Army

Coastal Artillery Districts

First CA District Second CA District Third CA District Fourth CA District Ninth CA District
First 1941 Second 1941 Third 1941 Fourth 1941 Ninth 1941
New England Middle States Chesapeake Southern Pacific

Coastal Artillery Brigades

Hawaiian CA Brigade HEIGHT =
Hawaiian 1936 (1)
Hawaiian Islands

Anti-Aircraft Artillery Commands

AA Command AA Command Central AA Command South AA Command East AA Command West
AA Command 1942 Eastern 1942 Southern 1942 Central 1942 Western 1942

Anti-Aircraft Artillery Units

14th AA Command 49th AA Brigade
14th AA Command c1944 (2) 49thAA Brigade c1944 (3)
Pacific E.T.O.


  1. Pre-World War II felt on felt
  2. Not approved by War Department (Courtesy: Lars Kleine)
  3. Not approved by War Department Worn as a left pocket patch(Courtesy: Lars Kleine)

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