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Table of Contents
Introduction | Welcome to the Web | Browsers and ISP's | Acronym City | Nettiquette | Get Search Savvy | Search Engines | Bookmarks/Favorites | Email | WebQuests | Teacher Resources | Treasures of the Internet and Technology Toolbox | Toys! | Guest Book | Credits |
Internet Integration: a Jump Start
making the web work for you!
by: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones
Murray Hill Middle School


The Internet is clearly one of the most valuable learning tools in the history of mankind.
But with more than five billion Web pages already on the net, one could spend years just sorting through the clutter. This page is designed to jump start the journey on the information superhighway and to assist eductators in the pursuit of integrating the Internet into their classrooms quickly, easily and effectively.

Welcome to the Web
Browsers and ISP's: Vive la Difference!
  • Internet Explorer - Windows based, probably going to take over soon thanks to that imp of Satan, but brilliant man and philanthropist, Bill Gates
  • Netscape Navigator (my favorite!) - The first, the easiest to use, AND the only one  that provides a FREE built in Web Design Composer! Take that Kermit the Gates!
  • ISP's (Internet Service Providers) - You gotta have them.. but which kind?
  • AOL - (EWwwww!) I mean, umm easy to use and a favorite with a lot of people.
  • Cable, ex. Comcast@Home - if you are in an area where the market is not saturated this is a good deal, never a dial-up...always on.. and pretty fast. IF, however, you are in a community where this is very poplular you will find that the speed and stalls to be the same as when you were using your 14.4 modem!
  • DSL - if you can get this in your area, try it out.. same advantages of cable with no dial-ups and no need for an extra phone line but it's expandable wheras cable, is not.
  • Acronym City - What does *that* mean!?

    If you read email, newsgroups, chat, IM, or just look around the Internet, you're bound to run into acronyms, abbreviations or other computer and the Internet related terms that you may not be familiar with. The most common are:
    Computer Terms:

    The next time this happens, just point your browser to the AcronymFinder and lookup the acronym in question.  Or you could also visit the Webopedia: Online Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technical Support to look up more detailed meanings of technology terms!

    Email/Chat Terms:

    For more chat acronyms and a smiley :-) dicionary go to The Smiley File. Warning though, it will make your teeth ache, it's *that* cute!
    Bookmarks/Favorites óNever Re-Invent the Wheel!
  • Collection- if you see something you like as you travel, bookmark it, because sometimes it's hard to find your way back! Think of the bookmark as your "virtual breadcrumb" in the forest of the'net.
  • To manage your bookmarks read the Bookmarks-A-Go-Go portion of this site where you can learn how to:
  • Save your bookmarks on your HD and/or on a disk so that you can take them with you and preserve them against crashes.
  • Organize your bookmarks/favorites into folders, with separators.
  • Sharing/Virtual Desktops
    Tired of losing your bookmarks or bringing them with you on a floppy? Store your favorite bookmarks online and organize your digital life with the following free services.
  •   Web-based bookmark manager - upload your bookmarks to this site for free and have students access them from anywhere in the world. Make a folder for each grade or class!
  •  bungo
  •  ecircles
  • Online Hard Drives/Data Storage
    Save your work on the Internet- Like an online Swiss bank account for documents, rather than carry disks around, or emailingf yourself your ongoing work or documents, utilize online FREE storage. Great idea if you have an iMac or need to share files with collegues for group projects!
  • FREE 300mgs of free hard drive storage on the Internet
  • Email ó Keep in touch, Everywhere!
    Now, I don't personally believe in allowing elementary or middle school kids to use, access, or send email in school for obvious safety reasons, but teachers should be able to communicate with the outside world for professional reasons.
  • Hotmail the largest free email service in the world it allows you check your email anywhere in the world . Another benefit, you can configure up to 3 POP mail addresses, so that you can check your school email at home and your home email at school!
  • Edmail  email for the school and the community
  •  "use  Gaggle Network to provide safe, teacher-controlled e-mail accounts for students" One of the best and most secure email services for students. You, the teacher, monitor ALL email accounts and moderate the use by students. It's a lot of work but it's the only way to safely allow students to use email in school. Otherwise, the risks can be too high.
  • GoMo Mail email with animations, sounds and images
  • Free Email Addresses   A comprehensive list with comments about each service!
  • Care2 free email/greeting card service that cares about wildlife, more reliable and less tweaky than Blue Mountain.
  • WebQuests - Getting the *Best* out of the Web!
  • The WebQuest Page- by Bernie Dodge - The head guru of ALL WebQuests, this is where you should start to learn about this wonderful teaching tool.
  • The WebQuest Training Materials
  • WebQuest Taskonomy: A Taxonomy of Tasks
  • WebQuests: A Strategy for Scaffolding Higher Level Learning
  • WebQuests@Work What They Are, Where to Find Them and, How to Use Them Effectively- a consice at-a-glance guide to using WebQuests in your classroom
  • WebQuests in Our Future: The Teacher's Role in Cyberspace - an excellent slide show by consumate education technology leader, Kathy Schrock
  • WebQuest Templates- Want to create your own WebQuest? Use these *free* templates!
  • A WebQuest about WebQuests for Elementary Teachers!
  • A WebQuest about WebQuests for Middle School Teachers!
  • WebQuests in the Middle School Curriculum
  • Teacher Resources and Sites
    Treasures on the Internet and Technology Toolbox - Two great resources from MPT!
    Treasures on the Internetó A Sampling of Quality Sites and Resources
    -Hundreds of excellent links, annotated and organized by curricular subject area. A must to bookmark!
    Compiled by: Cynde Mutryn, Manager Technology Professional Development Projects,Maryland Public Television
    and Sarah Blattner, Education Technology Specialist, Maryland Public Television

    Technology Toolbox - another great site created by Sarah Blattner of MPT!
    "MPTís Technology Toolbox takes teachers through the many adventures of Internet-based projects. This collection of websites, resources, and lesson ideas helps teachers harness the Internet and bring it into their classrooms to transform each school day. There are tips and strategies for integrating everything from online collaboration projects to Web research and  Web authoring tools. Links to Internet investigations, online simulations, and virtual field trips are all housed in the toolbox. Teachers ready to unleash the power of the Internet as a learning tool will find everything they need here." Go here, and bookmark it, quick!

    Toys! - Expressing the Geek in Me!

    There are a few tech toys out there that are just FAB! If you have access to, or can purchase...don't miss getting and playing with:

    If you have questions, comments or links to share, don't hesitate to
    email me!

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    gwyneth anne bronwynne jones for the NTTI/MPT conference March24-25, 2000
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