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Ms. Fix-It Home Maintenance
entering 26th YEAR OF SERVICE!

to maintain your home or office.
~ Serving Baltimore, MD since 1989 ~

Picture of Mary

      Mary Kintner is the sole proprietor of Ms. Fix-It Home Maintenance, and she has been serving the homeowners and property managers of Baltimore, MD since 1989.

IMPORTANT CHANGE OF STATUS: She is currently, in 2015, NOT licensed, NOT insured--as her primary responsibility has morphed into caring 24/7 for both of her elderly parents: WW2 veteran Floyd Kintner, and his wife Regina.

Mary grew up on a farm, learning about self-reliance; you would have found her weeding the garden for hours on end! And riding her bicycle all over Cecil County. She was one of two valedictorians from the 1982 class of Perryville High School. She has a BA in Small Business Management from UMBC.    She completed McGraw-Hill's Basic Electrician Course, has taken Welding at Community College of Baltimore County.   Mary learned stained glass repair at The Artists' Corner.   She is a member of The Electric League of Maryland, takes continuing education courses, stays up-to-date with NEC (published by National Fire Protection Association, NFPA.) "Patience and persistence" is her personal credo.

      Hourly rates vary, depending on the skill level of the job: FROM ONLY $30/hr. and up. Ms. Fix-It prefers diagnosing on the phone, 410-433-7975, or exchanging information via e-mail:, then coming to your home with tools and experience and "just doing it."   Written estimates start at $75.

What Sorts Of Repairs Does Ms. Fix-It Do?

Ms. Fix-It loves performing service calls--stuff like repairing leaky faucets, running toilets, broken light fixtures, broken receptacles or wall switches, stuck or broken windows or doors, broken glass, clogged gutters, jammed garbage disposals. She SPECIALIZES IN SMALL JOBS. Mary will assemble your IKEA or mail-order furniture in your home.

Do you have a small remodeling job to be done? Ms. Fix-It can install ceramic tile or repair existing tiled areas. She can install drop ceilings, paint or paper a room, install the new pedestal sink that you bought on sale. She can recaulk your tub/shower stall. Or replace that old dead bolt lock and give your wood door a new coat of polyurethane, followed by the installation of a new mail slot.

Selling your home or buying a new one? Ms. Fix-It is familar with FHA inspection lists or buyer contingencies that must be done before settlement can occur. Things like peeling paint, broken glass, broken sash cords, damaged floorboards, loose steps, dangling light switches, holes in the walls. Plaster and drywall repairs; drywall replaced up to one full sheet (4' X 8')

Are you a property manager who occasionally needs the services of a skilled handyman? Maybe your regular handyman doesn't know how to refinish an old porcelain sink, or hang a door just right... Last minute apt. turnover...punch-out lists? Housing Code Violations? Call Mary Kintner, AKA,
Ms. Fix-It: 410-433-7975. E-mail: I offer substantial discounts on rental property repairs, because I know you are working on a tight budget.

To e-mail Mary, click mailbox
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