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15 Facts about Meteors

15 Facts of Meteors

1. When a meteor produces enough light to cast a shadow on the earth it is called a fireball.

2. A meteor ia a tiny particle from outerspace that produces light as it enters the earth's atmosphere.

3. When a fireball explodes in the atmosphere, it is called a bolide.

4. Meteors, in size, range from a grain of sand to a baseball.

5. The largest meteors are sometimes broken bits of astroids.

6. The radiant of the Leonide meteor shower is loacted in the constilation of Leo.

7. Radiant is the direction or area that the meteor shower comes from.

8. If the earth passes through a new meteoroid stream recently left by a comet, a shower with a very high meteor rate(a meteor storm) will occur.

9. In 1833, In the Leonid meteor shower, a meteor storm occured. 10,000 meteor's per hour were reported. 10-15 meteors were sighted per second.

10. Meteor streams are the particles left by comets in their orbit around the sun.

11. Meteor showers are created by cosmic debris that enter the earth's atmosphere at very high speeds.

12. There are about 9 annual meteor showers per year.

13. Records of meteors and meteor showers date back many years. Native Americans took records of the metoer and meteor showers that they saw in there life time.

14. On any night, any location, a few meteors can be seen each hour.

15. When a meteoroid enters the atmophere it creates a metoer, and whats left of the meteor,if anything, falls to the erath and os called a meteorite.