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Garasu no Kamen (The Glass Mask) by Suzue Miuchi


In 1976, Suzue Miuchi started "Garasu no Kamen" series with Hana to Yume ("Flowers and Dreams"), a popular comic for girls. This series quickly caught the interest of its readers and is now in its 20th year.

Garasu no Kamen, is also available in novels, anime, mangas, and TV drama. The age of the readership ranges up to age 40+. The production of the manga is currently back on monthly Hakunha magazines. Garasu no Kamen is definitely one of the longest shoujo manga series. What is the power that captured millions of readers' heart? Glarasu no Kamen is Suzue Miuchi's most popular books from all her manga book collections.


Maya Kitajima, a very ordinary Japanese Junior High School student. Maya's father died when she was very little. Ever since, she and her mother live and work in a little Chinese noodle restaurant; they just go by very barely. Who is to know that this little girl will one day become a famous drama actress in Japan. Her mother often laughed about her dreams. "Stop, making me laugh, you are not pretty, you are not tall, we are not rich people. Why are you always so useless. Stop day dreaming, and help me with my work." What she and her mother didn't know was that Maya, even though seem just a ordinary girl, has great talents in stage acting, and the passion to achieve her dreams . Madame Tsukikage Chigusa is the person whom discovered Maya's talents. She was a very famous actress, but an unfortunate accident had caused her to leave the stage forever. Madame Tsukikage Chigusa's dream is to bring The Red Goddess Drama back to the theater stage.
Ayumi Himegawa, is Maya's opponent in competing for the role of Red Goddess. Who will be playing the main role? The answer is yet to come, hopefully, very soon.

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