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I never ever thought that I'd ever be making web pages,
much less receiving any awards for em.  But wow, I've done
it !!  *Big Smiles*    A very big  hug & TY to those that
nominated my pages for these awards & also to the
people that awarded me w/there beautiful awards &
thought my work was good enought to receive em !!

I think it is so great that people take the time
to give out awards to others for their hard work.
If you see an award on a site & have the time,
click on it & plz visit their site.
Thank you all very much !




Midnight, thank you so very much for these
beautiful awards you have given me.  They are all
so very beautiful!



Thanks Darlene for these 2  wonderful awards!
I am very honored!!

Thank you very much Mike !


Kimmy thanks so much for this
beautiful award !

Thank you Chantel !  I'm very honored to
receive this award & for the invite into
the webring !

Tami thank you very much !   *S*

Thank you very much Luuk!!

Thank you so very much for this adorable
teddy award !



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Jan. 10, 2000