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Human Deeds for Human Rights (HD4HR) is an organization dedicated to preserving human rights across the globe. HD4HR was established to promote human rights by getting more people involved in the world of activism. In order for human rights to be preserved, more people need to know what is going on. We take it upon ourselves to educate, and to encourage people to take action for human rights. We are committed to making a change on a local, national, and global level.

HD4HR raises money for different human rights causes. We do this by having benefit events, whether they be concerts, art exhibitions, or fundraising dinners. Through the events, we also raise awareness. The events are not just plain events with the benefit behind the scenes, we make it known what the event is for, and we welcome those interested to join us in the fight for human rights. Everyone involved in these benefits is involved for free, donating their time to different human rights causes.

Aside from the fundraising events, we also hold information sessions. After the benefit is over, we invite those interested to an information session (close to the date of the benefit) that would educate people on the organization, our goals, and the human rights issue that the money was raised for. This allows people to be able to educate on their own, and bring more people into the organization.

HD4HR was founded in September 1999 as an organization that would allow support of many human rights causes instead of just one, as most other organizations do. Supporting more than one human rights cause will allow people to see that human rights is an issue that is everywhere, not just in one situation. It also shows the similarities in different issues, and helps us work towards a world where human rights are never lacking.

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