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Human Deeds for Human Rights really needs your help. In order to bring our organization to the public and raise awareness, we first need people willing to help out in many ways.

First and foremost we need people who will be able to lend their valuable time to our cause. That basically means that we need more members who will sacrifice their time to help us organize strategies to make a difference in local communities, national and global issues as well. People who want to be involved on a grassroots level and have ideas and are creative - contact us. We aren't an organization with rigid rules. We are an organization that believes that everyone has input, and we are willing to listen to everyone in order to make this organization the best organization that it can be. We need man and woman power to help us through this hard but necessary struggle.

Also, like any other organization, group, company, family, etc., we need funds. This is an unfortunate thing, because we understand that everyone isn't rich. But living in the world we live in today, we must have the financial means on top of the intellectual means to make a difference. Everything costs money, especially the events we want to put on, the pamphlets we wish to print, the information we would like to distribute. Everything. So we need financial help, as well. To start the local chapters right now we are in desperate need of funding, so if you can help out - be it $1 or $1000 - we would appreciate whatever you can do.

Please contact us if you would like to help out in the organization. Remember, we believe that everyone can help in their own way and will accept anyone willing to help.

If you can spare a couple of dollars, we will accept it! We are trying to do wonderful things here, and can't do it without the financial help of the people - the same people we know can put their minds into making this world a better place.

Thanks in advance!

Email us if you can do either, or both. If you would like to join HD4HR, or start your own chapter, contact us with *join HD4HR* in the subject. If you would like to make a donation to HD4HR, contact us with *donation to HD4HR* in the subject. The addresses are below and in the *CONTACT* section of our website, where our snail mail address is also located. We look forward to hearing from you!


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