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We are planning an event in the Los Angeles area for sometime in the future. It will consist of 3 or more bands, and maybe some educational film pieces in the background. We are looking for venues for all ages and sponsors. If you would like to help out in the organizating aspects of this benefit, please contact us through email.

We are also planning an event for the New Jersey/New York area for later, same deal with the bands. If you have any ideas for this and would like to help out if you are in the area, drop us an email as well.

These benefits are being organized to raise money for HD4HR and possibly some other organizations who join with us on different campaigns. More information in the future.

Please contact us if you would like to help out in organizing or participating in the benefits, or for donations!

Thanks in advance!

To be on the benefit event announcement list, please send a blank email to the following link:

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