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George T. George

I welcome you to my home page on net.

I work as web site consultant.

Brief history of my E-mail and Internet world background. I started using E-mail, to be specific, E-mail alone,our company being one among those first few ones to get the connection in India when it was introduced in 1993. Those days internet was not there. I started Designing web pages in Jan/Feb 1996 a few months after internet was introduced in India. I think Internet became popular because of Windows 95's ease of use. Previous Windows version 3.1, was not accepted widly. Windows 95 was released after much delays in end of 1995 or early 1996. No institutes offered any training on internet programming. My source of knowledge was the book "Learn HTML in 14 days", my friend Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Vels bought from the Book Fair in January 1996. It took me almost a month to familarise with the HTML concepts as it differed from other programming languages.

Those days one needed to pay an advance DD for Rs. 10,000 to BSNL to get 100 hours internet. If that gets exhaused, again advance payment DD was required. It was a tough even then to get the connection after paying the money. One has to Wait for days before it used to get activated. The connection was slow dial up connection. Now for a high speed broadband connection, one has to pay an advance money of less than 1000 rupees and in hours it is activated. That too unlimited browing package.

I am thinking of the days in early 90's when hard disk of computer was hardly 20 MB. It was Intel 8088 family machines. And there used to be floppy disks of 1.2 / 1.44 MB to take backups!!! No Laser printers those days. Used to print with dot matrix printers of 80 and 132 columns. Then came the Intel x286 family machines in 1994 with a price tag of 2 lacks plus and this used to be advertised by Sterling Computers in Newspapers daily. Then came 386/486 etc. and the rest is history.

Regarding Internet marketing it was only directories wherein one can put the sites those days. Yahoo directory was the most popular. One can go to the required category and add the site.

Thanks for dropping in.