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3/30/04 As I'm sure you've noticed, the archive has pretty much died. I just can no longer find the motivation and/or time for it anymore. I'll keep updating the personal section and check the links pages every once in a blue moon to look for dead links and perhaps add new ones but the archive? Not gonna get updated unless it's 1.) the last of some fics I asked someone for or 2.) something I've written.

The stories already there will stay there (provided the author doesn't ask me to take it down), so you don't need to worry about a story you like that you have bookmarked vanishing on you.

I have removed the guestbook because the only people who ever seem to sign it anymore are the ones who leave nasty messages about my having the temerity to use a no right click javascript to protect my icons from the ones who just know of that method to steal them. (And the other ones take so much more effort, I wonder why they bother.)

The site's managed to last for a good long while in terms of Internet-time, anyway. Been around since 2000. It's probably just as well, really. I've used up over 3/4 of my space and couldn't have made too many more updates if I had kept to my old updating pace.

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