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New Photos 10/09/09.
String Lake.JPG 97k String Lake is a beautiful spot anytime of the year. But it is particularly nice under 6" of snow. This snow fall was October 5. Next day the sun came out and the snow was gone very quickly. But there will be more. Lots more.
Grand Teton.JPG 33k Mtn. Moran as seen at Oxbow Bend is one of several mountain peaks in Grand Teton National Park. This park is located North of Jackson Hole and leads into the South end of Yellowstone. There is one admission for both parks. There is plenty of hiking, horseback riding or rafting the Snake River. The scenery is great. Here's a fall view nearby.
String Lake.JPG 76k The Beartooth Highway is a spectacular drive. These wildflowers greeted us on our drive in July of 2009. It is steep and winding with many great view points. Here's a mountain view. And here's a view of Beartooth Lake. This is US 212 and it is closed in the winter. The 67 mile drive from the northeast entrance to Yellowstone to Red Lodge, Mt takes about 3 hours. And yes, I know this highway is in Montana.
Old Faithful.JPG 18k Old Faithful is probably Yellowstone's most noted attraction. It erupts about every 90 minutes. While watching this display, I was accompanied by one of the parks bison. I could not shake this fellow. He followed me all over the area.
Norris Basin 49K Norris Geyser Basin is loaded with geothermal wonders. I expected a T. Rex to jump out of the woods at any moment! You can walk around this area on the board walk. DON'T step off the walk! The surface here is very thin and brittle, so one can fall through it into the 200° water. Ouch!
Geyser.JPG 49k Another geyser pops off. It is viewed from a wooden deck and walkway and always gererates a lot of ooohs and aaaahs from the crowd; just like fireworks. This one is a regular too. Some of them only erupt every 200 years or more. I don't think I'll wait.
Mamouth Hot Spr.JPG 40k Mamouth Hot Springs was originally the headquarters for the cavalry who were in charge of the park before the inception of the Park Service. This shot is over polarized but you can still get the idea. This is mostly calcium deposits containing various amounts of iron. There is frequently a large herd of elk hangin' out here.
A Hot Spring.JPG 56k Hot springs such as this are scattered all around the park. They may look inviting, but a serious scalding awaits the person foolish enough to place a body part into one.
Lower Falls 40K Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River is pretty spectacular, like most of the stuff in the park. There is a metal stairway that you can walk down and get a close-up view of the falls. But remember, the return trip is a killer!! Here is another shot.
Grand Canyon Yellowstone 92K The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone as seen from Artist's Point. This spot is popular and is located a little north of the falls. This spot is particularly colorful after a rain.
Tower Falls 97K Tower Falls is located in the northern end of the park. It is in the Tower- Roosevelt Area. We stayed in a cabin at the Roosevelt Lodge and had a great time sitting on the lodge porch in the evening shooting the breeze with folks from around the country. A couple of black bears even showed up in the parking lot for entertainment.
Moose 55K Moose can be found through out Yellowstone and Teton. This cow and calf were at Canyon Village amoung the cabins as we were leaving. Buffalo and elk are even more common. Wolves are not so often seen. But we got lucky and actually saw two this day.


Last Update: 10/09/2009
Ed Houk