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Pine Grove Furnace is about 9 miles North of Caledonia State Park on PA Rt. 233. It also features an iron furnace, but it includes many of the village structures that supported the furnace operations. There are two lakes. Fuller has a small beach for swimming. The larger Laurel has a great picnic area and boat rentals along with the beach.
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Masion.JPG 68k Iron Master's Mansion Is located on PA Rt. 233. This is a very large structure which is now a youth hostel.
furnace.JPG 86k The furnace is about all that's left of the furnace operation. Here is a drawing of the process.
Fuller Lake.JPG 58k Fuller Lake has a swimming beach as well as providing a nice scene. There are picnic tables as well. It is also the beginning of the hiking trail to Laurel Lake.
Falls.JPG 64k Creek We follow this scenic creek as we hike East to Laurel Lake. This is a great hike and it is dead flat, so almost anyone can do it.
Laurel LK 58k Laurel Lake This is our first view of the lake. The boat rental facility is on the left and the picnic/beach area is to the right. A Fall view.


Stables 98k Stables This is or was the stables and carriage house when this was a working furnace. It is now the general store where one can park and get a snack.
Trail 105k Trail This trail eventually turns into Railroad Bed Road. It is dead flat so it is a nice walk or bike ride. The trail and road connect Fuller Lake and Laurel Lake.
Pole Steeple 91k Pole Steeple Trail is located off of Railroad Bed Road on the south side of Laurel Lake. There is parking there. It is a very steep trail with a rocky climb at the end. Great fun!! If you are not into climbing you can reach the top on two longer but no as steep trails, Old Forge Road from the east or the Appalachian Trail from the west.
Trail 69k A nice view greets us at the end of our rocky climb. There were people rock climbing here. Not for me. This view is looking northeast. We had a beautiful day and lots of people were there.
Trail 97k Laurel Lake from the overlook. This is looking about due north now.


Last Update: 12/23/2001