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The New Hampshire Photo Page

We took a trip to Maine starting in Sept. 4, 2002. On the way home we stopped at the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a week. Arrival was Thurs. Sept. 12th. We really had a nice time.
Old Man.JPG Old Man on The Mountain at Franconia State Park in the White Mountains. Been there a while. It is secured with cables to keep it from falling.
NOTE: Sometime during the night of Friday May 2, 2003, the stoney face crumbled into the valley below. Cables and epoxy could not stop the ways of mother nature. The New Hampshire icon is no more.
Portland Light.JPG 60k Covered bridge over Pemigewasset River in Franconia Notch State Park. This is in the Flume Gorge Area and is an extra fee of $8 per person, I think. It is worth it in my opinion.
Flume Gorge.JPG Flume Gorge at Franconia State Park is a neat place. This is the board walk up the gorge. Very narrow. There is a small falls at the top. You can spend an afternoon at this place.
Sentinel Pine Bridge.JPG Sentinel Pine Bridge is also in the park. It was built in 1938 on a fallen pine tree. A big one which spans the river. Scenic spot too.
Silver Flume.JPG Silver Flume near Crawford Notch is along the road, Rt. 302. Cascade Flume is about 100 feet away. We stayed in Twin Mountain Area. It was centrally located for the activities in which we wished to participate. N. Conway is a popular place to stay but a bit out of the way for us. Lots of town stuff to do there including outlet shopping, tax free. We did that on a rainy Sunday.
Mtn. Wash. Cog RR.JPG Mtn. Washington Cog RR This is our ride to the top of Mtn. Washington. It was $49 a head, but well worth it in our opinion. The railroad has been in operation since the 1860's.
Visitor Center.JPG Vistor Center on Mtn. Washington. It was windy and cold but the sky was clear. There is a meterological museum in there as well as food. If you don't want to ride the train, you can drive, take a van or walk up the mountain. Our truck was too big. We weren't allowed on the road.
Mtn. Wash. Cog RR.JPG Mtn. Washington Cog RR This is our ride headed down. We stayed and took another train down. It only waits about 20 minutes. You can't see it all in that time. Go up in the morning and be sure of the weather. If its not clear, don't go.
Visitor Center.JPG Cog on Mtn. Washington looks pretty small in comparison to the mountains. Beautiful scenery!!
Sunset.JPG Sunset in the campground. We had a nice trip. There is lots to see and do. Great hiking and lots of lakes and waterfalls. There is also the Conway Scenic Railroad if you would rather ride. Clark's is interesting as well. We are looking forward to returning soon.


Last Update: 01/02/2003