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Grizzly Falls.JPG 87k Grizzly Falls is located on the North side of Rt. 180 about 2.25 miles from the entrance to the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park. You can find it on the park service map at their website. The park has relatively easy hiking trails among the sequoia forests and roaring rivers. We met our only unconfined rattlesnake as we walked up to Moro Rock in this park. He moved away too fast to get a picture.
Half Dome.JPG 95k Half Dome is one of the central attractions in Yosemite National Park. This shot is made near Glacier Point which is well above the Yosemite Valley. If you wish you can spend a day or two climbing up the back of this formation.
Vernal Falls.JPG 72k Vernal Falls is a tough climb up steep, granite steps, but it is worth the trip. If you walk past Vernal you soon come to Nevada Falls which is equally spectacular. There is a great spot to rest at the top of Vernal to prepare for the descent. You can get a distant view of both falls from the location where the Half Dome photo was shot.
El Capitan.JPG 71k El Capitan is another main attraction in Yosemite National Park. It towers 3200 ft. above the valley. People actually take several days to climb this granite rock face! During the day you can see these folks as colored specks clinging to the rock and at night you can see their lights glowing as tiny star like dots in the dark.


Last Update: 02/13/2000