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Cass is a great place to visit. Here is the Official Cass Home Page. Here is another tourist line in the area for you to check out, The Durbin and Greenbriar .
Store 78kThe General Store is the first thing that catches your eye when you roll into Cass from the east via Rt. 66. Quite an imposing structure. It houses a museum, snack bar and store.
Station 98k Station The old C&O station is on the tracks, where else. It houses the office, ticket booth and restrooms.
House 91K137 Front St. was our home for 2 nights. It had all the comforts of home, TV, woodstove, new kitchen stove, frig, microwave and more. Front St. is nice because it is quiet. This is a 3 bedroom job. Only thing is the middle bedroom has no hall access except through one of the other bedrooms.
Main St. 91 Main St. on a nice Fall morning looking southeast. The houses are the same but the street is a main drag and can be noisey. This road will take you to the Snowshoe ski area.
Shay 5 97KNumber 5 takes on water before dropping down to the station for its first Whittaker run of the day. This is my favorite part of Cass, going down in the morning and watching them prepare the trains. They start about 9 o'clock.
Shay 5 92K Number 5 heads toward the water tower with a rather lite load of passengers for Whittaker. Of course this is a Thursday so it wasn't crowded.
Shay 5 80KNumber 5 Moves to the outside track to pickup its empties for the Friday AM run.
Shay 5 77K Number 5 again just shuffling around at the shops. The big problem here is lighting for photos it's not great in the morning. But that's when all the action occurs!!
Shay 2 71K Number 2 the working parts. I love Number 2. It seems to be the only one that they open up the cylinder cocks. It really puts on a show. She is just sitting here waiting to roll.
Shay 2 96KNumber 2 makes a move to the outside to allow another engine to move. Number 6 is sitting behind me at the shop. Her flues have run out and she will be overhauled. Seems like only yesterday I saw her stripped down in the shop for the same thing.
Shay 2 73K Number 2 Here we go. With cylinder cocks steaming away, number 2 rolls toward the shop.
Shay 2 53KNumber 2 I know there's a shay in there somewhere. 2 drifts back toward the water tower. We had a great day shaping up on this Thursday.
Shay 2 73K Number 2 It's 2's turn for its morning drink.
Shay 2 53KNumber 2 I love this part. Here we go with the steam again. By the way, we didn't even ride the train. We hiked the Greenbriar Trail which was the old C&O. You can pick it up about a mile south of Cass. Great for hiking or biking along the river. We did about 12 miles round trip. The Greenbriar Railtrail link
Shay 2 58K Number 2 Now she's serious. Note the cinder screen on top is not yet secured. The fireman clamps it down before they head out.
Shay 11 112KNumber 11 moves up to get the Bald Knob train.
Shay 11 112KNumber 11 takes her turn at the water tank on Thursday morning. She will make the run to Bald Knob with Number 2.
Shay 2 91K Number 11 heads down to the station with the train. Number 2 has been patiently waiting for her there. They must doublehead up to Bald Knob due to the 11% grade near the top.
Shay 11 61KNumber 2 and 11 start the train to Bald Knob. Look at the steam from 2's cylinders!! The trip is about 4 hours. You get a nice view of the valley from Bald Knob. There is also a stop at Whittaker. You have some time to inspect the rolling stock museum there.
3 Shays 91K 3 shays all in a row on Friday morning. This is how you find them at 9AM. After they lube up the gears, the fun begins.
Saw Mill 106K The mill This is what's left of the old logging mill operation. I'll bet it was something in it's day.

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Last Update: 11/17/2001