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Amtrak Trestle.JPG 38k Amtrak Bridge in Harve de Grace, MD provides a nice sun rise shot of this southbound Amtrak train. It was shot from Robert's Park on the southwest side of the bridge. It took about ten days to get this one. The timing was critical. It isn't exactly what I wanted. It also wasn't what the photo contest judges wanted either. Now-a-days you may even see some NS in the daylight at this spot. Plenty of places to eat too. If you prefer some CSX action, their tracks are just a little to the East.
Perryville.JPG 49k Perryville, MD The MARC train makes it's last stop North (East) bound. This was a gathering spot for railfans at night prior to the NS takeover. Now, you don't see much freight in the evenings. Perryville is located on the North (East) end of the Amtrak bridge in the previous photo.

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Last Update: 06/25/2001