websitesWho I am is not only what I do but what I can become

I've worked in the field of graphic design, multimedia and web development for over 12 years in both the corporate and private sectors. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I have a strong desire to align myself with a mission-driven organization dedicated to providing quality and innovative visual media.


.Website Design/Administration:

  • Designed and implemented specifications for the training website.
  • Updated the website with the latest web technology while meeting the needs of the user community and adhering to company directives.
  • Managed development of web structure, navigation and other associated technologies.
  • Designed and created the graphics, photos, multimedia and other visual assets for the website.
  • Coordinated with the five training facilities to maintain current and accurate site content while insuring design continuity throughout the website.
  • Developed user interface and a back-end database using ASP and Microsoft Access to calculate participant scores and track participation while utilizing the applications.
  • Produced on-line articles and ad banners to showcase the offerings of the training department.
  • Generated monthly usage report.

Project Management:

  • Managed project implementation of web-based training technologies including on-line training applications,
    site design and development.
  • Developed prototype and functional specifications for on-line learning initiatives.
  • Maintained production schedule, milestones and progress reports.
  • Worked directly with clients, trainers and subject-matter experts to develop a comprehensive course of study.
  • Created storyboards, scripts, programming details and course content for development.
  • Programmed course interface and design content for web delivery.
  • Performed quality checks on all deliverables.
  • Coordinated and scheduled participants for final testing of on-line modules.
  • Integrated course modules with delivery system for on-line access.
  • Created informational brochures, slide shows and audiovisual presentations to be used at tradeshows,
    conferences and demonstrations outlining our products.

Systems Administration:

  • Maintained Assessment Management System and the Communications Centerfor delivery of on-line training and exams.
  • Performed system upgrades and scheduled routine maintenance.
  • Responsible for the daily monitoring of systems for accessibility, while providing training and support to customers
    and company personnel.
  • Produced operating procedures and user guides for utilizing both systems.
  • Developed on-line help tools for course registration and participant use of the communications systems


  • Software: Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop CS, Illustrator, Visual Web Developer,
    Camtasia Studio, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access.
  • Programming: HTML, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, ASP. Access database programming