Face Name [Date artist turned over sculpt to LMODC]

ANGEL BABY (Eva Helland) [020802]
Bunny Bundle
Ready to Hug
So Huggable

Angel Bear African American
Baby Bows
Baby Girl
Best Buddies
Factory Nursery Baby (my African American Candace Mae "Candy")
Family Treasure (medium skin)
Let's Go Sailing (medium skin)
Little Snowflake (Newborn dark skin)
Merry Go Fun
My Sweet Baby medium
Rattle Time
Someone to Care For Pink (dark skin)
Someone To Care For Green Print (dark)
Winter Fun (dark skin in Let It Snow outfit) [T.J. Maxx]

AMANDA (Lee Middleton) * [122883]
Amanda Springtime

BABY FACE (Reva Schick) [021898]
Angel Baby
Autumn's Afternoon
Bunny Soft (newborn)
Bright New World
Butterfly Dreams  (newborn)
Christmas Elf (dark skin) [newborn]
Christmas Elf (light skin) [newborn]
Daddy's Little Girl
Elegance (Spiegel Exclusive)
Factory Nursery Baby (my green eyed redhead Taffy Jany)
Factory Nursery Baby (my Hispanic Titania Marie)
Factory Store Special (my African American Trista Belle)
Farmer (Farmer in the Dell)
Goldilocks (Classic Miniature)
Innocence (Expo'99)
Little Princess (AA-C-H)
Lovin' Gingerbread Boy
Native American Baby 1870 (Faces of America)
Native American Baby 1870 8" (Faces of America) [Classic Miniatures]
November (Birthstone babies)
Olivia (Elegant Edition)
Our Little Sweetie (FAO Schwarz)
Our Pride and Joy (light skin)
Our Pride and Joy (medium skin)
Our Pride and Joy (light skin) [Classic Miniatures]
Our Pride and Joy (medium skin) [Classic Miniatures]
Pink Gingham
Precious In Green
Precious in His Sight (Hispanic)
Spring Bouquet (white)
Springtime Stroll
Strawberry Sundae
Sweet Blue Birdie
Sweetly Sailing Caucasian boy & girl
Sweetly Sailing Hispanic boy & girl
Sweet Sis
Tic Tac Toe
Vintage Girl (TJ Maxx no lashes)

BABY LOVE (Reva Schick) [032598]
Butterfly Kisses
Clownin' Around (toddler)
Heart's Desire
I Love America (girl)
I Love Cape May boy (Oma's Dolls Cape May, NJ Store Special)
I'm A Big Girl Now
June (Birthstone babies)
Lavender Love
Leopard Print (Design Darling)
Little Co-Pilot
Little Miss Proper (24" toddler)
Little Sweetheart
Love At First Sight (Expo Special)
Love Bug boy
Love Bug girl
Love Goes 'Round (TJ Maxx  no eyelashes in Love Makes The World Go yellow dress)
Messenger Angel:  Love
MOB:  Baby Love Toddler
Party Time
Recital Day
Ring Around the Rosie
School Days (straight legs)
Simply Sweet
Sweet Memories
Spring Angel
Springtime (boy)
Sweet Angel (FAO Schwarz)
Walk in the Park
Winter Fun (light skin) [T.J. Maxx]

BABY MINE (Reva Schick) [052804]
Furry Friend (21" newborn)
Grandma's Girl (toddler)
Summer Sweetheart (full SL toddler - dark)

BABY TALK (Eva Helland) [020101]
Buddy Bear (light skin)
Buddy Bear (medium skin)
Little Baby Girl
Little Fishies (light skin tone)
Little Fishies (medium skin tone)
Rebekah (Elegant Edition)

BEAUTIFUL BABY (Reva Schick) [071999]                                                                                             
Beautiful (newborn)
China (Children of the World)
China 8" (Children of the World)            
China 2003 (Children of the World)
Factory Nursery Baby (my Asian Face Kenji)
Hawaii (Faces of America)
Hawaii (Classic Miniature)
Japan (Children of the World)
Japan (Classic Miniature)
Lilacs & Gingham (full SL toddler)
Li Ying Comes Home (toddler FSL)
Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Asian)
Maia (Elegant Edition)
Maia 8" (Elegant Edition)
Morning Sky
Pampers Kids:  Asian
Ready For School
Snuggles (Asian)
Thailand (Children of the World)
Thailand (Classic Miniature)
Winter Wonder

No picture at this time.
BELOVED (Lee Middleton)* [011092]
Bedtime Story
Beloved & Bebe (porcelain)
Daydreamer (Bedtime Baby Boy outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Good Friends
Happy Birthday (blue & pink)
She's So Pretty
Sunbeams and Flowers

BRIGHT EYES (Eva Helland) [032701]
Perfect Baby Girl

No picture at this time.
BUBBA CHUBBS (Lee Middleton) [082284]
Bitsy Chubbs (porcelain girl)
Bubba Chubbs
Bubba Chubbs Batboy
Bubba Chubbs Railroader
Bubba the Kid

No picture at this time.
BYE BABY (Lee Middleton) [040287]
Blessed Homecoming (First Club Doll 1997)
Bye Baby Bunting
To Grandmother's House We Go (Second Club Doll 1998)

No picture at this time.
CHERISH (Lee Middleton) [041287]
Cat Nap CE
Cherish (porcelain)
Cotton Top
Hug-A-Bug CE
Little Guy  CE

CUDDLE BUG (Reva Schick)
Little Skyler (17" Playbaby)
Little Skyler (17" Playbaby)

CUDDLE ME (Reva Schick) {pacifier} [111197]
All Star
Baby Bear (Caucasian)
Beary Cute
Being Good
Cotton Candy
Cute Li'l Baby (Little Bit of Heaven Exclusive)
Family Treasure (light skin)
Good Boy!
Honey Pie
Let It Rain (boy)
Let It Rain (girl)
Little Skater
Little Snowman (one day production)
Lucky Ducky
MOB:  Cuddle Me ABC
MOB:  Cuddle Me Duck White
MOB:  Cuddle Me Giraffe Yellow
Pink Beauty (2004 Atlanta, GA market exclusive)
Precious In Blue
Primary Bear
Ready To Go
Soft & Sweet
Soft As A Snowflake (Winter Wonder) [T.J. Maxx]
Someone To Care For Blue Print
Someone To Care For Floral Print
Too Cute (boy & girl)
Very Good Baby (Toys R Us)
Zoom Zoom! (dark)
Zoom Zoom! (light)

CUTIE PIE (Reva Schick) [032299]
Dressed for the Holidays (Fourth Club Doll 2000)
Factory Nursery Baby (my green eyed blond, Henry John)
May (full toddler)
Morning Glory
My Little Lamb
My Little Lamb (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes)
Pig (Farmer in the Dell)
She's So Sweet
Soccer Star (TJ Maxx girl in soccer outfit)
Spring Recital
Tender and Timeless
The Thirties (The Way We Were)
The Thirties (TJ Maxx painted lashes)
Young At Heart
Zebra Print (Design Darling)

DARLING ANGEL (Reva Schick) [0925501]
Darling Angel Pink Bear (medium skin) [Treasured Child]

DARLING BABY (Reva Schick) [010802]
Korea (Children of the World)

DREAMER (Eva Helland) [071101]
Afternoon Adventure 26" (L'innocence)
First Generation African American (Faces of America)
Gypsy Melody
Imperial Splendor (medium skin)
Morning Chores 26" (L'innocence)
Spring in Paris 26"
Winter Splendor 26" (L'innocence)

No Picture at this time!
FIRST BORN (Lee Middleton) {pacifier} [080194 CE]
MOB: First Born Awake Giraffe Pink OE
MOB: First Born Awake Boy
MOB: First Born Awake Girl
MOB: First Born Boy CE
MOB: First Born Girl CE
Picture Perfect OE
Pretty As A Rose OE
Quiet As A Mouse CE
Romper Series CE (Caucasian & African America)
Someone To Care For (Blond)
So Snuggly CE
Softly Sleeping CE
Starry Night CE & OE
Wee One CE & OE

No Picture at this time!
FIRST MOMENTS (Lee Middleton) [120293 CE] [062194 OE]
Battenburg Christening
Christening (vinyl & porcelain)
Feelin’ Froggy
Lullaby Time
Peaches & Pearls
Toot Sweet

GIGGLES (Reva Schick) [080197]
Factory Store Edition (my Sunny Daze)
Going To A Party
Hello Sunshine (newborn)
Little Cowboy

No Picture at this time!
GRACE (Lee Middleton) [041388]
Blue Bonnet (Precious in Blue outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Fresh as a Daisy
Garden Party
Grace (porcelain)
Santa’s Helper (boy & girl)

HAPPY BABY (Reva Schick)
Day at the Orchard (newborn)

HONEY LAMB (Reva Schick) [091501]
ABeaver (Tom Arma Series)
Classic Charm (light skin toddler FSL)
Classic Charm (medium skin toddler FSL)
Dancing Bears
Factory Store Edition (my Christianna Jeanne)
Friends Forever-Boy
Friends Forever-Girl
One Little Heart (light skin)
One Little Heart (medium skin)
HONEY LAMB (Reva Schick) [091501] {cont.}
Pink Fantasy (straight leg full toddler)
Poppies & Plaid (full SL toddler)
Teddy Comes Too

No Picture at this time!

HONEY LOVE (Lee Middleton) {pacifier} [091295 CE] [010596 OE]
Afternoon Nap CE & OE (Caucasian & African American)
All Dolled Up OE
Blushing Heart (Af Am awake) [Spiegel Exclusive]
Bo Peep OE
Button, Button OE
Cuddle Time OE
Cup Of Tea OE
Loving Tribute OE
MOB: Honey Love Awake Boy AA/C
MOB: Honey Love Awake Girl AA/C
MOB: Honey Love Duck Green OE (dark skin tone)
MOB: Honey Love Duck Yellow OE
MOB: Honey Love Sleeping Boy AA/C
MOB: Honey Love Sleeping Girl AA/C
Proud Heritage boy CE (brown outfit African American)
Proud Heritage girl OE (brown outfit African American)
Slumber Kisses CE (African American)
Slumber Kisses OE (Caucasian)
Snowbunny boy OE (Caucasian & African American)
Snowbunny girl OE (Caucasian & African American)
Someone To Care For (brunette)
Summer Fun CE & OE
Sweet Rose OE
Treasured Traditions OE
Twinkle Star boy OE
Twinkle Star girl OE

HONEY PIE (Reva Schick) [081400]
Baby Blocks
Buds & Bows (light skin) [newborn]
Buds & Bows (medium skin) [newborn]
Cookies for Santa (straight leg light skin)
Cookies for Santa (straight leg dark skin)
Cotton Tails
Golden Days (light)
Golden Days (medium)
How Does Your Garden Grow? (full straight leg toddler)
Just Like Mommy
Norway (Children of the World)
Thank Heaven for Little Girl (s)
Travel With Teddy (light skin)
Travel With Teddy (medium skin)

HUSH A BABY (Reva Schick) {sleeping} [031597]
Angel Love
Hearts & Flowers
Little Beauty
Little Lullaby
Native American Sleeping Baby (medium skin)
Shhhh….baby sleeping (newborn)
Sleeping Beauty
Snoozy Bear
Spring Bouquet (green)
Sweetheart Rose (outfit unknown)[T.J. Maxx]

No Picture at this time!
INNOCENT (Linda Henry) [081600]
Brave (newborn)
Caring (From The Heart – newborn)
Home Tweet Home
Special Gift
Sweet (From The Heart – newborn)
Teddy Bear Tales
Teddy Bear Tales (TJ Maxx painted lashes)

ITTY BITTY (Reva Schick) [123004]
Baby Mei Mei (preemie)
Baby Blossom (full preemie)[Breath of Life]

No picture at this time.
JOEY (Lee Middleton) [083188]
Go Bye Bye

JOYFUL GIFT (Reva Schick) [010801]
Beary Best Friends (toddler)
Golden Buttercup (full toddler) [light]
Golden Buttercup (full toddler) [medium]
Mongolia (newborn)

JUST BORN (Lorna Miller) [020502]
Snuggle With Me (dark skin)

LI'L CHARMER (Reva Schick)  [021800]
Apple Blossom (toddler)

LI'L DARLIN (Reva Schick)  [021800]
Apple Blossom (toddler)
Baby Hugs
Country Charm
Curls & Twirls (light)
Curls & Twirls (medium)
Factory Store Special (my Lucy Angelica)
I’m So Pretty
Jewels and Lace (21” newborn)
Little Fraulein (full SL toddler)
Rachael’s Rabbit (straight leg medium skin)
Summer Dreams (Little Darlin face - infant body)
Susannah (Elegant Edition)
Sweet & Innocent (light skin)
Sweet & Innocent (medium skin)
Sweet Lilies

LI’L PEANUT (Reva Schick) [020501]
Animal Parade
For Love of Country (dark skin)
For Love of Country (light skin)
For Love of Country (medium skin)
Fun on the Slopes
Little Chilly (newborn)
Little Conductor
Little Posy (newborn)
Little Teddy (light skin)
Little Teddy (medium skin)
Messenger Angel: Gentleness
My Precious Panda (21” newborn)
Scotland (Children of the World)
Snow Monkey (Tom Arma Series)
Sweet as Honey
Treasured Memories (newborn)

No picture at this time.
LITTLE ANGEL (Lee Middleton) * [100979]
Wishfinders Little Angel

LITTLE BABY (Reva Schick)
Baby Addison (12” playbaby)
Baby Madison (12” playbaby)

No picture at this time.
LITTLE BLESSINGS (Lee Middleton) [120293]
Blessed Event OE
Bundle Up OE (boy and girl)
Bunny Love OE
Cuddle Up OE
Little Blessings OE
MOB: Little Blessings Awake Boy
MOB: Little Blessings Awake Girl
Newborn Twins CE & OE (boy & girl)
Pretty In Pink OE
Ships Ahoy OE

LITTLE CUTIE (Reva Schick)  [052305]
Look What I Did! (toddler soft arms)

No picture at this time.
LITTLE HUGS (Mavis Synder) [092099]
Fluffy (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in furry white kitty outfit)
I’m This Big
Irish Eyes
Li’l Snowball

No picture at this time.
LITTLE LOVE (Lee Middleton) {pacifier} [071294]
ABC Look At Me
Baby’s First Book
Country Cozy
Cuddle Bumps
Daisies and Lace (Gingham & Daisies) [T.J. Maxx]
Little Big Guy
Lullaby (boy & girl)
MOB: Little Love Boy OE
MOB: Little Love Girl OE
Peek-A-Boo (boy & girl)
Romper Series Awake
Sleepy Time Boy
Such A Good Boy
Sweet And Petite (porcelain)
Sweet Baby Boy
Sweet Christening (Third Tribute Doll)
Touch of Velvet
Wee Willie Winkie

LITTLE ONE (Reva Schick) {African American} [072197]
Baby’s First Christmas
Bear Hugs (boy & girl)
Bunny Dreams
Cute As Can Bee
Homespun (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in At The Zoo outfit)
Kenya (Children of the World)
Little Ballerina green
Little Scottie Boy
Little Scottie Girl
I Wanna Play Basketball
MOB: Baby Bear (J. C. Penney Exclusive)
New Beginnings (My Own Baby Spiegel)
Pajama Party (dark skin)
Proud Heritage boy (burgundy outfit)
Proud Heritage girl (burgundy outfit)
Snow Baby
Snuggles (medium)
Soft & Innocent
Spring Bouquet (pink)
Stars & Stripes (dark skin)

LITTLE SPROUT (Eva Helland) [071801]
Alison (Elegant Edition)

No Photo Yet!
Daffy-Dill (2006 LM Convention Exclusive)

LITTLE SUNSHINE (Reva Schick) [051601]
Colors of Spring 26" (L'innocence)
Little Miss 26" (L'innocence)

LITTLE SWEETHEART (Reva Schick) {pacifier} [031998]
Angel Bear
Beary Precious
Bedtime Babies boy
Bedtime Babies girl
Best Friend Bear
Carousel Dreams (JC Penney)
First Recital (FAO Schwarz)
Flowers for Mommy (newborn)
I Love You
Isn’t It Fun?
Jaden (20” playbaby)
Let’s Go Sailing (light skin)
Let’s Go Sailing (TJ Maxx painted lashes)
Little Snowflake (light skin)
Little Sweetheart Brown Bear [Treasured Child]
Little Sweetheart Pink Bear [Treasured Child]
Little Sweetheart Yellow Duck [Treasured Child]
My Sweet Baby (light skin)
Someone to Care For Green (Brunette)
So Sweet
This Little Piggy Boy
This Little Piggy Girl
Treasured Child Boy: LS Blue Jeans
Treasured Child Girl: LS Blue Pinafore
Treasured Child Girl: LS Pink Romper
Up, Up & Away
Victoria (Elegant Edition)

LITTLE TREASURE (Reva Schick) [071802]
Baby's First Prayer (2003 club doll dark)
Baby's First Prayer (2003 club doll light)
Fancy Pants
Grandma's Attic (newborn)
New England Morning (toddler)
Pretty Posies
She Loves Me (3/4 toddler)
She Loves Me (3/4 toddler - medium skin)
Store Edition Boy

MAMA'S ANGEL (Mavis Synder) {pacifier} [010301]
Loving (From The Heart - newborn)
Loving Heart
Tender (newborn)
Thoughful (From The Heart - newborn)

No Photo Yet!
MOLLY ROSE (Lee Middleton) * [050991]
Good Friend
Molly Rose (porcelain & vinyl)

No Photo Yet!
MOMMY'S DELIGHT (Reva Schick) [032999]
Gardening with Mommy light skin (newborn)
Gardening with Mommy dark skin (newborn)
Spring Morning (newborn)

MORNING LOVE (Jane Pinkstaff)
Playtime Bunny (21” newborn)

MOTHER'S JOY (Reva Schick) [033098]        
Alexis (Elegant Edition)
Alexis 8" (Elegant Edition)       
April (Birthstone Babies)
Being Sweet
Birthday Girl
B Is For Bear
Purr-ty Kitty (newborn) [light]
Purr-ty Kitty (newborn) [medium]
Bowling Team Mascot  (Classic Miniature)
Busy Bee
By Gone Days boy
Calico Cat, Gingham Dog
Dainty & Darling
Dainty & Sweet (Spiegel)
Daisy, Daisy
Doggone Cute (boy & girl)
Every Step of The Way (Pampers)
The Forties (The Way We Were)
Fun In The Sun
Hugs & Kisses
I Love You Beary Much
It Takes Two
Just Ducky
Keepsake Angel (dark skin) [2003 Club Gift]
Keepsake Angel (light skin) [2003 Club Gift]
Let It Snow
Little Pilot
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood (Classic Miniature)
Loyalty (Little League)
March (Birthstone Babies)
Patchwork Dreams (one week production)
Perfect Game
Polar Baby
Police Officer
Pretty Girl T Brown hair-brown eyes
Ring Bearer (Wedding Party)
Say Cheese
Soft & Innocent (Spinning Wheel Exclusive)
Stars & Stripes (light skin)
Sweet as Candy
Take Me Home
Teddy Bear Blues (Newborn light skin)
Teddy Bear Blues (Newborn medium skin)
That's My Girl
That's My Kitty
Tumbling Teddies   
Two By Two  
Warm & Cuddly

MUNCHKIN (Reva Schick) [060600]
By The Sea (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in Little Fishies outfit)
Elizabeth (Elegant Edition)
Gingham & Stars
Golden Amber (full infant)
Golden Girl
Just For Kicks
Little Blossom
Little Moonbeam
Lovin' Bundle
Our Angel
Peru (Children of the World)
Pink Ponies
Puppy Play
Tiny Ruffles (dark skin)
Tiny Ruffles (light skin)
Waiting For Santa (dark)
Waiting For Santa (light)

NEWBORN BABY (Reva Schick)
Little Bailey (13" Playbaby)

NEWBORN LOVE (Reva Schick) [080602]
Little Baby (dark skin - 2005 Club gift doll for Playing Mommy)
Little Baby (light skin - 2005 Club gift doll for Playing Mommy)

NEWBORN WONDER (Reva Schick) [020400]
Baby from Mommy and Baby
Bunting Baby (light and medium skin)
5 play dolls blue, pink C, pink ethnic, yellow & green
NBW Pink Flowers(13"play baby)
NBW Pink Striped (13"play baby)
NBW Pink Striped(13" Ethnic)
NBW Stars & Moons (13"play baby)
NBW Yellow Flowers (13" play baby)
Rockin' My Baby (light and ethnic)

NITE NITE TIME (Reva Schick) [091004]
Sound Asleep (newborn)

NOT FAIR (Reva Schick) [012705]
I Know My ABCs
Peas & Carrots (newborn)

PEACEFUL SLUMBER (Reva Schick) {sleeping} [111297]
Baby Dreams (Caucasian & African American)
Bundle of Love
Counting Sheep
Lions & Tigers & Bears
My LM nursery baby, Holly Reva
Sleepy Bear
Snuggle Bunny (Bunny Bundle outfit)

PEACHES (Reva Schick)  [110703]
Celebrate! (10 Year member 2006 convention doll)
Playing Mommy 2005 Club doll (dark skin)
Playing Mommy 2005 Club doll (light skin)
Special Little Girl (newborn)

PRECIOUS GIFT (Reva Schick) [080301]
Jessie (20" Playbaby)
Precious Gift Pink Rose  (Treasured Child)
Precious Gift Yellow Duck  (Treasured ChIld)
Someone To Care For Pink
Treasured Child Girl: PG Blue Jeans

PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY (Reva Schick) [073097]
All American Boy (light skin)
All American Boy (medium skin)
Baa - Baa Blue
Baby Mine
Buddy (newborn) [dark]
Buddy (newborn) [light]
Cat Bird
Hunny Bunny
I Wanna Play Football
Junior Varsity
Li'l Dandy (TJ Maxx with no eyelashes in the Ring Bearer outfit)
Mittens, Mittens
Reindeer Games (newborn)
Star Bright boy (Twinkle Star outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Star Bright girl (Twinkle Star outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Sugar Plum

(light skin)(medium skin)
Crystal Blue (full toddler)
Grandmother's Treasure (2nd Convention doll 2002)
Lilacs & Gingham (full SL toddler)
Sweet Hearts
Twenty-Five Years of Love (25th Anniversary)

PRETTY BABY (Reva Schick) [031503]
All Smiles
Bubble Bath (newborn)
Good Morning Mommy
Hop-Scotch (toddler full straight legs)
Yesteryear (newborn)

SASSY (Reva Schick) [041698]
Picture Day (newborn)
Pouty Paws (newborn)

No Photo Yet!
SLEEPY HEAD (Reva Schick) [041603]
Baby Amber (preemie full)
Baby Ariana
Baby Bethlyn
Baby Caroline
Baby Ellie (dark skin)
Baby Kathryn (light skin)

SMALL WONDER (Reva Schick) [040797]
American Beauty
American Beauty 8"
Bath Time (infant body)
By Gone Days girl
Cinderella (Classic Miniature)
Club Keepsake Angel (D) 2003
Club Keepsake Angel (L) 2003
Courage (Little League)
Daisy T lavender eyes
Dolly & Me
Forever Friends (girl)
Freckles (first with freckles)
Give Me A Hug (Gimme A Hug)
Grandmother's Dream
Growing Up
I Love Snow
I'm A Little Angel
I'm So Special
In The Pink
Italian Girl 1900 (Faces of America)
July (full toddler)
Junior Bridesmaid
Keepsake Memories (24" toddler)
Lambie Pie
Let's Play
Little Ballerina (pink)
Little Bo Peep (Classic Miniature)
Little Chickadee
Little Mommy
Little Peanut
Little Sunbeam
Little Violet (light skin)
Little Violet (medium skin)
Look What I Found
Lovin' Gingerbread Girl
Mommy's Good Girl
MOB:  Happy Bear (Toys R Us)
MOB:  New Beginnings (Spiegel Exclusive)
MOB:  Small Wonder Giraffe Blue
MOB:  Small Wonder Toddler
Pajama Party (light skin)
Pastel Print NB  Dark blonde hair - green eyes
Pink & Playful
Play Date (full SL toddler)
Precious in His Sight  (Caucasian)
Precious in His Sight 8" (Caucasian)
Pretty As A Picture
Ray of Sunshine
Ready To Play
Roses, Laces & Love
She'll Steal Your heart (light skin)
She'll Steal Your heart (medium skin)
Small Wonder Play Baby Toddler
Small Wonder (Porcelain) [J.C. Penney]
Special Delivery
Spring in Bloom Springtime Beauty
Summer Angel (Seasons of Angels)
Summer Angel 8" (Season of Angels)
Summer Morning
Sweet Pea
Wish Upon A Star
Yesterday's Dream (boy & girl)

SMALL WONDER PLAY BABY [090798 CM] [011400 OM]                                    
17" Loving Sister (Afrian American)
17" Loving Sister (Caucasian)
My Little Brother (2004 Club gift)
MOB:  Happy Bear (Toys R Us)
MOB:  New Beginnings (Spiegel Exclusive)
MOB:  Small Wonder Giraffe Blue
Reagan (19" Playbaby)
Reagan (19" Playbaby)
Some Day I'll . . . Create SW Playbaby
Some Day I'll . . . Dance SW Playbaby
Some Day I'll . . . Dance (Ethnic) SW Playbaby
Some Day I'll . . . Fly SW Playbaby
Small Wonder Play Baby

SUGAR (Eva Helland)  [031803]
Alice in Wonderland
Here Comes Trouble (Child light skin)
Here Comes Trouble (Child medium skin)

SUGAR & SPICE (Reva Schick) [060503]
Alexandra (child)
Daisy Chain 26"

SWEET BABY (Reva Schick) [050897]
August  (Birthstone Babies)      
Be My Baby
Budding Beauty
Bunny Hop
Character (Little League)
Chloe (EE)
Evening Stroll (newborn)
Flower Girl (Wedding Party)
Fun At The Zoo
Gentle Touch Baby (Pampers)
Germany (Children of the World)
Germany (Classic Miniature)
Junior Executive
Little Sweetie
Love & Prayers (Club Doll)
March Wind (full infant)
Ready For Bed
Robin Hood
Robin Hood (Classic Miniature)
Snuggle Time (21" infant)
Someone to Care For Pink (Blond)
Sunday Stroll (infant body)
Sweet Baby Softness (Ames Exclusive)
Sweet Flower
True Pals
White Tiger

SWEET CHEEKS (Reva Schick) [060197]
Apple Dumpling
Autumn Angel (Season of Angels)
Autumn Angel (TJ Maxx with painted lashes)
Baa - Baa Pink
Baby Blue
Baby Sister
Bedtime Pals (Infant light skin)
Bedtime Pals (Infant medium skin)
By The Sea (newborn - light skin)
By The Sea (newborn - medium skin)
Can I hold her? (dark skin newborn)
Can I hold her? (light skin newborn)
Cherry Blossom
Cuddly Critters Girl (newborn)
December (Birthstone Babies)
Duck (Farmer in the Dell)
Factory Nursery Baby (my Kathryn Melora)
Fine & Frilly
Forever Yours (NALED)
Frilly & Fancy
From The Heart
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Gingham & Daisies
Heirloom Treasure
I Love Violets
Just So Sweet
Little Rose
Love In Bloom
Lovin' Stuff
Oops A Daisy
Playtime (boy)
Playtime (girl)
Puppy Love
Sitting Pretty
Snips & Snails
Snow Angel (Spring Angel outfit) [T.J. Maxx]
Spring Bouquet (yellow)
Sugar & Spice
Timeless Beauty

SWEET DREAMS (Reva Schick) [051603]
Baby Jillian
Baby Kaitlyn
Baby Marie
Baby Michael
Baby Nathan

SWEET HOPE (Reva Schick) [100801]
My Big Sister (2004 Club doll)
Out 'N 'Bout (newborn)

SWEET LIPS (Reva Schick) [031799]
Amethyst & Pearls (full SL toddler)
Balloons & Bears
Daisy Time
Dolly & Me 8" Club trunk doll (Club Gift Doll 2002)
Hannah (Elegant Edition)
Hannah 8" (Elegant Edition) 
Happy Birthday Teddy
Happy Birthday Teddy 9" (Classic Miniatures)
I Love America (boy)
India (Children of the World)
India 8" (Children of the World)
Irish Child 1890 (Faces of America)
Irish Child (Classic Miniatures)
Lillian (Elegant Edition)
Little Sisters - Kristyn
Little Sisters - Sarah
Little Treasure
Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Af Am)
Loving Sisters 19" Af  Am
Loving Sisters 19" Cauc
Miss Butterfly 26"
Nature Lover
October (Birthstone Babies)
Pampers Kids African American
Pampers Kids Caucasian
Party Girl
Peaches and Cream (Collectors Choice)
Peek a Boo
Precious In Pink
Princess Diamond (Elegant Edition)
Princess Diamond (Classic Miniature)
Rapunzel 26"
Rapunzel (Classic Miniature)
Ribbons & Lace
Russia (Children of the World)
Russia (Classic Miniature)
Simply Lovely
Softness (Ames Exclusive)
Special Occasion
Sweet & Sassy (straight legs)
Sweet Sunday Morning
Sweet Violets (straight leg full toddler)
Summer Sweetheart (full SL toddler)
Tea Time
Tessa (Elegant Edition)
Victorian Rose (straight legs)
Walrus (Tom Arma Series)
Winter Angel (Seasons of Angels)
Winter Angel (Classic Mini FAO Schwarz

SWEET MELODY (Eva Helland)  [123102]
Gentle (From The Heart - newborn)
Loyal (From The Heart - newborn)

SWEET MORNING (Reva Schick)  [021105] 
Blessings of Hope (newborn) [dark]
Blessings of Hope (newborn) [medium]

No Photo Yet!
SWEETNESS (Reva Schick) [111598]
(light skin)(medium skin)
Baby and Me (light) [2002 Club Doll]
Baby and Me (medium) [2002 Club Doll]
Pink Cloud (TJ Maxx no eyelashes in Junior Bridesmaid outfit)

SWEET PEA (Eva Helland) [101402]
First Snowfall

No Photo Yet!
Little Sparkler (newborn)

TINY DREAMER (Jane Pinkstaff) * [051704]
Baby Sophie

No Photo Yet!
TINY KISSES (Eva Helland) [010203]
Baby Bunny
Bunny Blue (newborn)
Lemon Drop
Little Cub (light newborn)
Little Cub (medium newborn)

TINY LOVE (Reva Schick) [080202]
Baby Amber (Full Preemie)
Baby Mollie
Pink Quartz (full preemie)

TINY TOT (Reva Shick)
Little Morgan (17" Playbaby)

TINY TREASURE (Reva Schick) [111104]
Baby David (full preemie)

TOOTHY FACE (Reva Schick) [100499]
Baby's First Tooth
Baby's First Tooth (African American)
Beach Party (toddler full straight legs)
Bunny (Tom Arma Series)
Holiday Wishes 26"
Jesus Loves Me (dark)
Jesus Loves Me (light)
I Love Cape May girl (Oma's Dolls Cape May, NJ Store Special)
Little Artist
Little Kitten
Little Kitten (TJ Maxx painted lashes)
Posies and Pearls (straight leg full toddler)
Princess Pearl (Elegant Edition)  
Puppy Fun (TJ Maxx no lashes in doggie dress)
Purrfect Pair
Spring Smiles

Petal Soft (21" newborn)

WEE ONE (Eva Helland) [011901]
Baby Boo
Watch Me Go

WIDE EYES (Eva Helland) [020902]
Petals & Posies
Where's My Mittens

YAWNY (Reva Schick) [021405]
Sleepy Little Lamb (21" newborn)
So Sleepy (newborn) [light]
So Sleepy (newborn) [medium


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