iight well dis my new page...for those of yall dat dont kno me like dat my name is Eddie Marin i live in MD da DC metro area so i represent DC to da 20 yrz old im workin as a sound tech engineer for rite now, i been Djin for quiet sum yrz now i also been workin on producin my own beats and workin on my own studio for my down wit da whole dj battlin sence i love breakdancin, n graffitti and i show mad luv to all dem underground emceez out der dat r keepin it real...


well as u can see one of my biggest intrests involve beein a Dj....i luv practicin skratchin, mixin and beat jugglin and i give mad props to all dem djz dat can accomplish all dis cuz its mad hard involves much practice and alot of also into da whole underground hip hop scene breakin, emceein, djin and wrtittin..i go to all dem bboy battlez and dj battlez and open mic competitions, much luv for keepin it real in also into producin makin my own beats playin around wit life jus involves music..



my future i have to sey first involves mainly to be worldwide...but also i have alot of dreams i wanan accomplish and i kno i will reach be honest i love djin but i dont wanna further my carrer in dat scene i really wanna push to be a Producer/recordin engineer....make my mark in da underground world of hip hop in DC....have my lable out and goin for da new millenuim and to tell u da truth i can gaurantee it dat u will be hearin from me n dis new mellenium so keep a look out for me.

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