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Hey People! I'm Lauren! Welcome to Crazy 'Bout *Nsync! My site is very new so there isn't much on it now, but believe me there will be soon. Look at what I have on here now and keep checking back. I can't update as much as I would like to now because of school and all. You know how that goes. I will try to update as much as possible so bear with me. Well, enjoy the site! Keep it Crunk and Stay *NSYNC!!!

Did everyone see the VMA awards on MTV September 7??? Well, if ya missed it *NSYNC won Best Pop Video, Best Choreography in a Video and Viewer's Choice!

In the Cosmo Girl Sexiest Musician poll, Justin came in 3rd! Well, we all know he should have won because he is pretty sexy!!

NOTE: Sorry about those pop-up windows guys. I think if you minimize it the first time it appears, it won't come back!

Justin Timberlake
JC Chasez
Chris Kirkpatrick
Joey Fatone
Lance Bass

Justin Timberlake
JC Chasez
Chris Kirkpatrick
Joey Fatone
Lance Bass

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Ok people, listen up! I am going to start adding links to my page. If you have an *Nsync site and want me to put it as a link on my page, email me and I will put it on the links page!

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