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Traffic Safety Analysis Division

Office of Traffic and Safety


Hello fellow citizens.  This is the second iteration of the Maryland Traffic Safety Test Website for citizens.  We have added content that is available to you without regards for torts laws.   We may not release any information on accidents or accident locations according to our policy.

Note that we have included some white papers, graphics and maps, and pictures in this website.  These are located in the downloads section of this web page and also be accessed using anonymous FTP.

Disclaimer.   This is
not an official policy website nor a FOIA website and is copyrighted 2000 by the webmaster with no permission for copying,  resale, and reprints without written permission.

This website is subject to frequent changes.  This is NOT an official government website, but rather a
test website.   The agency website is included in the list of links.  Information contained herein is not to be used in any court of law, nor does it reflect an official policy of the agency.  Professional Statements made herein are non-attributional.

Please browse this site at your leisure.

Not an Official Government Website

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