Welcome to my Halloween Webring

We have a few rules that you need to follow.
If you agree to these rules you will be ready to join my Halloween family.

1...Sites need to be about Halloween. No sites about the movie please.

2...The webring MUST be placed on the page that you register in the ring with.
A webrings page on your site is fine just so the page the ring
is on is the same page as what you have registered.

3...This is a family web ring. So, NO!! sex

4...No commercial pages at all, only personal homepages

5...Nothing that would be actually *harmful* to children, that doesn't mean it has to
necessarily be *for* kids, just no porn or real-life gore sites,
that is not in the spirit of halloween!

Disclaimer: The Web Master does reserves the right to refuse any submission for any reason.

Now, if you agree with these rules then you are ready to join my Halloween Ring.

In order for you to join the ring now, you have to register with WebRing first.
You will have to go to WebRing and you can do that by clicking on

The page that you land on when you hit Join takes you to the join WebRing page.
Just fill everything out and that should do it.
Once you join, I will view your site and if your site is suitable for the ring,
I will e-mail you saying you are now part of the ring!

This is what the ring should look like if you have installed it correctly.

This Carla's Ring of Halloween
site owned by Carla.
Want to join the
Carla's Ring of Halloween?
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Or like this if you only load the Navigation Bar:

Please save the images to your hard drive and change the html as needed.
For the html command to put on your page, click Carla's Ring of Halloween Webring Html