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In Loving Memory of



(Chico on left, Dewey on right)

Hi, my name is Angie. I had the plesure of having a little green quaker in my life, named Dewey. I adopted him from a pet store when he was six months old. He was the last quaker left, so they put him in a cage with a breeding pair that picked on him constantly. His feathers were all twisted up, and he couldn't even stand on my finger, because he didn't know how. He looked terrible and I felt so sorry for him, so I decided to take him home with me.

At first he was very shy and kept to himself. After about a week or so, he started to come around. He was a very happy bird and learn so much. At first I taught him simple things, like standing on my finger, and switching from hand to hand. Then he learned how to hold his food when he ate it, he learned how open the doors in his cage and let himself out, he even learned how to climb up and down furniture. I tryed to teach him to talk but for the longest time, he could only whistle. After I had him for a year, he started to imitate my laughter and other noises, and then finally he said "HELLO" one day, I was so proud of him. After that he learned very quickly, he could say "what are you doing", "pretty bird", "I love you", and "hi". He was a very loving bird, and he bonded very closly to me.

He loved me so much, he always wanted to be with me, and at night he would want to sleep with me. I always held him in bed for about a half and hour then I would put him away. I had to lock his cage door at night or he would sneak out and try to sleep with me. It was very cute but it was to dangerous for him to be out at night. His life was cut short the summer of 1999, because he just wanted to be close to me. I came home late one night and I put him away. I didn't say much to him because I was tired. When I woke up I opened his cage and looked for him and he wasn't there. Immediatly I knew something was wrong, I yelled "Dewey, Dewey", and he didn't answer. I looked down at my pillow and saw his little green tail sticking out of the pillow case so I put my hand in there and pulled his stiff body out. He was gone, I think he suffocated under my pillow. I must have been on him all night. I never heard him get out of his cage or feel him on me. I looked at the cage and I forgot to lock one door, his water bowl door. I was devasted for a long time, he was my baby, and I loved him with all my heart. He rests under a tree behind my house now, buried with one of his favorite toys. I do blame myself for his death, and I wish I could tell him how much I loved him and that I'm sorry. I will always love you, Dewey. My little angel.