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The Twisted Ranma Couples Page

Welcome to the Twisted Ranma Couples Page which allows Ranma fans to pair up any characters they want. Ukyo and Kuno? Cologne and Mousse? Use your imagination.. We are currently accepting submissions for the fanfics. Email fanfics to Nayami.This site is run by Celes and Nayami. We also need some twisted couple fanart to decorate the pages. if, you can make your own or find a pic on the internet, we will highly appreciate it and credit you for discovering it for us..


1. No ordinary couples such as: Kuno and Nabiki, Ranma and Ukyo, Mousse and Shampoo.
2. No hentai!
3. No gay couples. (Ranma in girl-form and a guy counts as a gay couple.)
4. Besides that, "Anything Goes!" Show us some bizarre couples.

Updated: 1/16/00 I am currently in the process of writing my first twisted fanfic. It will be about Kodachi and Happosai since that is who's winning in the polls. As soon as I'm finished with the fic, I will do one about the other twisted couples in my poll. The order in which I do them will depend on how many votes they recieve. I will also be posting the other parts to The Amazon and the Moneylender soon.

Twisted Fanfiction

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Since we are currently accepting submissions for fics, I thought i'd try to come up with one myself but I want to write about a couple that you visitors would enjoy. Take my poll and give me your answer. If this page is successful, the poll will probably change its question every few weeks.

Best Twisted Couple
Which twisted couple do you like the best?


Kasumi and Ryoga say that
twisted Ranma fans have been through here.

 Ukyo and Dr. Tofu would be delighted to share some twisted links with you.
Twisted Links

Ranma and Fushigi Yugi Animated Gifs.
Ranma Animanga Archive.
Ukyo's Cafe".
Neko Hanten.
Mousse and Shampoo Fanfiction Archive:Our Sister site .
Ranma's Altered Picuture Gallery: Really bizzare so it kind of fits in with the theme of this page.
Violence is Fun! A Ranma 1/2 Gallery.
Ranma SD Gallery: The inspiration for many of the twisted couple pics you see on this site.
Ranma's Most Embarrassing Moments.
Anime Inferno: Another site of mine that's currently being renovated.
Nayami's Sailormoon Webpage": My first attempt at a web site, maybe someday I'll finish it :)

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