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President's Message

During the summer of 1999, I was spending most of my time in my back yard in St. Mary's County, MD, Fishing in the Patuxent River. When I was not working, I was fishing, and when I was working, I was thinking about fishing. As the summer wound down, I started to think that I would miss fishing while in Salisbury.

Back at school, I started saving my money, and in September, I bought an Old Town Canoe. I planned on going fishing a lot, but as time winded down, I found that I did not really know anyone to fish with.

About that time, I figured that I needed to make some acquiantences that were into fishing as I was. I thought that it was a shame that there was no fishing club already established at Salisbury State University, because there are so many rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, creeks, a really big Ocean, anbd the Chesapeake Bay all within driving distance. Then I decided that SSU needed a fishing club.

I put a campus-wide email out to try to find an advisor for the club. I recieved many applicants for the position, and got even more support for the club, but I decided that the job ought to go to Dr. Ann Barse. She expressed the most interest in the club, plus her experience as a mate on charter boats also helped.

So Chris Trott (Secretary, Treasurer), Dave Fleming (Vice President), and myself sat down and wrote a constitution and made flyers for an interest meeting. We started recruiting members, and after two SGA forums, we were chartered as an official recognized student organization.

So as of October 24th, 1999, at 8:15 p.m. we are an official club.

As of the winter break we have over 40 members and many plans for the future. This club has much potential to be one of the greatest clubs at our University. There is so much we can do. There are many trips that we can go on, we can host two tournaments a year; one fresh, and one salt, we can particapate in numerous environmental cleanups, we can host seafood festivals, and we can do general education programs; such as how to fish, how to fly fish, how to properly tye knots, etc.

Only the future can tell what the club will do. I have complete faith that this club will take off, go on many successful trips, and be a wonderful club.

Thanks for reading, and please check back on this page, and feel free to leave messages and tips.

Mike Torreyson
President/Founder of the SSU Fishing Club

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