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Ldot Vets - The American Revolution 1775-1783

The Battle of Monmouth

June 28, 1778

On June 28, 1778, the American Army fought the British in the last northern battle of the Revolutionary War. The British withdrew from Philadelphia with a large train of supplies. General Washington carefully followed the British and, near Monmouth, New Jersey, ordered an attack on the rear of their train. The fight soon turned into a major engagement between the British and American forces. The American lines broke until General Washington arrived and single-handedly rallied the American troops. Although it was tactically a draw, this battle served as an important moral victory for the Americans, and they did indeed claim it as a victory. Although it can be claimed that they missed the chance for a great victory, it showed that the hard work that Washington, von Stueben and others had built at Valley Forge was used with success; and that for the first time, the discipline in the American Army created at Valley Forge helped to save them on the battlefield.

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