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Clinton Protected Terrorist Charity from FBI Shutdown

Carl Limbacher, February 6, 2002

Five years ago the FBI wanted to shut down a Muslim charity that had been identiifed as a terrorist front group, but was stopped by the Clinton administration.

In December 2001, federal agents seized the assets of The Holy Land Foundation, which bills itself as the nation's largest Muslim charity, after announcing it had been caught funneling funds to the notorious Palestinaian terrorist group Hamas.

But, according to U.S. News & World Report's "Washington Whispers":

"FBI veterans tell our David E. Kaplan that they were ready to move on the group back in 1997 but were stopped by top officials at Justice and the Clinton White House."

"They didn't want to come off as Muslim bashers," a source close to the investigation told the magazine.

Unnoted by U.S. News, then-first lady Hillary Clinton also feted Muslim supporters of Hamas at the White House.

Her Senate campaign repeatedly raised money from groups with ties to Mideast terrorists - sometimes in secret - and disguised one contribution from the American Muslim Council as a donation from the "American Museum Council" in a Federal Election Commission filing.

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