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"There are certain events in our lives that bring on
a catalyst of change. This is a story of one of
those events which changed my life and the lives of
my family, specifically my fathers and mine forever."
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This web site was created for the purpose of sharing with you a unique experience. That experience is the experience of giving the "gift of life." This web site details the story of the Howard and Irwin Greif as well as the remainder of the Greif Family. I (Howard) donated one of my kidneys to my father (Irwin) on Feb 23rd 1998. This site will give you an in-depth viewpoint into that pivital moment in our lives. As well this site is very informative about the whole donation process from the standpoint of donor, recipient, and family member perspectives. Please feel free to sign and or view my guestbook as well as e-mail me if you have any questions or comments regarding the web site or the kidney transplant/donation experience in general.

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