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Donation Poetry

"Why would someone choose to be an Organ Donor?"
written by Howard Jay Greif

It feels great to receive a gift, it can give your feelings a huge uplift.
I remember as a kid how much I loved to receive presents, they always seemed to make my day.
Whether it was money, clothes, games or toys I never ever turned any of them away.

I also remember that whenever I gave a gift to someone, all the smiles and emotions on the recipient's faces didn't mean that much to me.
But as I grew older I saw how much these gifts meant to my loved ones, friends, and family.

Then one day something bizarre struck me!
I came to the conclusion that I actually enjoyed giving presents more than receiving them?
So I thought to myself How in the world could that be,
How could this be happening to little old selfish me?

Why I thought? Why would I want to give more than receive.
Was it the anticipation that they would love the gift I was going to give them.
Was it the smile I knew that would appear on their face?
You see, I always focused all my attention on what I was receiving, and never bothered to look the other way.
But I was the gift of giving that really brightened my day.

A gift is a gift no matter how big nor small.
So why you ask would someone choose to give the gift of life?
The answer of course is, because it is the greatest gift of all.

So you see, the greater the gift you give, the more pleasure you receive.
The gift of life is pleasure that will never leave.
An ounce of thought, a life time of tears?
Can enable someone to live many more years.

I feels great to give a gift, it can give your feelings a huge uplift.