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Poem's by Spentheart

Upon This Screen
Dreams That Cant Come True
Fantasy of the Heart
I Like To Think
What I Had
If We Should Ever Touch
Our Journey
Lovers In the Heart
Let Me Dance
In My Eyes
Inside My Head
The Way We Used To Be
Touch Me
Missing You
I Am Here
You Loved Me
In The Night
For All Time
A Part Of You
To Hold You
When He Walks Away
My Secret Lonliness
My Wish
I'm Never Gonna Say Goodbye
A Moment In Time
Pillow Wet With Tears
Eyes Of Love
Pure Love
What Will I Do Without You
I've Loved You Enough
Your Candle
I Promise You
My Rainbows
The Poet's Lament
For Always
No Choice
I Never Thought
You Said My Eyes Were Beautiful
Night Wishes
To Be Loved By You
I Was Loved By You
What's A Lover For?
Never Give Up On Me
The Other Side Of Me