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My name is Janice Maude Burral Sellers

I was born November 21,1941 in Mercersburg Franklin County,Pa.
My Parents Were:
George William Burral-DOB-6/12/1920 in Franklin Co.Pa. DOD-8/27/1966 in Wash.Co.Md.
Helen Louise Gerhold-DOB-11/21/1924 in Franklin Co.Pa. DOD---
My Marriage:
Preston Leroy Sellers Jr.-5/24/1959 in Wash Co Md.

My children:
1.Janice Marie Sellers
2.Preston Leroy Sellers III
3.Diana Kay Sellers
4.Steven Lee Sellers
(Father of children-Preston L.Sellers)

1.Janice Marie Sellers
Her Children:
A.Edwin Luis Sellers  ( Father-Nestor B.Alicia )
His Children:
1.Ellandra Raven Sellers- Mother Linda Michelle Banzhoff
B.Michael Lewis Sellers ( Father-Ramon Espinosa Cortinas )
His Children:
1.Michael Lewis Sellers Jr. -Mother-Tammy Sue Baker Sellers
C.Anthony Robert Sellers ( Francisco Mercado Martinez )
His Children:
1.Anjalena Marie Sellers- Mother-Jessica Harvey
D.Miguel Angel Villegas Jr. ( Miguel Angel Villegas )

2.Preston Leroy Sellers III
His Children:
A.Nina Shin Sellers ( Mother- Shin Chin Suk )
B.Preston Leroy Sellers IV
C.Tiffany Lee Sellers
D.Patrick William Sellers
E.Christopher Lee Sellers
( Mother of 2-5 Stephanie Lee Miller)

3.Diana Kay Sellers
Her Children:
A.Katrina Dawn Sellers (Father- Norman Weagley )

Married Timothy T. Whittington Their Children: 1.Elijah Thomas Whittington
2.Paige Rene Whittington
B.Samuel Wayne Irvin Jr.( Father-Samuel Wayne Irvin ) His Children:
1.Joshua Eric Irvin- Mother- Angela ?
2.Isabela Grace Irvin- Mother- Kimberly Ann Yoder Irvin
C.Donald Ray Irvin (Samuel Wayne Irvin )
D.Yolanda Rene Sellers ( Juan Manuel Diaz Sr.)
E.Juan Manuel Diaz Jr. ( Juan Manuel Diaz Sr.)
F.Cheyenne Juan Diaz ( Juan Manuel Diaz Sr. )

4.Steven Lee Sellers
His Children:
A.Sasha Lynn Early ( Step )
B.Sky Jasmine Sellers (Mother- Jennifer Lynn Early Sellers )