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Original © Bruce De Boer

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What is a paw print,
so clear and adorned?
Just the sign that Gods wishes,
have taken on form.
Wherever this creature has padded along,
The paw prints will tell us its life is still strong.
Through forests and valleys, through rivers and time,
The paw print will always leave stories behind.
They begin at a point and they travel so far,
And it's almost like God has put out a great star,
That will lead them to food and to water for thirst,
Till the paw prints return to where they were first.
With the days journey ended and the coming of night,
The paw prints will rest till the early dawns light.
And the star that had led them shines brightly that night,
For the Lord will be waiting for the early morns flight...
~ of the Paw Prints ~



Written by KChapman © February 2000
In Hopes That Humanity and Animals Will One Day Be At Peace

Created © 2000-2001 KChapman
Images on this site created by the author except where otherwise noted.
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