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updated April 30 2005
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I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself.
My name is Brigitta, I came to this country in 1956 and have
recided here ever since.
I'm 55 yrs. old and a single mother of a 18yr. old daughter
hmmmmm..*S* guess I better say jock She's heavy into sports.
With me also is my Dear Mother of 85 whom I thank the Lord is
still hanging in there..This Page is dedicated to her.

We also share our home with three cats Mickie (the eldest),
Susie (middle) and Angingsang (angie for short, the baby)
Two birds Polly and Hawkeye,
and two Lab pups .

As for hobbies, I'm an avid fisherperson
when i get the time. Seems I'm forever working, one full time
and two part time so there is little time for anything else,
but I do manage some time on my computer.

Everything I did on this site is self taught,
with the help of some great tutorial pages on the web,
and some I figured out all by my lonesome
(patting myself on the back) nothing wrong with a bit of
self admiration.. hehe..
So now that you know a little about me it is time to move on..
I hope you enjoy
your visit..and please be a heart,
sign my guestbook