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My hot rod

Welcome to my hotrod home page. here are some pictures of my hot rod. I found it at fall Hershey 1994. it was complete less the engine. I realized this was a chance to build a hot rod like they did in 1951. I collected the original hot rod parts that wre used in 1951. this is my idea of an old time hot rod. hope you like it.

32 Ford Sport coupe

here is my 32 Ford sport coupe. Ford made about 2700. the fabric top does not fold. this was the last year for this body style


inside the track at the Turkey run Nov. 98


51 Merc. 255 ci. 2 chrome 97's on early edelbrock. early Mallory converted to Chrysler electronic ign. home made headers with 12" glasspacks (sounds sweet!)

This Ford Flathead Techno-Source 1932 thru 1953 site owned by Tommy Mills.
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