Wilkins in Texas

Compiled by

Daniel Edward Wilkins Jr.

Austin, Texas


Version 1.00, Revision 0


I am an amateur family researcher.  In attempting to sort out my Texas Wilkins family line, I became frustrated with the lack of a unified “Wilkins Index” to all recorded occurrences of individuals with that surname in Texas.  So, I decided to build one.  I have started by indexing all households in Texas census’ that contain anyone with the surname Wilkins.  I transcribed the entire household record, as this often yields important clues in family relationships.  Thus far, I have completed the first draft of the years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880.  If you are a Wilkins researcher, please take the time to review the entries for correctness.  The writing styles of the 19th century census-takers have been something of a challenge for me to read.  I can be reached at dwilkins@austin.rr.com.

Going forward, I intend to release revisions to this document as I complete new sections or make substantial corrections.  Continuation of the census index is my first priority.  Sections on marriages, deaths, land records and military service are also candidates to be added.   I also intend to go back and include spelling variations (Wilkin, Wilken and Wilkens) to the index.  If you have any ideas about other material that would be useful to include, write me.

 It must be understood that this document is a guide to these records, and is no substitute for the original source documents. Particularly in this case, since I am the transcriber.

1850 Census

1860 Census

1870 Census

1880 Census