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Click on the researcher's name to find email address and additional information and details of the Wilkins family research being done by each individual. NOTE FROM MARILEE: I cannot verify the accuracy of any of the information posted by other Wilkins researchers, but this can give you a place to begin your own research or maybe a new lead or contact.

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John M. Wilkins 1800 to present OH, IL, OK, Germany Albert Wilkin wife Emma Cooper sons Silas, Noah, John, and Robert. changed to Wilkins
Judy Clouser 1824 - 1950 Belmont County, OH,, Des Moines, Iowa Resin or Reson Wilkins
Debra Blomquist 1610-1866 MA, NH Bray Wilkins and his descendants
Mickay Miller 1700-1900 WV,USA Joseph Wilkins
Lisa Wilkins 1857 and prior USA and England Thomas Bruer Wilkins and prior
Renonda Moffett Gregson 1610-2001 Dorchester,Salem, Mass Bray Wilkins Family History
Philip E. Wilkins 1900 - current Ohio William E. Wilkins
A L Kuehn 1750-1814 Hancock Co. GA,, AL, MS, TX James Wilkins, Sr and wife, Catherine, parents of Sarah, Susannah, Jane, Levina, Hetty, James,Jr., and Mary
William Wilkins Boyd 1700-2000 W.Va.(Va,) and Pa Jeptha Wilkins b.? Land Owner Monongalia Co Va. 1801
Debbie Rendell 1890 onwards Kent and Sussex, UK Arthur Wilkins
Valerie Wilkins 1600 onward Hilmarton Wiltshire, UK John Wilkins b 1680 Hilmarton
Sue Greatbanks 1800-1860 Deddington, Oxfordshire, UK, & St Armand, Missisquoi, Quebec Thomas & Ann and 4 daughters, born UK. Deborah marries Edgar Ellsworth in Quebec 1860
Percy Lee Wilkins 1700-1997 USA Wilkins born or settled in North Carolina
Iris Brown 1700 - present Johnston & Robeson Co. NC; UK John Wilkins Immigrant ,his son, Alfred, and Alfred's son Owen
Kathryn Jean Wilkins 1700-2000 USA Earliest Wilkins ancestor
John Edward Wilkins 1700 to present Halifax and Mecklenberg Counties Va. Looking for info on John Wilkins married to Mildred Parish in Halifax County Va. in 1802
Terry Sawzak 1790-1880 Saratoga Co, NY; Union Co, OH Jonathan Wilkins of Saratoga Co, NY; Beriah & Amanda Wilkins of Union Co, OH; Adeline Wilkins & Daniel Gould of NY, OH, IN
R. W. Moore - - - - - - - - Kin to Alexander Wilkins from Meadville, PA
John Branyan 1800-1920 St. Lawrence Co., NY; Calhoun Co., MI; Tama Co.,IA Descendants of Ira J. WILKINS
Wayne M. Wilkins 1610-early 1900's MA, NY, PA, OH, WS, IO, MO Trail of Wilkins from Bray in the north
Gloria Summerfield 9/9/1869 Bedford Co Pa USA William Harrison Wilkins
Glenn L. Wilkins 1690 to 1901 Ontario 1800's, PA pre-1810, NJ pre-1800 John Wilkins family of Pennsylvania
Helen Charles 1895-1916 London Beatrice Wilkins father Edward Wilkins
Miranda Rose Wilkins late 1800's -present AZ, OH, WV, USA Paul F. Wilkins
Rick Wilkin 1737- present Highland Co., OH; Shenandoah Valley, VA,USA Godfrey Wilkin/Wilkins Shenadoah Valley of Virginia
Walter John
Wilkins II
All Dates especially pre-1900 Monroe County, NY, USA and surrounding counties Frederick Deles Wilkins

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