Some Wilkins Names on the Map

There are a lot of places that use the Wilkins name. Here are some of them. If anyone knows the particular Wilkins individual each place is named after or if you know of any other places I can add, e-mail me

Note- The following are listed by:
State, feature name, County, type (i.e., city, stream, cemetery, etc.) and Latitude & Longitude.


Wilkins Creek, Nome Co. - stream - 655023N 1662028W


Wilkins Cemetery, Baldwin Co., cemetery - 304553N 0875342W
Wilkins Cemetery, Choctaw Co., cemetery - 314234N 0882556W
Wilkins Creek, Baldwin Co., stream - 304256N 0875301W


Wilkins, Cross Co., pop place - 350946N 0904808W
Wilkins, Jefferson Co., pop place - 341535N 0915547W
Wilkins, Logan Co., pop place - 351950N 0933650W
Wilkins Lake, Jefferson Co., lake - 341519N 0915538W
Wilkins Lake, Pulaski Co., reservoir - 345930N 0920806W
Wilkins Lake Dam, Pulaski Co., dam - 345930N 0920806W
Wilkins Mountain, Carroll Co., summit - 362252N 0933108W
Wilkins School (historical), Jefferson Co., school - 341531N 0915534W
Wilkinsville (historical), Jackson Co., pop place - 353610N 0910644W


Wilkins Canyon, Coconino Co., valley - 343803N 1110053W
Wilkins Trick Tank, Coconino Co., reservoir - 343609N 1110112W


Wilkins Canyon, Monterey Co., valley - 360612N 1210842W
Wilkins Gulch, Marin Co., valley - 375604N 1224143W
Wilkins Slough, Colusa Co., gut - 390017N 1215040W
Wilkins Slough Main Irrigation Canal, Colusa Co., canal - 390018N 1215246W


Wilkins Creek, Costilla Co., stream - 370903N 1050225W
Wilkins Park, Las Animas Co., flat - 371121N 1050628W
Named after a WWII fighter ace.


Wilkins Point, Sussex Co., cape - 383840N 0750851W


Wilkins Lake, Orange Co., lake - 284212N 0813422W

Wilkins (historical), Floyd Co., pop place - 341502N 0850159W
Wilkins Cemetery, Liberty Co., cemetery - 314841N 0812106W
Wilkins Industrial Park, Clarke Co., locale - 335813N 0832343W


Wilkins, Dubuque Co., pop place - 422434N 0903228W
Wilkins School, Linn Co., school - 420239N 0913456W


Wilkins Canal, Jefferson Co., canal - 433754N 1120118W
Wilkins Gulch, Idaho Co., valley - 455607N 1161828W
Wilkins Gulch, Owyhee Co., valley - 425442N 1155028W
Wilkins Island, Owyhee Co., area - 420042N 1152337W
Wilkins Island, Owyhee Co., island - 425613N 1154316W


Wilkins Cemetery, Edgar Co., cemetery - 393435N 0873734W
Wilkins Cemetery, Jackson Co., cemetery - 373648N 0891236W
Wilkins Cemetery, Massac Co., cemetery - 371533N 0884024W
Wilkins Hall, McLean Co., building - 403043N 0890001W
Wilkins Lake, Clinton Co., lake - 382936N 0893018W


Wilkins Mill Covered Bridge, Parke Co., bridge - 395354N 0871359W
Wilkins Strip Airport, Montgomery Co., airport - 401124N 0865520W


Wilkins Cemetery, Edmonson Co., cemetery - 371428N 0860645W
Wilkins Creek, Larue Co., stream - 373516N 0854126W
Wilkins School, Larue Co., school - 373707N 0854102W


Wilkins Four Corners, Norfolk Co., pop place - 420038N 0711822W


Wilkins Avenue Recreation Center, Baltimore (city), park - 391648N 0763924W
Wilkins Industrial Park, Baltimore (city), locale - 391632N 0763938W
Wilkins Shopping Center, Baltimore (city), locale - 391622N 0764035W


Wilkins Creek, Ogemaw Co., Creek, - 442422N 0840529W
Wilkins Drain, Sanilac Co., canal, - 432741N 0824632W
Wilkins School, Wayne Co., school, - 422511N 0825940W
Fort Wilkins Historic Complex - Copper Harbor, MI

Wilkins Lake, Aitkin Co., lake, - 463828N 0932948W


Wilkins Island, Dunklin Co., area, - 360434N 0901810W
Wilkins Spring, Phelps Co., spring, - 375007N 0915613W


Wilkins Branch, Attala Co., stream, - 325840N 0892101W
Wilkins Cemetery, Calhoun Co., cemetery - location UNKNOWN
Wilkins Cemetery, Grenada Co., cemetery - location UNKNOWN
Wilkins Cemetery, Holmes Co., cemetery - 331103N 0895402W
Wilkins Cemetery, Marshall Co., cemetery - 343936N 0893111W
Wilkins Cemetery, Montgomery Co., cemetery, 333841N 0894522W
Wilkins Cemetery, Noxubee Co., cemetery - 331639N 0883649W
Wilkins Cemetery, Union Co., cemetery - 342618N 0885842W
Wilkins Chapel, Montgomery Co., church - 333839N 0894524W
Wilkins Chapel (historical), Marshall Co., church - 343735N 0893030W
Wilkins Church, Marshall Co., church - 343926N 0893054W
Wilkins Church, Union Co., church - 342618N 0885841W
Wilkins Creek, Marshall Co., stream - 344336N 0893153W
Wilkins Creek, Montgomery Co., stream - 334006N 0894325W
Wilkins School (historical), Marshall, school - 343949N 0893103W

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